Online relationship counselling (A guide)

In this brief article, we will be discussing online relationship counselling, how to do online relationship counselling, issues addressed by online relationship counselling, and more information about online relationship counselling.

What is online relationship counselling as a counselling method?

This kind of counselling is an online method of dealing with the problems in a relationship.

This kind of counselling enables people to have an easy access to counselling, especially when couples might face another struggle again at any time. 

Some websites offer this kind of counselling to help people who are going through relationship complications.

The counsellors in these websites are also skilled in dealing with couples who are having any kind of trouble in a relationship.

This kind of counselling just became popular recently due to people’s constant use of the internet.

This kind of counselling will allow couples to know what to do in different kinds of struggles they are facing at times where they can find a counsellor immediately in the online platform. 

This kind of counselling has been considered to be effective according to studies like those counselling sessions that are handled in face-to-face sessions.

Busy schedules and constant demands in relationships are making couples go through this kind of counselling.

How does online relationship counselling work as a process?

Online relationship therapy applies the method of going through video platforms of communication.

You and your partner are merely inside the home and you are calling the counsellor through Skype and Facetime. 

To access this kind of counselling, you only need your good internet connection, a functional microphone, computer, and your chair. Since this counselling is for relationships, there will be two chairs for each partner. 

The point of this counselling is to call the counsellor together.

Some couples might only be accessed at different times such as being a long-distance relationship.

This can also be accommodated in this kind of counselling where Skype can do group video calls.

You can use this kind of method when you and your partner are in the brink of a separation and one of you is desperate to get you back together.

Although this kind of counselling is more effective if you and your partner are in the same room when you are taking this counselling.

What are the best websites in 2020 that offer online relationship counselling?

The following are the best websites in this year that can offer this kind of counselling for couples who need counselling:


This counselling service is covered by counsellors who are recognised as qualified to help people with relationship problems and there are marriage counsellors and relationship counsellors that can help these counsellors.

These counsellors can help you with any kind of relationship problem that came in your relationship whether you are going through a separation or a long-distance relationship. 

You can access this website’s counselling services through emails or phone calls.

This option is up to you on what you and your partner are both comfortable in.

This website has been known to help a lot of couples who are going through struggling times and this is one of the best websites for this counselling service.

In this case, you will be reassured that you will be taken care of by qualified relationship counsellors.

You can access the counsellors on this website at any time as long as you have a good internet connection with you.

You can also chat with the counsellor in private means if you prefer this method. 

There are also counselling schemes that you can pay for since this website might be offering discounts if you can’t afford the full price.

You need to pay $40 to $70 each week based on the scheme you have chosen. 

You also have the choice of declining your subscription.


This website can offer you a couples therapy for your therapy for relationship needs.

You can find yourself helped by this website thanks to their undying service for you.

The counsellors and therapists that work on this website are willing to help you in any kind of relationship problem you have whether you have troubles with your in-laws, disapproval of your relationship with parents, and divorce.

There are other relationship problems that the counsellors and therapists on this website can help you with but you’re going to have to find that out yourself.

For every therapy session, you need to pay $99 per week.

This scheme can make you have unlimited messaging and calls so that you will make sure that each tension you have from your relationship will be revealed to the surface.

You may also use this unlimited scheme to actually open up with your partner about the problems in the relationship.

The services provided on this website are HIPAA-compliant and are accessible through desktop or mobile devices.

Our Relationship

This website can offer you a relationship course on how you can deal with your relationship complications on your own for some periods.

You can use this opportunity to try to help yourself and your partner before going through this counselling.

This can help you know what you and your partner need and try to make some comprises that can work for the both of you in the present problem.

You should also take note of your partner more which in this case, you are able to listen to each other’s needs. 

This is why this website will be offering you study materials that you can use to help you reach a solution with your partner for the present problem.

If you and your partner are not seeing benefits from the course, you can access counselling and therapy services on this website.

This relationship course costs $50 and it’s accessible in English and Spanish on your phone, tablet or computer.

Many couples have stated that this service is very effective for their relationships and that’s why you and your partner should try this service out.

E-Therapy Cafe

This website can offer various online platforms for you and your partner to access therapy whether you will use video call, chat, and more.

This website can help you in different relationship complications and some counsellors on this website are working in specialized fields.

This website is for couples whether married or in a relationship will be accommodated to help them in their relationship struggles.

