The Office MBTI Types (A Complete list)

In this article, we will talk about 9+ the Office MBTI types. If you are a fan of this TV series, keep reading to find everything about your favourite character(s) from the Office.

The Office MBTI Types

Here are the MBTI types of The Office characters:

  • Michael Scott: ENTJ 
  • Angela Martin: INFJ 
  • Pam Beesly: INFP 
  • Darryl Philbin: INTJ
  • Dwight Shrute: INTP 
  • Jan Levinson: ENTP
  • Erin Hannon: ENFP 
  • Kelly Kapoor: ENFJ
  • Oscar Martinez: ISTJ
  • Jim Halpert: ISFJ 
  • Holly Flax: ESTJ
  • Phyllis Vance: ESFJ
  • Toby Flenderson: ISTP 
  • Meredith Palmer: ISFP 
  • Andy Bernard: ESFP 
  • Ryan Howard: ESTP

From Dwight to Andy to Pam, The Office The cast makes the show the masterpiece it is. After several seasons of looking at them and seeing them again and again, it may start to feel like they are our true friends.

We thought it would be fun to dig deeper into these characters before we replay the series for the hundredth time, so we turned to the Myers-Briggs® personality type website for more information on them. What we came up with was this: The Office MBTI types. Check it out!

Additionally, you can also try out the MBTI Personality test to identify your career preferences.

Jim Halpert – ENFJ

Jim Halpert’s charm alone is enough to take him to the ENFJ spot on this list. Like Jim, ENFJs emit the kind of friendship that makes people so willing to like them. Jim is also a person who enjoys the little things in life. He always finds humour in any situation and can spread especially tense scenarios.

But what people don’t say enough about Jim is this: He’s actually a good boss. In true ENFJ fashion, Jim quietly inspires the Dunder-Mifflin branch when he briefly co-manages the office with Michael. And it is easy to see why; Jim is the type of person you could make a leader. Like, when it comes to movies, the guy who plays it.

Dwight Schrute – ISFJ

“Royally Fun” is not a typical description of a network TV character, but it is definitely one of Dwight K. Schrute. ISFJs like Dwight love their own sense of structure, be it in their work or personal life. Additionally, Dwight highly values loyalty like other ISFJs. 

Perhaps one of the few times we see him really excited is when he feels that Michael has betrayed him. Finally, ISFJs are frequently drawn to jobs that involve agriculture. And if you know who grows the best beets in all of Pennsylvania, well, there’s not much else I can add to this post.

Pam Beesly – ISFP

No one is “normal” in the office. Each character has their own quirks, violent tendencies, or cult beliefs. However, Pam Beesly could be the closest thing to a real human being in the Scranton Branch of Dunder-Mifflin. She is empathetic when others are not, appreciates harmony when others fight to the death, and generally put feelings above their own. 

These qualities not only make it The Office cast member you would most like to work with, they solidly confirm it as an ISFP. And if that doesn’t convince you, ISFPs are drawn to the arts. Whether it’s graphic design or painting, art is a big part of Pam’s character.

Angela Lynsey – INFP

Angela is deeply sensitive, with a tendency to take personal offence at the most imagined slights. She is also strict in her beliefs and clings tenaciously to her moral values and the organizations that support them. Out of everyone on this list, Angela is probably the most introverted, and like other INFPs, she prefers her solitude to social gatherings.

Ryan Howard – ESFP

ESFPs are often very aware of how they look. Whether it’s a literal fashion concern or a social concern about popularity, you can count on ESFPs to let you know how they develop. Ryan’s concern about how he looks is literal and social. He is also someone who, like most ESFPs, can move from commitment to commitment or from a group of friends to a group of friends with surprising ease. 

In his transitional lifestyle, Ryan also often looks for expensive or dangerous emotions, usually those that end up going very wrong. Not all ESFPs are as greedy and slobbering as Ryan Howard, but when they go wrong, those are common traits. 

Jan Levinson – ISTJ

Jan’s character changes a lot in The Office, so it was a bit difficult to find a perfect answer. However, there is a constant of Jan’s personality to examine; If she has no order, her life falls apart. This also applies to ISTJs, and to get to Jan’s personality type, we need to look at when her life was structured. 

At those times, she is incredibly analytical and systematic. She has her days, weeks, and months planned for the second. She is a fierce pursuer of her goals, working long hours to achieve professional milestones and personal checkpoints. This is how an ISTJ lives, and so is Jan. You know, when her life is not on fire and rolling down a cliff.

Andy Bernard – ENFP

If you are an ENFP, you probably already know that many of your colleagues are musicians. Andy is hands down the most musical in the office, but the ENFP similarities don’t stop there. The reason Andy Bernard (and any other ENFP) is musical is because he finds great value in personal joys. 

