No direction in life (+How depression impacts it)

This article will discuss if depression can make you lose direction in life. For it, the article will explain what depression is, and how it can affect people. Along with that, the article will show what are ways that you can look for a new direction in life.

Does depression make me lose my direction in life?

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

Yes, depression can make you lose your direction in life. It can make you lose interest in things you used to love, and with that, you might have been following one direction in your life, and all of the sudden, that path doesn’t feel good for you anymore.

You don’t find any path interesting. It feels like the world has turned black and white. And you don’t even care that you lost your direction. Depression takes your sense of purpose away, it feels as if you don’t know what and why you have been living for.

Depression can also make you feel empty, and without energy, and the thought of doing anything seems impossible. In these moments, trying to find a direction in life is impossible. Let’s learn a little more about depression, and discuss how a person can find a new direction in life.

What is depression?

Depression is a mental health condition in which the person is taken over by intense sadness. It also causes people to feel empty, loses their purpose, and interest in things they used to love.

It makes people have a lot less energy and difficulty focusing. It can also make a person have lower self-esteem, and feel worthless. The most common symptoms of depression are:

  • Change in sleep pattern
  • Change in eating pattern
  • Isolation
  • Irritability
  • Guilt
  • Fatigue
  • Self-harm
  • Thought of death and suicidal thought

How can I find a new direction in life when I am depressed?

Depression can make you lose interest in things you used to love, it also leaves you feeling empty, and with no purpose. The first thing you can do is to look for treatment. Being in treatment for your depression will allow you to understand what is happening with you, the root of your depression, and how you can navigate it.

Once you start to see some improvement in your mental health, you may start to question what direction you should take in life. But try to keep in mind that dealing with depression may have changed you. It leaves you with a mark, personal growth, and learning, that you should consider when deciding your new direction.

As you try to figure out what direction you want to take in life, some considerations might help you determine what you want, and how you plan to get it. Let’s discuss some of those points.

Ask yourself important questions 

When you feel like you lost your direction, you will need to ask yourself some hard questions to try and find it again. You need to ask where you want to be, with who, doing what? 

Ask yourself how do you want to look there, which activities would you like to do, and what would you do with your time. Write the answer to these questions in a detailed manner. This will give you an idea of your goals and desires. Even though it won’t give you a direct answer, it will give you some notion of where to move.

Be honest to your heart

Making changes in life is never easy, it is even worse when you are dealing with depression. You feel less energetic and unable to focus. So try to be honest with yourself if you are open to change at this moment. It is not a shame to take your time.

If it seems too hard to make big changes, be honest with yourself and focus on the small or easier ones.

Get in touch with what you love 

Depression makes you lose touch with what you love. To find your direction, you might want to think of things that gave you a positive feeling before. Try to rediscover what you love, and direct your energy to that.

Distance yourself from what you don’t like

In the same way, get in touch with yourself and discover what are the things you hate. If it is possible, try to avoid it. Doing things you hate, can make you feel trapped. There is no shame in stopping doing something that doesn’t fulfill you.

Trace short-term plans 

Depression makes it hard for you to focus, so you would benefit from making short-term plans. Take all the things you love, and try to trace a plan to do that.

Be brave 

Making changes in your life takes courage. And even though you are scared, keep in mind that you are making this change in search of something better. You will get the rewards of this in no time.

Take action

Don’t let your plans be just plans. Take action, and keep in mind that having a new direction, even though it feels risky, can be exciting, 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Does depression make me lose my direction in life?

How can I find my direction back in life? 

If you need to find the right direction in life you should stop overthinking it. All the stress and anxiety it gives you can cause you to just burn yourself up. Try to understand that life is unpredictable and that you can only decide a path that is right for you at the moment. 

Focus on your possibilities today, and not so much on the future. Through this thought, you can consider that doing something is a lot better than doing nothing at all. Get out of your head and the planning aspect of it all, and just do something. By trying and experimenting, even if you don’t like it, you will be moving forward.

You should be able to listen to your gut. Take small steps forward even if you don’t know where you are going. Knowing all you have lived through in life will direct you somewhere. Of course, there will be problems that can always happen, but keep in mind that even that is a chance to learn.

Believe all you have been through, and allow yourself to explore the opportunities and possibilities to find your new direction. You may doubt yourself, but remember all the strength you have and all you have been through. Try new possibilities knowing you will be able to handle them even if it is not perfect.

What will happen if I have no purpose in life? 

When you don’t have a purpose in life you can feel bored, and dissatisfied. It can make your life seem empty, and like you have no reason to live for. It can affect your relationship with other people,  making it less satisfactory. 

Every aspect of your life can be impacted by your lack of purpose. It can not only affect your relationships, but also work, and studies. Having no purpose in life can lead to rumination, in which you may try to find what is the point of life. It can make you isolated, and lonely. 

You can feel hopeless, numb, and you can lose interest in everything around you. It can be related to anxiety and depression, that is why you should try to find a purpose in your life. 

What is the difference between being depressed and lazy? 

Being lazy is deciding to not do a particular activity. It is a momentary thing, and it is often related to a specific target. It is not a mental health condition. But depression can affect you in a more prolonged manner, and make you lose interest in doing anything. 

When you are lazy you might not want to do your dishes, but would be open to having a coffee with some friends. But when you are depressed, all activities, be it washing the dishes, meeting friends or any other seem uninteresting, and sometimes even impossible. 

Why can I feel unmotivated?

There are some reasons why you might be feeling unmotivated. It can happen because you are lacking purpose. When you don’t know what you want, it can be hard to decide which way to go. Goals are what motivate people.

The lack of routine can also impact your motivation. The routine helps you turn actions into habits, and those habits will make you move even when you don’t feel like it. 

Unrealistic goals are also something that can impact your motivation. If you think something is too hard, it can be hard for you to find the energy to start it. That is why you should set your goals to step by step. This will also help you focus better, which can get you to feel more motivated. When you can’t focus, you can easily feel like a failure.

Doubting yourself is also something that can affect your motivation, the same way as having unrealistic goals, it can make you think you are unable to do things, causing you to just leave it behind. The same is said when you have a negative environment. It can be hard to keep motivated when people keep telling you something is impossible.

What should I change in my life once I turn 30?

When you turn 30, it might be the time to do some adjustments in your life. You might have a goal to get a house or live healthier, and now is the moment to do that. The first thing to do is to create a budget. Know your finances, where your money goes, and how you can save it.

Exercising is also paramount as you turn 30. It will improve not only your physical health but also your mental health. To live a healthier life, you might want to start eating better as well, and for that, you might want to start to cook at home.

Analyze your habits and discover what are the ones you need to quicken them. It might be hard to drink as much as you did in your 20s, so respect your body and its new lines. Discover new interests and hobbies that you can get passionate about. 

You can also take some time to check your career. Discover where you want to be in the upcoming years, and how you can do that. Is it at the job you are in, you need to study more to get there? By knowing that you can trace a new plan.

And don’t forget to have fun. Even though you are in your thirties, have in mind you are still allowed to have fun and enjoy the ride.


This article showed how depression can cause a person to lose direction in life. For that, a brief explanation of depression was made. The article also discussed what are ways people can find a new direction in their life.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the section below.


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