New life counselling (A review)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about new life counselling, issues addressed by new life counselling, the advantages of taking the services of new life counselling, and more information about new life counselling.

What is new life counselling service?

The new counselling service is another kind of counselling service that is serving people who have gone through intense and deeply damaging experiences which is why this kind of counselling service has been support by the Victims and Survivors Program.

The perspectives of this counselling service does not follow those of this program.

This kind of counselling service has been helpful to people by giving them counselling services that can help improve their emotional health needs and wellbeing needs.

This kind of counselling service has been helping people who have anxiety, self-harm tendencies, relationship complications, depression, and other typical mental health complications.

This kind of counselling service has a lot of counsellors that are working in a professional body and most of these counsellors are members of a recognised professional body.

This kind of counselling service has been known to help out people who went through traumatic experiences as a reference to their involvement with the mentioned program.

This kind of counselling service is also giving counselling services that are accessible to people who are in need of healing from their mental health complications.

Like most counselling services, this kind of counselling service will give clients a confidential and non-judgmental space to talk about the mental health complications that are bothering them right now. 

This kind of counselling service is making sure that it has the best counsellors that can create a comfortable environment for you to share your mental health complications.

You need to realise that they will work through you in the most ethical way as possible and know that you will still be treated as a human being. 

This kind of counselling service has counsellors that are considered high-quality and most of these counsellors have been working in this kind of counselling service for 22 years.

Different kinds of counselling services in the new life counselling service

The following are the different kinds of counselling services in this kind of counselling service centre:

Adult Counselling Project for people in the ages of 18 and over

This counselling service is providing mental health services to people who are having mental health complications that come with adulthood.

This counselling service has been working with these clients for years and it is still remaining generous in giving its services to these troubled adults. 

Adulthood can bring with it the pressure of getting a job and the pressure of making a romantic relationship work.

This constant demand surrounding the affected person might make them feel anxious or depressed since they would feel that they are not capable enough.

This counselling service centre offers different kinds of counselling services for these troubled adults such as psychodynamic, person-centred, humanistic, holistic, and more counselling services that can benefit adults with any mental health complication.

The goal of this counselling service is to help troubled adults make positive changes in life and be prepared to face new challenges that are about to come their way.

These troubled adults will learn how to be mature than they were before and help them be able to relate with others better.

This can help them achieve anything they want in life without the need to give up easily just because the road got bumpy.

You can ask for more information about this counselling service in this counselling service centre by getting in touch with the counselling team leader at (028) 90391630.

AMH New Colin Counselling

This counselling service in this counselling service centre has the following services:

  • Childhood counselling which is for children who are in the ages of 5 up to and including 11 years
  • Youth counselling which is for minors who are between the ages of 12 up to and including 17 years
  • Adult Counselling Project which is for adults who have reached 18 and above

This counselling service has its basis in the Colin area where this counselling service centre can also be found.

This counselling service is for people who are living in the Poleglass, Twinbrook, Mounteagles, Lagmore, the greater Colin, Dunmurry and Lisburn locations which are nearby this counselling service centre.

This counselling service is part of the project called Action Mental Health.

Here are some concepts in counselling that this counselling service is holding in its giving of services

  • There are times in the middle of our lives that we may experience emotional complications or upheaval due to situations or events that have occurred currently or in the past
  • Counselling is an opportunity to talk in private with a professional counsellor about the concerns impacting you in a non-judgmental and supportive relationship. The counsellor will work with you to help you search for methods of managing those concerns.
  • This counselling service offers counselling support on an individual basis for a wide variety of concerns.  In the midst of counselling, you will be able to discuss these concerns with your counsellor in a secure, confidential and supportive environment and how they are impacting you with the goal to discover and resolve them.

With the support of counselling, you will be able to get through the current challenges that are affecting you in your life and make positive changes about yourself to help yourself and others.

This counselling service will make sure that you go through an initial assessment to see if it can currently help you with your present concern.

You will also be assigned with six appointments once you have been found to get help in this counselling service.

OKAY Team or Only Kids & Youth Counselling

This counselling service is meant for children who are going through mental health complications in different manifestations than adults do.

