NoFap cures depression (+How it works)

This article will discuss if NoFap can cure depression. For that, it will explain what is adult entertainment addiction, how it impacts people’s mental health, and how the NoFap platform can help with that. Not only that, the article will show what are other ways for people to cope with adult entertainment addiction.

Can NoFap cure depression?

Although there is no scientific data to support it, it can be that NoFap has the power to lessen depressive symptoms. The constant use of adult entertainment, and masturbation, can be related to intense loneliness, people may turn to mature content as a way to cope with a void in their life, and this can lead to depression.

It can also be that mature content and masturbation make you lose interest in real-life connections. Making you even more isolated, and depressed.  People that often view this type of content, can also feel ashamed and guilty, and those are also feelings that can relate to depression. 

It is not a cause-effect situation, but developing depression, due to masturbating and the viewing of adult entertainment, is related to how a person perceives those actions. 

For example, an extremely religious person, that grew up on an education that considered masturbation and adult entertainment extremely wrong, may take over an intense feeling of guilt and shame as they do it. That can, at some point, be overwhelming, making them depressed. 

In all of those cases, being part of the NoFap community can allow people to return to life without mature content and masturbation. It can give you a sense of belonging, make you feel less alone in your struggles, and support you when it is hard to not turn to this content or masturbation. 

Of course, it may not work for everyone, but to some people, it can allow them to get back control of their own life.

What is NoFap?

NoFap is a website that works as a support group for men that want to stop masturbating and give up on watching mature content. It is a movement that was created in 2011, by a web developer called Alexander Rhode.

The community, which contains forum, and articles, focus on helping men overcome their sexual addictions. The main goal is to improve from sexual dysfunctions that are related to the viewing of adult entertainment and improve the relationships that mature content can be detrimental to. 

In the community, they call rebooting the process of getting cured of their adult entertainment addiction. In this rebooting process, they try to restore neural pathways that are changed due to mature content addiction. But to do that, each individual will find their way. 

The role Nofap plays in this is to encourage their users to refrain from adult entertainment, masturbating, and even sex for some time. In the community, masturbation is seen as an unhealthy action, and by doing it, men feel an improvement in their physical and emotional health. 

They also believe that adult entertainment and masturbation were keeping them away from healthy relationships. It also allows them to focus energy on other matters, improving their concentration and sleep quality. 

But there is no scientific compensation for that, and some professionals have stated that it tends to pile on the notion that masturbation is a sign of weakness and overestimate the power mature content has on the brain. 

With that said, it is important for men considering joining Nofap to consider is the best way for them to deal with their depression and possible adult entertainment addiction. For that, let’s discuss how you can feel that the use of this form of content is becoming a problem.

When adult entertainment becomes a problem?

If you are thinking that you might be depressed, and the usage you have been doing of adult entertainment and masturbation is related to it, here are some signs to identify if that is really what is happening.

When you are overusing mature content, you may start to feel higher levels of arousal than you had before, this is called hypersexuality. And after you are exposed to this form of content, you can feel a rush of sadness, low mood, and loneliness. 

Not only that, people that are having a problematic use of adult entertainment can have low sensitivity to boredom, and when they feel it, they usually go to this content as a way to relieve it. The frequent use of mature content can make you uncomfortable with yourself, affecting your self-esteem, causing you to think nobody wants you.

It can also affect your body image concept. You may want to start to look like the actor in adult entertainment movies, but that is an unreal expectation, which can also make you feel undesirable, and make you believe no one wants you.

It can also make social interaction less satisfactory to you, making you feel like you don’t belong. And if you are in a relationship, the overuse of adult entertainment can crash the relationship. 

How to cope with depression caused by adult entertainment usage?

If you understand you have been using adult entertainment, or masturbating too much, you might want to look for help. Aside from joining Nofap, there are other ways you can treat this matter.

