Online counselling course (A guide)

In this brief article, we will be discussing the online counselling course, online counselling course as distance learning, the contents of an online counselling course, and more information about an online counselling course.

Who should study online counselling courses?

People who should study online counselling courses are those researchers, therapists, and those who are interested in practising counselling.

Counsellors who have experienced training are getting fewer than those counsellors who have classroom training. 

Counsellors who have been encountering courses with both of these approaches are more likely to be efficient in their practice.

Some would say that you don’t requirements that you need to meet before taking an online counselling course but some courses would need you to be eligible such as those courses from psychology governing bodies. 

Although it is always important to have a genuine interest in counselling and the willingness to learn more in taking these online counselling courses.

How to become a counsellor?

You can become a counsellor by going through professional training of the work of a counsellor and if you wish, you can become accredited in a governing body for counselling such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

List of available counselling courses

These are the following available online counselling courses that can give you a degree in counselling:

  • BSc (Honours) Psychology with Counselling (Q84) Level 4
  • BSc (Honours) Psychology (Q07) Level 4
  • BSc (Honours) Social Psychology (Q83) Level 4
  • BSc (Honours) Forensic Psychology (Q82) Level 4
  • BA (Honours) Psychology and Criminology (Q98)
  • BA (Honours) Studies of Philosophy and Psychology (Q43)

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Eligibility requirements to get applied in an online counselling course

Most online courses would require you to have some entry requirements that can prove you are prepared for the online course you are taking.

Some online courses are content about giving you an interview or test you to check if you are capable of learning the course. 

You can see the entry requirements of online counselling courses by checking out the course’s profile.

The teacher in this kind of online course is more likely to look for the following:

  • whether you have the right personal traits to become a therapist or counsellor
  • self-awareness which is your understanding of yourself, your thinking patterns and values and how you work internally and being associated with others, probably earned from having personal therapy
  • an understanding of the different theoretical tables and approaches and how those are used on a specific online counselling course that is appropriate for you as an individual
  • whether you can completely dedicate yourself to the training at this point in your life and relationships
  • If your application and proposal are rejected, you need to ask for feedback and see what you can do to enhance your application should you reapply in the later years. Teachers are usually preferable for applicants who listen to feedback understand it and apply again to the chosen online counselling course.

Suggested training to become a counsellor

Some governing bodies would suggest that in becoming a counsellor, one must have undergone a three-stage process of training.

This kind of training should be where you are focused on independent study, supervision, placements and, in some instances, personal therapy.

(1) Introduction to counselling

This is where you will be taking an introductory course on counselling which is very required in counsellors.

This stage will give you a preview of what counselling is all about and a first stepping stone when you might be able to think if you can dedicate yourself to this online counselling course completely. 

These online counselling courses are often administered in Further Education and some academic centres that can last from 8 to 12 weeks.

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(2) Degree certificate in counselling skills and abilities

This stage is where you will develop your counselling skills based on the theories you will learn in this part of the online counselling course and self-awareness.

You can take this stage in the online course if you are in a job that lets you advise to people even if you don’t plan to become a therapist. 

These online counselling courses are available in online colleges and only takes a year if you take the part-time course.

(3) Core counselling practitioner training

Your core practitioner counselling training should be at the required level of counselling training which could be at the finished degree of bachelor’s degree, doctorate or master’s degree.

The online counselling course should be able to teach you how to be skilled and competent in the world of counselling, how to apply ethics in the counselling field, and to know to deal with different clients.

In this case, the online counselling course should contain the following skills:

  • knowledge-based learning – this means that the online counselling course should have psychological theories and their philosophy, application to counselling practice human development, ethics and the law, typical psychotropic medications, functioning of groups and supervision
  • therapeutic competences – this defines that the online counselling course should have monitoring and evaluation, communications, therapeutic relationship building, strategies and interventions, self-awareness, reflective practice and use of supervision
  • research awareness -this means that the online counselling course should be able to teach you critical awareness of research findings, application, and research methodology

Your online counselling course should be at least a one-year or two-year part-time course.

