How to not be nervous eating in front of a guy (tips)

In this guide, we will discuss “How to not be nervous eating in front of a guy” and a few tips on how to overcome your nerves when eating in front of your crush or the guy you like. 

How to not be nervous eating in front of a guy

If you would like to know ‘How to not be nervous eating in front of a guy’ you have to stop focusing on him and start focusing on the conversation. You may even avoid eating because you may be too self-conscious about the way you eat. Additionally, you may have received comments in the past (not necessarily guys) that have hurt your self-esteem.

If you feel you are eating too fast, try to slow down and pay attention to the conversation. Take your time to enjoy the meal and spend less time worrying about eating. Remember, you may be fully aware of how uncomfortable you feel if your crush is looking at you while you eat but the last thing they will focus on is the way you eat unless you tend to drop food or you have difficulties that go beyond your control. 

Be mindful about the fact that, if they have agreed to go out with you to grab something to eat is not exactly because they want to criticise the way you eat so stop worrying.

Think about other activities you could do after eating

If you are too focused and worried about what your crush might think of how you eat then shift your attention to activities you are going to do later, after eating. Having other things to look forward to can help you feel less nervous. You can talk about a range of topics such as hobbies or what they would like to do later (if there are no plans yet). If you guys are going to the movies or going for a walk, talk about the movie or where he would like to go for a walk. 

Eventually, you will feel less observed and the conversation will keep the focus on other topics that can let you lower your anxiety. 

If it is the first time eating with him

Probably the first time would be the worst and you’ll be super self-conscious, ruminating about what he might think of how you eat when you are with him. You will notice more confidence as long as there are other instances where you have to eat in front of him. Try not to avoid having meetings or dates where food is involved or avoid not eating just so he won’t see you. Take it as a practice and you will notice how he invites you to lunch or dinner because he wants to spend more time with you, not so he can see you eat. 

Basic etiquette

If you fear your crush may find your way of eating ‘disgusting’ or unattractive because you chew with your mouth open or you talk with your mouth full then try to correct those behaviours. Before your date where you know inevitably that there will be food involved, practice by chewing gum with your mouth closed. 

Additionally, when you are eating on your own, take a smaller bite, one that fits better in your mouth which won’t necessarily require it to open too wide and try to eat softer foods since they require fewer bites. You could also try this by looking yourself in the mirror so you can practice. Also, if you talk with your mouth full could be taken as disrespectful so no matter how interesting the conversation is, take a second to swallow before you answer any questions.

Finally, there is no rush so don’t feel pressured to answer your crush questions right away. This will also help you not to choke or spit food at your crush. 

Use a napkin or cover your mouth 

You can use a napkin if you have taken a bite that appears to be too big. Also, you can use the napkin if you feel the need to cough and would not like to spit some food on your crush. If you don’t have a napkin, improvise by covering your mouth with your hand but there is no need to apply pressure, just place it a few cms from your mouth. 

Avoid messy foods

If you make a mess, you will feel embarrassed so avoid foods that could potentially end up being super messy. We know it is important for you to look good and avoid situations where you slop food on your outfit or you end up having food all over you, even your hair. Try suggesting the place according to the type of food you know is not messy or there is no risk of getting it all over your clothing. For instance, if you love Italian but you know spaghetti may not be a good idea, try ordering lasagna or something similar. Soups can also become quite messy since they can splash all over so try ordering something less ‘watery’.

If dessert is something you look forward to sharing with your crush then think about having a cake and avoid ice cream unless it goes on top of the cake and you guys have spoons to share it. 

Crunchy foods and/or stinky foods

We know it might feel weird when you take a bite and you can hear yourself and the noise the food produces. However, sometimes we magnify the situation by thinking it is a really loud noise and your crush may be annoyed by it. If you would like to avoid feeling uncomfortable then avoid the kind of foods that makes the loudest sounds such as chips (i.e. Doritos).  Additionally, try to avoid those where you have to chew a lot before you swallow, it can make you feel very uncomfortable.

Finally, we recommend staying away from food that could make you feel insecure about your breath. Things to avoid are: garlic, onion, seafood in general (i..e. tuna), spicy food (i.e. Mexican), parmesan cheese, boiled eggs or papaya. You may love eating some of those but try to avoid it when you are eating with your crush.

Why is this blog about How to not be nervous eating in front of a guy important?

As we have seen when answering the question ‘How to not be nervous eating in front of a guy’, there are a few tips you could follow. For instance, if you feel observed, shift the focus to the conversation or if it is the first time eating with him give it some time so you can get used to him being there while you eat. Additionally, it is a good idea to remember not to chew with your mouth open and also avoid talking with your mind full.

Finally, try to eat foods you consider easy or less messy and certainly avoid smelly foods such as fish, onion, garlic or any other food that could potentially give you bad breath. This will make you feel extremely insecure, so try to prevent it. Try not to focus too much on being judged or observed so enjoy the company of the guy you are with and try to have a nice time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about How to not be nervous eating in front of a guy

Why am I scared to eat in front of guys?

If you are scared to eat in front of guys maybe because you care too much about their opinion on how you eat. It could also happen that you have been criticised in the past about the way you eat so it makes you feel a little insecure. This may be more common than you think and some people would not dare to speak about it because they feel embarrassed about it.

What is the fear of eating in public called?

If you fear eating in public, you may be suffering from social anxiety disorder also known as social phobia. This is one of the most common anxiety disorders.

What causes Cibophobia?

Cibophobia can be understood as a fear of food. Someone that has this type of fear can avoid things like mayonnaise, milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, and meats since they believe they are already spoiled and they fear they may become ill after eating any of them. Additionally, they may fear eating undercooked foods in fear of getting illness so they tend to avoid them at all cost.

How do you eat when you’re nervous?

If you want to eat when you are nervous because anxiety has ‘killed’ your appetite, try the following:

– Identify what makes you anxious.

– Get enough sleep.

– Consider establishing a routine or a schedule for eating at certain hours. 

– Eat only things you can tolerate and you know won’t make you sick (i.e. allergies) and stick to them.

Why do I feel uncomfortable eating in front of people?

If you feel uncomfortable eating in front of other people you may feel observed or judged on the way you eat. You may have received comments in the past about it so it makes you feel self-conscious. However, your anxiety about eating in front of others could also be a consequence of an eating disorder or a combination of an eating disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder. 

Social Anxiety Disorder

Social Anxiety Disorder or SAD sufferers experience intense fear in social settings or situations such as public speaking, performing or having to meet new people. Even though being a bit nervous is completely normal, people with SAD are so aware of their surroundings and the people in it that tend to have a lot of physical symptoms. 

However, there are various treatment options to help someone cope with social anxiety. If you feel identifies with what we have said then we recommend talking to a counsellor, a psychologist or a mental health professional that can give you more information and advice.

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