You can do it through therapy, and in it you will have a safe and non-judgemental environment, to talk about your emotions, how the usage of mature content has made you feel, and what can be triggering you to look for this content so often.

There are also inpatient treatments that can be done to deal with such situations. They last between 28 and 90 days, and in this environment where you probably won’t be in touch with what triggers you, you can focus on your healing. 

Having open and honest conversations with your partner may be hard in these situations. But it is a great way to try and prevent the relationship from suffering while you are healing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Can NoFap cure depression? 

What are the emotional benefits of Nofap? 

Being part of Nofap can help you improve your willpower, motivation, and discipline. This can make it easier for you to keep working on whatever goal you have. Once you are part of Nofap, you can also feel more confident, and increase your self-esteem.

When you are no longer exposed to adult entertainment that much, you remove that brain fog that used to be part of your everyday life. It makes it a lot easier for you to focus, and you can feel sharper.

Because of that, you will notice that it is easier for you to be present at the moment. That can make your quality of life better. In time, you can feel happier, more satisfied with your life, and like you have the energy to focus on what is important.

What are the physical benefits of Nofap? 

By not masturbating you can feel more energetic, and stronger. This can have a direct impact on how productive you are. It also increases testosterone levels, this means you have a higher libido, higher sperm count, and stronger bones and muscles. 

The quality of your sperm is also better. If a man doesn’t please himself for 2 to 7 days, the sperms get stronger. Your erections will also be better because you change the level of stimulation you had when watching adult entertainment. Your stamina and physical performance can also improve.

Nofap also makes you turn to other things as priorities, such as sleep, relationships, and work.

Does Nofap have any health risks? 

There are no major health risks related to Nofap. It is most frustrating, especially at first. You may even feel a sense of withdrawal. This, of course, depends on the role masturbation and adult entertainment have in your life.

If it is something you do constantly, the beginning can be harder. In that aspect, having the support of the other participants of Nofap can be a great help. You can exchange with them about your experiences, learn strategies they may have developed when they were starting the process as well.

If you feel, at some point, that not masturbating or watching mature content is becoming a problem to you, it might be important to look for professional help to deal with the situation.

What are the main rules of Nofap? 

Nofap, like any community, has its rules. To be a part of it, a man should not pleasure himself, watch adult entertainment, or even practice edging, a process in which the person self-pleasures, but doesn’t allow themselves to release.

As they join the community, they are oriented to avoid having any sexual intercourse in 90 days. That is because this is considered the reset period. After it, the person can resume their sexual activities.

Each member should set goals for themselves and hope to streak them every day. It can be a goal of productivity, of ways to avoid masturbating and watching mature content. Especially in the beginning, try to avoid social networks, or photo sites in which you would be in a loop of scrolling down pictures that can make you want to pleasure yourself.

Does Nofap improve my sperm count?

Normally, not masturbating wouldn’t improve your sperm count, but men that have fertility issues, or a low sperm count can benefit from not masturbating. This will improve their sperm quality, this means the motility and quality of it will be better.

Does masturbating take the energy out of you?

Yes. It can be that masturbating takes the energy out of you, and even makes you tired. That happens because when you pleasure yourself often, your body can get used to the dopamine being released once you do it. And it can make you feel tired and depressed afterward. Not masturbating can balance your hormone levels, and get your energy and motivation back.

Should I join Nofap?

Joining Nofap is a personal decision. Many men feel better not masturbating and watching adult entertainment. Not only that, joining Nofap can make you a part of this community, and that can be reassuring. So if you notice masturbating and watching mature content are becoming a problem in your life, then maybe it might be a good idea for you to join.

But if you think stopping it completely is not for you, you can look for other forms of help to understand why you have been turning to adult entertainment and masturbating so often, and how you can get a handle on that situation.


This article discussed if NoFap can cure depression. For that, the article explained what is the link between adult entertainment addiction and depression, and when it becomes too much. Along with that, the article showed what are other ways to cope with adult entertainment addiction.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write them in the section below.


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