This counselling service is available for children who are living in Northern Ireland.

This counselling service can help children with mental health complications through the use of expressive therapy.

In this case, there is the use of play, art, drama, speaking, painting, and dance.

This counselling service is only accessible to children who are in their preschool years where they’re in the ages between 5 and 11.

Since counsellors will be working with young people, they are expected to deal with them with the use of childhood activities such as play.

The following are other programs within this counselling service:

Community-Based Counselling & Creative Therapy for Young People

This counselling service provides assistance for young people who are in the ages of 12 to 17.

There are still young people who are going through the struggles of high school that can occur in young people who are in these ages.

This is why there is a need to give them counsellors who can help them deal with the drudgery of their teen angst and hormones.

These counsellors can work with these young people with different mental health complications such as stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sleep disorders, substance addiction, and more typical mental health complications that occur in these ages.

Counselling for Social Services Clients

This counselling service can help young people who are accessing social services for their mental health complications.

Social workers can help these clients to get the help they need through the use of creative therapy and play therapy that can help these young people.

These counselling services can help young clients manage their mental health complications and find ways to cope with issues in healthy ways.

You can learn more about this counselling service by calling the counselling team leader at (028) 9039 1630 to address costs related to this counselling service.

Counselling for Children in Schools

This is another counselling service for young people who are in their primary and post-primary school ages.

This counselling service can also work with parents to add extra support to the affected young person.

As mentioned before, young people go through mental health complications in life as well which needs to be addressed through counselling if not addressed directly.

Also, this counselling service is a form of an early intervention since the application of counselling service in these early years can minimize the occurrence in the older years.

If you want more information or you want to access these services for your child, you can call the counselling team leader at (028) 9039 1630.

How to access the new life counselling service?

You can access this kind of counselling service by calling or emailing this counselling service using its contact details.

You can also contact the customer service at 028 90279100. 

The services for clients team will be happy to accommodate your queries. You may also need to download a referral form which can get you to this kind of counselling service.

You need to make sure that you complete the blanks in this kind of form to make sure that this kind of counselling service centre will accommodate as you need them to be.

This kind of form is accessible through this link:

You can also call this kind of counselling service at 9039 1630 to request a form to be sent.

You can also pick these kinds of forms on the counselling service centre during opening hours.

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In this brief blog, we have talked about new life counselling, issues addressed by new life counselling, the advantages of taking the services of new life counselling, and more information about new life counselling.

If you have any questions about new life counselling, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your questions.

What we recommend for Counselling

Professional counselling

If you are suffering from depression or any other mental disorders then ongoing professional counselling could be your ideal first point of call. Counselling will utilize theories such as Cognitive behavioural therapy which will help you live a more fulfilling life.

FAQs: new life counselling

Can I teach myself cognitive behavioural therapy?

Yes, you can teach yourself cognitive-behavioural therapy.

This kind of action is also effective for the use of this therapy.

The counselling sessions that are done in this kind of therapy can be effective in treating people with anxiety or depression. 

What do you talk about in CBT?

In CBT, you can talk about your mental health concerns such as you having anxiety, depression or phobias.

This kind of conversation will lead you to talking about strategies that can help you to change your thinking and behavioural patterns.

This kind of therapy does not conquer psychological disorders but it can offer you methods that can help you control your distressing symptoms.

What questions do they ask in CBT?

The questions that they ask in CBT are what brings you here?, what is the problem from your viewpoint, have you ever seen a counsellor before?, what makes the problem better?, and how does this problem typically make you feel. 

What’s the difference between behavioural and cognitive therapy?

The difference between behavioural and cognitive therapy is that behavioural therapy is where applied conditioning will be done to the client to bring positive change while cognitive therapy will help the client change his or her perception of oneself.

Although both of these therapies are used for the same mental health complications. 

Which is more effective cognitive therapy or behavioural therapy?

Cognitive therapy is more effective than behavioural and other alternative therapies.

This is because this kind of therapy has been shown to be effective in treating anxiety and depressive disorders in affected people in less than a year. 


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