Nonconformist: (A Comprehensive Guide)

Nonconformist as a personality can be defined as an individual who does not have the traits of assumed logical progression, seemingly realistic expectations, and an overwhelming sense of entitlement.

Nonconformist focuses on his own fast and hard rules of life and is not bothered with the other world, who moves through even the things they do not like just to get to the things they want.

Nonconformists are true to their own rules and always stick by it.

They are usually innovators and rebels with the determination and solid foundation to never give up whether it is for their goal or in their daily routine life as they are always aiming for their goal based on their own rules.

They also understand the rule that no matter the profession they join if they do not put up enough work in it, they will never taste success, that is why their commitment levels are at the highest and they work harder than anyone else in achieving their goals. 

In this article, we will discuss nonconformists. 

It might look cool and you might be more interested in learning about being a nonconformist, so here are some of the important steps that can be taken towards becoming a successful nonconformist :

1. Take the path less beaten

There is no way you can stand out, if you are going to take the same path that everyone else is taking, in today’s life there are millions of people that are taking the same path and hoping for the payoff that history reminds us off.

But, even in history that sweet pay off is for the people who took it at the start when that path was not in the limelight so what worked for them will not work for you in present.

Everyone goes through the same old routine and the same stages of our lives i.e. school, office, retirement which do not bring anything new and will not help us in achieving anything.

That is why to achieve something, risks of doing something new should be taken, something unique that is out of the ordinary which will make sure you can achieve success much faster. 

2. Value opinions that are different from yours

Normally a person values those opinions more that are more similar to his rather than those who are different from his, instead, we should keep our mind open and give thoughts on both types of opinions with equality as there is a better chance that the other opinion might open up new roads for us.

It might sound crazy at first to leave a job and try to earn money during your own business but if you open your mind and think about it, it is not impossible which further states the fact that it is better to ponder over the opinions that are different from you rather being someone who closes his mind completely. 

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3. Find AND follow your passion

Most of us have no idea what they wanna do and what their passion in life is, ultimately they give up the idea in finding it while going through different experiences and just spend their life going through the same old routine and stages of life.

It is quite unfortunate because when one finds his passion, he can use that passion to fuel more energy into his work and be more successful.

People who are at the top are not only successful because of some luck but because the work they do is also their passion and they follow it to the end.

For example, consider Bill Gates, he has a great passion for computers and it can be seen through his company and work, he started early on computers and is now very well off and successful. 

4. Give before you get

It is better to give before you want something, as the sense of entitlement to get something is not a very good habit and is always more harmful than being advantageous.

Always think about what you can give in a certain opportunity whether it is a job, business, workplace or any personal favor which can help you more in self-evaluating yourself and bringing value to the table.

If you are applying for a job always ponder what more value or what benefits you can bring to the company in this position, similarly when starting a business what type of problems you are able to solve or what you can do in different situations?

This type of mentality will always help you out and will give you a more wide scope to consider things. 

5. Aim unrealistically

There is a saying, if you aim before your nose you will be more relaxed and will not think of going higher than that so it is always better to aim higher and then work towards it to achieve greater heights.

There is no hindrance or downside in eyeing the sky as it will not only broaden your perception but it will also push you to the limits and will help you in overcoming obstacles that you would normally get stuck at.

So it is always better to aim higher because who knows if you are aiming for the moon, there is a great chance that you might end up at one of the stars rather than staying on earth.

6. Embrace your uniqueness

There is always some uniqueness present in a person and it is better if you embrace that uniqueness and make it your weapon rather than suppressing it completely.

Every person is different from the other person, so to stand out from the general crowd it is essential to first recognize that unique feature of yours and then embrace it fully and be happy.

Always try to be who you are and do not pretend to be someone else just to show to other people if they wanna laugh let them but be yourself.

7. Take up responsibility for your own life

The most important and essential part of being a nonconformist is to take responsibility for your own life.

Be responsible and accept all of your shortcomings, bring yourself to reality and work on what you can make better in your personality, as your life and shortcomings are only yours and do not affect any other person.

It is for you to decide whether you wanna work for money or for enjoyment, whether you wanna find your passion or just want to go through things like a normal person?

Do you want to experience new horizons or want to keep yourself encapsulated in your current shell?

The decisions are only yours and yours to make and not for anyone else. 

Social Nonconformity

Social nonconformity is normally known as when the person does not act or behave in a way according to the social norms of the society.

A social norm is kind of an unwritten rule regarding the behavior of an individual in society or in a group and those norms are basically the definition of behaviors acceptable normally in the group or society.

One of the examples of a social norm is that in an elevator you always stand facing towards the elevator door and not towards the back wall and people with your back towards the elevator door.

One other is you do not pick your nose in public. 

Social nonconformists are such individuals that do not follow the social norms of society whether it is done unintentionally or deliberately.

Social nonconformist’s behavior can range from a general inconsiderate action to a certain lifestyle that might be judged or criticized by others as being out of being normal.

Norms are basically the rules that keep the society knitted together and norms in one group can also be considered as social nonconformity in another group.

For instance, the norms which might be considered normal and positive might be considered negative and deviant nonconformist behavior among the other social groups.

Some of the points that might differentiate between that whether you are a conformist or a nonconformist, if you consider any of the points is within you then most probably you are not a nonconformist  :

1. You might be forcing yourself to like different things to look cooler like books, films, or indie music to other people but you do not like them in reality.

Based on your knowledge of these things when you try to communicate or converse with a real nonconformist you might not be able to even hold your end and will end up being embarrassed in front of others because of your surface-level ideas. 

2. You are obsessed with one or more pop stars and want to dress like them or express your feelings according to their style despite knowing that they have a bad reputation and are terrible while dealing with other people and might often sound stupid and shallow.

3. You have political views regarding the political situation which might be either Republican or Democrat whereas the real nonconformists usually do not have any political views and are not stuck to a single faction or political party.

Some of them are anarchists while others might be extremists with their own rules and regulations regarding an ideal political party or government.

4. You like adult novels especially the popular ones and enjoy reading them and thinking about your old young days and the feelings and memories of your teenage years.

These novels make you feel young again and are a source of entertainment for you. 

5. You have one of the famous novels as your favorite ones and do not even bother reading about other novels that are normally underrated by critics but are classical novels of their time.

If you have such a personality then you are not a nonconformist. 

6. If you like to watch TV and enjoy a couple of popular shows and even if you do not watch TV in general but still like to watch the popular shows or have an interest in it then there is no way you are a nonconformist.

In these shows, you might be inspired by some character in one way or the other. 

7. If you think that the work done by Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic is very inspiring and you are always throwing around different lines of that book then you are not a nonconformist as they do not like her work and have the opinion that her work is cliche or terrible. 

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FAQ about nonconformist

What makes someone a nonconformist?

A nonconformist is basically a person who has his own ideas of how things should be and how they should be done.

What is an example of a nonconformist?

A person who likes to take a unique way and refuses to do a normal job but likes to embrace his uniqueness and do unconventional jobs is known as a nonconformist.

One of the examples of a nonconformist is a hippie who denies doing conventional jobs. 


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