The counsellors and therapists on this website are trained and board-recognised by local authorities and national authorities.

The counsellors on this website are known to understand struggling couples and can communicate with any couple.

This website is great for couples who are seeking counselling that is short and are not looking for long-term counselling or therapy.

You and your partner can try the first online session which costs $25.

An extra counselling session will cost you and your partner $50 but you may also buy several sessions at a time to save money. 

You can even buy a pack of 10 sessions for $425. Veterans, students and first responders get a 10% discount in this counselling service.

How to register for online relationship counselling?

You can register for an online appointment in one of these counselling services by calling 020 7380 1960.

Most couples who underwent this kind of counselling in these kinds of services report 95% that the counselling service was excellent or good with many offering testimonials about how the expertise had helped them:

Some couples would say that the counsellors and therapists they have met on this website really understood the issue in the relationship.

Some couples would even say that the counsellors or therapists made them understand the cause of the relationship troubles.

The advantages of online relationship counselling

There are many advantages to taking this kind of counselling. The following are these typical advantages:

1. You save money in engaging in this kind of counselling

You might be very conscious of your money, especially if you think about the costs of trying to get into the therapist’s office from your home.

The fact that you and your partner are leaving the child in your home, this will lead you to hire a babysitter while you and your partner are going through counselling which is another reason to use up money. 

You might even have an elderly family member at home that needs to be watched over which cannot be done when you are going to the therapist’s office for your counselling.

2. You are more likely to both make the appointment for this kind of counselling.

You might get some plans going awry which can make you cancel your appointment for this kind of counselling.

Although the counselling being online can make you not worry about other plans getting cancelled such as not being able to hire a babysitter. 

Even your sickness might not be too concerning when you are engaged in online counselling with your partner.

3. It means attending each session is not used as a weapon between you and your partner in this kind of counselling.

You might have your counselling sessions cancelled due to a recent disagreement with your partner.

This kind of occurrence can be frustrating, especially if you have to meet with the counsellor in the next day.

When you have online sessions, you don’t need to have this kind of problem.

This can lead you and your partner being able to go through the counselling you both need.

4. If one partner travels for work, you can still attend this kind of counselling.

You can meet with your partner and your counsellor even if you are all far away from each other.

5. You might find you are more open and communicative in this kind of counselling.

Some couples would find it more convenient in talking about their relationship complications at home.

This might be the case when one of the partners is introverted or having social anxiety that can affect the travel to the counsellor’s office.

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BetterHelp: A Better Alternative

Those who are seeking therapy online may also be interested in BetterHelp. BetterHelp offers plenty of formats of therapy, ranging from live chats, live audio sessions and live video sessions. In addition, unlimited messaging through texting, audio messages and even video messages are available here.

BetterHelp also offers couples therapy and therapy for teenagers in its platform. Furthermore, group sessions can also be found in this platform, covering more than twenty different topics related to mental health and mental illness. The pricing of BetterHelp is also pretty cost-effective, especially considering the fact that the platform offers financial aid to most users.


In this brief article, we have discussed online relationship counselling, how to do online relationship counselling, issues addressed by online relationship counselling, and more information about online relationship counselling.

If you have any questions about online relationship counselling, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: online relationship counselling

Is online marriage counselling effective?

Yes, online marriage counselling is effective.

This kind of conclusion was reached after some studies about this kind of counselling and how it can work for most couples who access this counselling.

This can allow couples who take this kind of counselling to learn what to do to compromise in the troubles in the marriage. 

How can I get free couples counselling?

You can get free couples counselling by accessing a hotline that gives this kind of service.

Many services that offer this kind of hotline are available for 24 hours so that you can be helped in your relationship troubles at any time. 

Can couples therapy make things worse?

Yes, couples therapy can make things worse if this kind of therapy is done wrong by the therapist.

When this kind of therapy is done right, it will lead to positive change in the relationship.  

Do churches offer free counselling?

Yes, churches offer free counselling.

You should take note that you also have the option to not get counselled by the pastor who will be giving counselling since most people are afraid that the priest might be too judgemental and follows strictly to the teachings of God. 

What to do when you can’t afford couples therapy?

When you can’t afford couples therapy, you need to see what your health insurance covers and check if it covers this kind of therapy, you can also ask the therapist about payment plans, and you can also find churches and non-profit organisations who offer this kind of therapy for free. 


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