This online course should give you the capacity to learn and apply counselling skills in your organization with at least 100 hours of supervised counselling practice.

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How to find an online counselling course?

You can find an online counselling course that is offered by universities and colleges for people who are interested in the more distance learning of counselling.

  • for the Introduction and Certificate online counselling courses, you need to check with your local colleges, adult education centres, and universities to know what courses are ongoing and when
  • for Core practitioner online counselling courses, you can find the accredited courses directory in the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy website. These are the kinds of online courses that have been assessed and accredited by the BACP as offering a high-quality counselling training. There are many other non-accredited online courses but the BACP can only suggest those they have assessed.

You can also check out UCAS website for a directory of online counselling courses that are available in the UK.

What occurs after an online counselling course?

After you have finished an online counselling course, you can start applying the skills you have learned in your recent practice and apply the models in dealing with people with different mental health problems ethically.

You can also practice research in counselling thanks to the theories that you have learned in this kind of online course. 

You could also review other therapies that are part of the online counselling course like intersubjective therapies, subjective therapies, objective or inter objective.

Each of the mentioned therapy fields will give you a new perspective on how to deal with individual clients.

Therapy allows you to work flexibly based on your preference for where you want to work.

You can work as a counsellor, HR or you can be self-employed where you can make your own counselling services. 

You can also find some jobs for you in public or private organizations. In a way, you could be settling yourself with one or two of the following careers as well:

  • Integrative psychotherapist
  • Mental health therapist
  • Occupational therapist

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Certification of an online counselling course

After taking an online counselling course, you can have the Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards and Certa Awards and a Learner Unit Summary which contains the skills the learner has completed as part of this kind of online course.

The Learner Unit Summary enables you to further study on the learnings that you have undergone in this kind of online course. 

Level 3 in an online counselling course makes you have the depth learning necessary for professional counsellors.

Although you have to be careful that some of these online courses are not accredited by official governing bodies for counselling. 

These kinds of awards offer people the certification that they are competent and they are counsellors who can stick to the ethical practices of this field.

These kinds of awards have also been known to award those people who have the experience that clients need in a professional counsellor.

These kinds of awards are authorized by stakeholders who may hold the authorized power of watching over mental health professionals in the UK.

Do I need to have a degree from an online counselling course to become a counsellor?

No, you don’t need a degree in an online counselling course to become a counsellor.

Although the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is in need of counsellors who have experienced supervised counselling training with an accredited counsellor. 

Some online counselling courses would need you to have therapy yourself to help you know what it feels like in the other.

This kind of requirement is not only to meet empathy with a client but also to show that the counsellor has undergone personal development and this kind of growth can help them tolerate any kind of client.

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In this brief article, we have discussed the online counselling course, online counselling course as distance learning, the contents of an online counselling course, and more information about an online counselling course.

If you have any questions about an online counselling course, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: Online counselling course

What qualifications do you need to become a Counsellor?

The qualifications that you need to become a counsellor are training experience that lasts for 5 and can be in the diploma or degree level.

The student should have a specified number of client hours which can be taken through a work placement. 

How do I train to be a Counsellor UK?

You can train to be a counsellor in the UK if you took a course on counselling that includes practical skills training and supervised and guided placements.

These kinds of courses are offered by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

What jobs can you do with a diploma of Counselling?

The jobs that you can do with a diploma of counselling are crisis workers, counsellor, family support worker, and residential support worker.

As you can see, these kinds of jobs are involved in giving mental health services to different kinds of people.

Are counsellors in demand?

Counsellors are in demand nowadays.

This is because most people have been suffering from mental health problems.

This is happening since most people are failing miserably at understanding distressing emotions and don’t know how to deal with them in appropriate ways.

Is being a counsellor stressful?

Being a counsellor is stressful since the job consists of dealing with people who are troubled with different aspects in life such as relationships and school.

This can be stressful for this kind of mental health professional since he or she will be more likely to be exposed to people who feel overwhelmed and burdened.


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