ENFPs are types of free spirits, drawn to art and adventure because they can see the deeper meaning in them. ENFPs are almost never afraid to make themselves known. Even if that means things will go terribly wrong, they will take the risk. Whatever your art, acting for others is a way to connect. Like Andy, ENFPs are more honest on stage. Even if that stage is a four-way call with your a cappella college team.

Meredith Palmer – ESTP

Meredith Palmer rolls with punches, and sometimes that involves actual punches. Or set yourself on fire … Whatever the situation, Meredith exhibits an unhealthy degree of adaptability. Usually, that comes along with a hatred of rules. 

Although not usually that extreme, those are qualities that all ESTPs demonstrate. Like Meredith, ESTPs love to cut. A new situation not only bothers them, but it can also recharge them. They love people, but even more than that, they love the fun that people bring them. But then again, don’t think every ESTP is a Meredith. 

Kelly Kapoor  – ESTJ

One of the disadvantages of an ESTJ personality is the ability to become a “bad girl” in a social situation. ESTJs have an attitude of self-control and self-confidence that, unfortunately, can lead to cruelty. This is absolutely Kelly Kapoor. 

She is frank about things she doesn’t like, even at the risk of hurting someone else. In reality, Kelly’s malice boils down to ESTJs love for the status quo and her place in it. When Kelly feels that she isn’t the most popular or the one she likes the most, that’s when we see her worst side. 

ESTJs also value relationships a lot, and if you look at how Kelly interacts with Ryan, you’ll know that’s a trait of hers. Perhaps an extreme version of that trait, but one nonetheless.

Michael Scott – ENTP

ENTPs can be erratic, jumping from one plan to another or feeling and feeling with just a moment’s warning. They are also attracted to managerial roles because they enjoy connecting with people as their leader. Despite all their flaws, these traits are at the heart of Michael Scott.

Michael loves to see others encouraged, often thinking of The Office cast members as his family. Now, you could say that Michael also has a lot of negative traits, but even those fit in with ENTP personalities. As much as they like to see others grow, they don’t like their autonomy to be questioned. 

And if you consider this to be a good or bad trait, you are the personification of Michael. One can see this as charming or hateful, but someone who buys a “World’s Best Boss” mug is definitely an ENTP…

What are the MBTI types?

Isabel Briggs Myers, along with her mother Katharine Briggs, developed Jung’s theories, obtaining a methodology and system that can be implemented to understand and evaluate each person’s favourite personality and behaviour.

Together with the other personality theories and psychometric models, the MBTI model has a special utility for:

– understanding and self-development

– understanding and developing others

– understanding the motivation of others

– understanding the strengths and weaknesses of others

– teamwork – ensuring the representation of all relevant and necessary skills

– allocation and acceptance of tasks and projects

– accepting roles and development together with others and for oneself.

Myers Briggs theory and the MBTI model are not a measure of intelligence, competence, emotional state, mental stability or maturity and should be used with great care to assess aptitudes for a particular profession. 

People have at hand multiple ways to practice a profession, and the MBTI model does not provide clues about commitment, determination, passion, experience, ambition, experience, etc. nor does it highlight cases of `type forgery`. All of these have a much greater influence on success than a simple personality test.

Measuring and categorizing a person’s personality or behavioural style according to their preferences – one from each of the four scales (E-I, S-N, T-F, J-P), the MBTI system forms 16 main types, each type being represented by a four-letter code.

The Office TV series

The series, starring American actor Steve Carell, with nine seasons originally aired between 2005 and 2013 by NBC, has become one of the most popular series on Netflix, and the number of fans of the television show is constantly growing. 

Based on the British series of the same name, created by Ricky Gervais, “The Office” presents the daily, absurd, ridiculous and funny life of the employees of a paper company in Scranton (Pennsylvania, USA) using the style of a fake documentary (“mockumentary”).

If the employees of an institution who are office colleagues would see the series, they would come to work the next day either with a sarcastic smile in the corner of their mouth or thoughtful faces because they had just found themselves in one of the characters.

When you step on the door of their office, you literally enter a new universe, special, with its rules, which everyone knows and no one respects. Did you think you were a man of imagination? Wait and see what goes through the boss’s head – Michael. 

Today we are doing a discrimination workshop. Everyone should stop and put a note on their forehead with:  Jew, black, Latino, Chinese,” gay “etc. and the teammate will behave with him depending on the category imposed by the note. So as to promote interracial tolerance and give up prejudice “or ..” 

Today, all of you, my employees and my friends at the same time, will write on a piece of paper a name of a single and beautiful woman to combine with, because, between us, we haven’t done it in 8 years.

A masterpiece of the human spirit, typologies of characters perfectly outlined, so that even chronic stupidity has its specific innocence.

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