What is online career counselling? 

In this brief blog, we will discuss what career counselling is, how we can access career counselling online and it’s benefits . We will also discuss more information such as pricing and effectiveness of career counselling online. 

3 crowd sourced  places that offer the best online career counselling: 

  • One mind Therapy 
  • Allison Task 
  • Growing Self Counseling & Coaching

We will discuss these places in further detail in the article! 

What is career counselling? 

Counselling is a very broad field that aims to help people with their mental health and general well-being. Therapy, medication, medication, peer support groups, behavioral modification and even lifestyle changes can be used in counselling in order to help resolve the client’s issue or heal from a trauma.

Career counselling is a domain of counseling that focuses on helping individuals figure out the best career path to take. In this form of counseling, people receive expert advice from professional counselors about what their potentials are, what types of jobs they might excel at, what kinds of problems they might run into depending on where they work and how their specific skills can be put to use in each workplace setting. These assessments identify what kind of motivation one has according to the job in question, all while knowing how to set goals for an individual’s career development.

Benefits of career counselling 

After a certain point, your life gets full of decisions – especially if you’re a young adult hoping to better yourself. Academics have always been one of the most important facets of life and it’s important to be aware that there are so many job opportunities available if you’re able to go beyond just completing school. 

It’s absolutely fine to miss the mark every once in awhile, but if kids are always missing the mark, it can affect how they deal with their futures. If you notice that something is wrong with your child after certain factors have changed then talk to them about what could be interfering with their performance at school. 

Maybe they aren’t interested in their studies anymore or maybe it could be an outside force bothering them! Thankfully, career counselors are well versed in detecting these problems early on so students can get out of their rut before it becomes impossible to fix.

  • Educational guidance 

Finding a good job can be a stressful experience, even with the help of a career counselor, but it will all be more pleasant if you share it with someone else. It’s important to make sure that your career counselor knows what you want to do next for this reason – because they’ll be able to help you find more information on careers that make use of your personal strengths unlike someone who simply uses generic forms and polling systems (which, don’t get us wrong, still have their place). So remember that picking out specific careers is often an involved process that can seem like something straight out of Dungeons & Dragons!

  • Identifying Choices in Careers

When it comes to a mid-life career change, there are many factors involved in figuring out what will lift your spirits the most. It may seem a daunting task at first considering all of the options available but fortunately, there are plenty of other people whom you can turn to for help. 

If you want to make sure that you’re choosing a new career option that’s right for you, consider working with a career counselor who can also help you learn about earning potential and salary ranges as well as job outlooks or anything else that might help you figure out which types of careers are worth considering.

  • Goal setting 

A large part of the career counselor’s job is to ensure you feel excited about your goal setting endeavors. When it comes to helping clients set goals, the career counselor helps clients identify important steps needed to reach those goals as they explore new career options or make changes in their current careers. 

This person can give you much needed accountability and structure as a means of holding yourself accountable which adds an extra level of esteem and validation throughout your goals; oftentimes, this can help one to reach those goals much quicker!

  • Determining strengths and weaknesses 

When you engage in career counseling, one of the things that may come into discussions is aptitude and career assessment tests. These tests are designed to match your natural skills, strengths and abilities with key components of specific careers. 

Your results can help you determine for yourself what type of weaknesses you might have so that you can avoid working towards a career that might only lead to frustration. Having this information can be helpful when choosing which career path to take.

Online career counselling 

Career counseling is an interaction between an individual and his or her counselor to ensure that the right path has been charted when it comes time for choosing a career. 

A career counselor conducts an inquiry about what subjects one might like to study in order to pursue a particular career, but doesn’t provide any recommendation right away. The next step in the process requires the client to take interest and aptitude tests that will determine what part of his or her personality works best with different kinds of careers or professions. 

Once the testing is done, the client sits down with his or her counselor again so they can discuss results and decide which type of career could be ideal for the client’s specific goals.

Helpful for picking the correct career

In online career counseling, counselors survey their interests and different perspectives. They assess to get a recommendation of the best career choices from all the accessible and pertinent alternatives.

Helpful for giving master assets

Online career counselling for professionals makes you aware of the assets as well as information that a career master would give.

Helpful for gaining Confidence and Insight

The online career counselling for working professionals offers a variety of methods that help the counselee figure out what’s stifling their career. The techniques vary from addressing an individual’s current academic standing, to helping them pinpoint which market they would be the most beneficial in.

Career mapping

If you’re an adult with a job and you’re not in school and you feel like things need to change in your life but don’t know how or where to start, then we can help. We have been helping Working Professionals get the career satisfaction they’ve been seeking for years.

Places you can acquire online career counselling services from 

Growing Self Counseling & Coaching

Growing Self Counseling & Counseling provides professional development and career coaching services in-person and through video call around Colorado. It is aimed at busy professionals who want to get more out of life without compromising on comfort. 

In-person appointments are available in the Cherry Creek, Denver Tech Center, Fort Collins, and Broomfield locations in Denver. It also provides long-distance domestic and international clients with online video conferencing.

One Mind Therapy

One Mind Therapy can help you adjust to a new job, manage work-related stress, and discover meaning or purpose in your work. It may assist you in identifying meaning or purpose for your life or a cause that is essential to you, as well as illuminating your route to a job that makes sense and matches with your beliefs. 

It’s also a handy tool if you’re relocating and want to get a head start on the job market. With One Mind Therapy, all services are virtual and can be scheduled in advance.

Allison Task

Allison Task does not provide career advice in the form of skill-based tests to help you locate a suitable job. Instead, it offers affordable coaching services that inspire you to venture outside of your comfort zone and broaden your network in order to secure a job that is relevant to you and contributes to your long-term goals. 

This service is excellent for high achievers, but it is not inexpensive. Adolescents, new graduates, and adults who desire to change careers might benefit from career counselling.

Pricing and fee for online counselling 

The cost of online career counselling varies according to the company and the services you want. While most career counsellors and coaches provide a free introductory meeting to determine whether they’re a good fit for you, sessions can cost anywhere from $65 to $350 per hour after that. 

Some career counselling agencies take insurance, although this isn’t always the case. The cost of each session is affected by the length of your session, the therapist/coach you choose, and the method you use to communicate with them. After filling out a form with information about the services you’re interested in, several platforms provide tailored quotations.


Career counseling helps you to understand yourself and the world of work better by guiding you to a career path that is most fulfilling for you. Career counselors are typically present in academic settings to help students select the pathway to achieve their career goals, but today there are plenty of alternative counseling services online that can put you on track for making any necessary changes in your career if this is something you’re considering.

Online career counseling is just as effective as meeting with your career counselor in-person. In fact, most people actually prefer it! Online counseling doesn’t necessarily mean you lose the face-to-face connection. Most platforms allow you to make video calls to your counselor during the session so you still get face time even though they’re not sitting next to you. 

It allows for appointments around your busy schedule without having to commute no matter where your counselors are located and this eliminates any stress around work schedules and transportation costs.

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