How to not be nervous in Fortnite? (Tips)

In this guide, we will discuss “How to not be nervous in Fortnite” and a simple set of techniques and tips that can help you overcome your nerves and improve your game when playing Fortnite.

How to not be nervous in Fortnite?

If you have recently started to play Fortnite you may wonder ‘How to not be nervous in Fortnite’ or how to overcome your nerves when playing Fortnite. Consider that being nervous is completely normal and as long as you keep playing you will start to get used to it and start getting better at it. Some gamers recommend looking to land in highly populated areas and get into as many fights as possible.

This will eventually help you to reduce your anxiety and will also be the means to get better at Fortnite since you will be getting a lot of practice in the process. We know the feeling when getting nervous, increased heart rate, sweaty and/or shaky hands, and your performance level drop. Ultimately your player dies and you feel very frustrated, rushing in just to make the same mistake over and over again. What can you do differently so you can win? We will talk about it more in-depth.

How can I remain calm and stop being nervous at Fortnite?

Our brain is hardwired in a way that when we perceive a dangerous or harmful situation, it will trigger the flight or fight response. This is an adaptive and prehistoric response since humans lived in caves so they could protect themselves from the dangerous predators, for example. 

However, playing video games doesn’t pose any threat or damage to you, but we still get to have the same reaction as if we did even if Fortnite is a battle royale game where you are running around a huge open map with potential threats and danger but you are not in a life or death situation in the real world. If your mind is set to win all the time, you’ll be frustrated when you lose and you will feel very anxious.

Try to change your mindset into what is the most important outcome and that is to get better at the game so you can concentrate your efforts in winning later on. If you end up losing, try to analyze why and try to avoid making the same mistake in the future, think “how can I improve my game” instead of focusing on “I suck at this, I am always losing” kind of attitude. More importantly, if there are better players, try to learn from them.

The professionals are not the only ones that play a lot

Professional gaming is becoming a thriving business these days. Professionals can earn millions of dollars a year from prize money and other endorsements but they have to put in the hours and practice a lot, they are not professionals just because.

As mentioned by, “The first-ever Fortnite World Cup Champion – 16-year-old Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf, took home a cool $3,000,000 for his dominance on the day. All he had to do was outperform 40,000,000 competitors online.”

Alongside professionals, there are millions of ‘amateur’ players that play recreationally and work hard to step up their game and on average they tend to play between 6 to 15 hours a week. Sounds like enough time invested? Well, others tend to invest even more of their time getting better and just because they love to play Fortnite.

How can I get better?

If you want to get better, not only do you have to invest time but also prepare yourself mentally. Many gamers think of themselves as athletes, without the hassle of the physical preparation but still, they need to prepare mentally speaking. You can have the skills, understand the game but are you mentally strong for the challenge?

If you said you are prepared, then start by making your gaming space as comfortable as possible.otherwise you will be at risk of musculoskeletal stiffness, headaches and unnecessary pain. But how can you find your best position?

If you want to adopt the best posture possible then consider getting enough pillows or cushions to make this easier. It may feel weird at first but this is until your body adapts to it. If you need to, stand up from time to time when you are playing because sitting for long periods can contribute to back pain and stiffness due to the lack of movement.

Deep breathing exercises

We can’t stress enough the benefit of engaging in deep breathing exercises while you are playing. This will help you feel more relaxed and calm when you are starting to feel nervous/anxious. We know it sounds kind of odd since breathing is not a process we need to think about a lot, we do it automatically. 

However, when we are nervous, our breathing pattern shifts due to the anxious response we are having at that moment. Breathing becomes superficial and shallow without you being conscious about it, but the secret is taking slow deep breaths. 

This can help us not only to manage our nerves during Fortnite but can also be implemented in other situations such as when you are angry or frustrated. You can use one of the two most used techniques these days such as the Wim Hom breathing method or the Box breathing technique.

 Take care of your sleeping habits

It is not a secret that sleeps disturbances or not getting enough sleep can make us feel tired and will prevent us from performing at the best of our abilities. This means that your Fortnite skills won’t be on-point if your sleeping habits are being neglected.

Getting longer and better quality sleep will immediately improve your gameplay but sometimes peak gaming happens during odd hours. 


Moreover, watch out for the screens in your computer, TV, cellphone, and other technological devices that may send the wrong signal to your body, saying you need to remain awake when you shouldn’t.

To improve your quality of sleep, add this pillow spray and the best anxiety sheets you can find to your bed. In addition, you can decorate it with stuffed animals and put some earplugs for the noises. We recommend the following Best Earplugs For Anxiety, where the Stiizy Pods and Pax Era Pod for anxiety stand out, where you can put Binaural Beats.

Light Therapy has proven to be helpful in getting a good quality of sleep. Use night lamps to help you regulate your sleep. If you have simple tastes, you can check the Best Light Bulb for Anxiety, if you are a mystic, you can also find the Best Salt Lamp for Anxiety.

Eating Healthily 

It is easy to start changing your healthy habits or regular hours you dedicate to eating when playing long hours at a time. Moreover, you could lose track of time and spend many hours without eating. For other people junk food does the trick, so they don’t have to cook or go into the kitchen to make something to eat. But consider that your brain is working overtime hours and it needs the proper fuel. No need to hire a professional or a nutritionist to set up a meal plan but still watch out when and what you eat.

Why is this blog about How to not be nervous in Fortnite important?

If you feel constantly nervous in Fortnite and you have been playing for a while, consider visiting a mental health professional. If you are starting to play and you want to level up your game then follow the simple tips we have talked about. Remember, practice makes perfect but you will also need to have the proper mindset to improve your game.

While playing, consider engaging one of the breathing techniques we have mentioned and you will notice how different you start playing. Don’t beat yourself for the mistakes you make, instead, learn from them and certainly learn from others you consider good players. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How to not be nervous in Fortnite

How do I stop being nervous in Fortnite?

If you would like to stop being nervous in Fortnite, here are some useful tips:

– No matter how good you are, you will still get nervous but it is only temporary.

– Put yourself in those nerve-wracking situations so you will get more experience outside of your comfort zone and keep practising (i.e. just like when you are learning to ride a bike).

– Identify when you get nervous and isolate your practice to that specific situation.

– Change your perception of losing. Look at it as an opportunity to improve and get better at something by putting extra effort into it. 

– Dying in the game doesn’t mean you will die in real life, even if it feels like it.

How do I stop being so nervous about games?

If you want to stop being so nervous about games (especially when playing video games) remember that it is only a virtual setting and not real life. Also, you may get nervous the first times you play but as long as you keep practising then you will get better and stop being nervous. Take your time to close your eyes and breathe during those situations in the game you consider stressful.

How do I calm my nerves?

If you would like to calm your nerves consider:

– Implementing breathing exercises.

– Accepting that being nervous is normal.

– Challenging your thoughts.

– Releasing your energy by focusing on doing physical activity.

– Visualizing yourself calm.

– Listening to relaxing music.

– Changing your focus from being in a negative situation to seeing the good in it.

How do you never die in Fortnite?

Here are some tips on how to kill your enemies and avoid dying:

– When you see people in a building battle, if they are building like crazy, all you have to do is break the bottom of where they have started building. They will fall and take so much damage. If they don’t die from the fall, you can still shoot at them.

– When an enemy is hiding in their building, shoot an RPG at them and shoot an AR to know the wall down. By doing this and while they are trying to heal or something, start hitting before they keep building more walls.
– Build the second you start getting shot at, even if you don’t know where you got shot from.

How do you relax while gaming?

If you would like to relax while gaming, here are some useful tips:

– Work on your breathing by inhaling slowly through your nose and exhaling forcefully through your mouth (breathing techniques).

– Dying doesn’t mean you don’t get to play anymore ever again.

– You are allowed to make mistakes, especially if you are learning how to play but practice makes perfect.

– If you are too stressed or frustrated, take a walk inside your room or outside. This will help you feel more relaxed.

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