New job stress and anxiety (Tips)

In this brief blog, we will be discussing new job stress and anxiety, warning signs of new job stress and anxiety, how to relieve new job stress and anxiety, and more information about new stress and anxiety.

What Is New-Job Stress And Anxiety?

New job stress and anxiety is the experience you have when you have high expectations of the new job being better which can only lead to disappointments.

This kind of stress and anxiety is not a term that is diagnostic in the psychological field but it has been considered present in most employees who are about to go through a new job. 

New job stress and anxiety are present among people in the working population who have been unemployed too long.

This kind of anxiety is also apparent in people who have finally left their disappointing old job to move to a new job.

This kind of situation can elicit new job stress and anxiety since you will be stressed out when you had to go through leaving your old job and making large adjustments to make room for your new job. 

New job stress and anxiety are like that kind of anxiety you feel before the first day of school.

You are going to find yourself having expectations about what you are going to get to the new school or new job which leaves room for disappointments if your expectations haven’t been met.

However, there are some options you may discard immediately if you suffer from anxiety but try to give it a chance.  Sometimes the obsession for perfectionism can cause anxiety, check the Best Jobs for Perfectionists.

Signs That You May be Suffering From New Job Stress And Anxiety

The fear of the unknown makes us feel new job stress and anxiety in people in the working population.

As mentioned before, this anxiety is felt by people who are still beginning with their new jobs. 

New job stress and anxiety are normal in people who are still beginning their new jobs until they can get rid of this condition when they get used to the workload of their job.

There are still people who have this condition because they keep fearing the unknown about their experiences int he new job.

Some employers and colleagues would find new job stress and anxiety are common for beginners in the workplace.

Although you still require the knowledge of the signs of this anxiety and get it taken care of immediately. 

The following are some of the signs of new job stress and anxiety:

  • Sweating
  • Insecurity and low self-esteem about the job
  • Difficulty communicating with new colleagues and employer
  • Overthinking about the worst possible scenarios that could occur in the job
  • First-day jitters

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New job stress and anxiety (Tips)

Panic Attacks In The First Day Of Your New Job

Some people are susceptible to having panic attacks in their first day of the new job.

This can lead to distress in these people since they are adamant about making a good impression on their new employers and colleagues. 

Some people can control their panic attacks on the first day of the new job by taking some time in the restroom for breaks.

Although some people are having panic attacks even if they are adapted to their new job.

These sensitive people are just afraid of being in their new job.

These people are in need of reassurance of what these attacks will imply and what they can do to alleviate this condition. 

You can minimize these occurrences by being more interactive to your employer by asking for how to do some procedures in the job and ask the employer on your job in the workplace.

Panic attacks can make your life at work impaired which means you should get yourself checked with a therapist to minimize these occurrences.

New Job Stress And Anxiety In Going To A New Job 

Stress is a dysfunctional threat in today’s workforce.

Medical experts might be urging you to get away from stressors in your life but this just can’t be easy advice since you find yourself with this feeling in your new job. 

When you’re starting your new job, you might become overwhelmed by the workload that will come to you in your new job.

As mentioned before, this anxiety can be stronger in people who are just starting the job fresh from college. 

The excitement that was supposed to appear in the midst of a new job has transformed into panic.

This is what makes these affected people engage in overthinking which only worsens the anxiety. 

If you are able to know about some techniques that you can practice to deal with this condition, you are able to use anxiety in a way that is productive in the workplace.

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How Much New Job Stress And Anxiety Is Healthy?

New job stress and anxiety are considered healthy by the fact that you are still able to do your work for the day.

Some anxiety is helpful for you to get motivated in doing your tasks in the new job. 

This appropriate amount of anxiety can lead to you motivated to meet deadlines.

This kind of condition will help you be more observant about the things you need to be aware of in work and help you adapt to them thoroughly. 

In other cases, this kind of anxiety can keep you safe from threats.

If you don’t have the appropriate amount of anxiety, you can’t do a good performance at work. 

As a counter to another argument, you might miss out on vital information.

If your anxiety is too much, you might become too preoccupied with this kind of and anxiety and become sick in the process.

Distinctions Between New Job Anxiety And New Job Stress

Stress is considered as a response to an outside influence such as bullying and harassment at work which can be gone when the external threat has passed.

Since this is a result of an external threat, the person can deal with this condition by facing it to resolve it. 

There are ways you can reduce your chronic stress such as engaging in physical exercises, eating a healthy diet, getting proper sleep, and doing breathing exercises.

 We recommend the Peloton Ride if you’re starting to doing physical exerciese.

This is a true scenario when you have to face a new job with new colleagues to get acquainted with and an employer you are going to impress all over again.

Anxiety is considered as an individualized response to stress which makes it different for all people.

Anxiety is typically characterized by a constant feeling of apprehension or dread in situations that are not truly frightening. 

In contrast to stress, anxiety tends to keep occurring even when the external threat has disappeared.

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Strategies To Boost Your Self-Esteem In Your New Job

You might feel like you are trying to adjust immediately when you first start your new job such as the worry that you can feel that you have to talk to your colleagues and you also have to look good in front of them.

You might also start to worry about finding the good coffee near your workplace. 

These kinds of feelings are only the beginnings of the new employee.

You might feel that you are not even good enough when you just started your first job. 

Although you can get used to the process and start being more productive in your workplace despite the anxiety.

You can even become the top of your game if you are able to successfully minimize your anxiety towards your new job. 

The following are strategies that you can use to relieve your anxiety and have a high self-esteem when you start work.

  • Relax yourself
  • Rely on the process
  • Recall why you’re working in this new job
  • Perceive new colleagues as people like you
  • Complying to the new job

How To Handle New Job Anxiety And Stress?

You can handle your new job anxiety and stress by doing the following tips below but first, an introduction is in order.

You are moving to your new job and your employer is expecting much from you since you were able to pass the recruitment process. 

New jobs can give you this kind of condition since you are still learning the ropes of the new job.

You can also learn and apply some techniques that can help you deal with the burdens of your new job.

The following are effective methods that can relieve this kind of condition when you are just starting your new job.

  • Find support
  • Accept that there’s a learning curve
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
  • Have a regular hobby to relieve stress. If you like reading, check the best fiction and spiritual books for anxiety.
  • Use quick stress relievers
  • Take care of yourself

You should know that some of these techniques can work well for others and others might not find them effective. 

You could try them all to make sure you know what kinds of techniques work well for you.

You should also know that there are other techniques on how to handle this kind of condition. 

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Have A Regular Routine For Stress Relief

You need to maintain some relaxation in your life in the midst of your work.

There are varying options such as fishing, doing creative activities, reading, meditation, and other options that have been proven to be relaxing. 

There are many options than just these activities.

You can do some activities that can help you relax in your off time.

You need to choose an activity that can minimize your anxiety.

You should then turn this activity into a regular routine so you won’t get stressed easily by your new job. 

You can also use these activities before you start your new job.

When you do this, you are able to minimize your stress associated with a new job.

Use Quick Stress Relievers

You can also do some fast stress relievers that can help you calm down before starting your day.

For instance, breathing exercises can help you deal with your day and when you are faced with stressful situations in your new job. 

You can also take a walk to work or buy some stress toys such as a stress ball for you to fidget when you are stressed. You can also try fidget rings and spinner rings to control your anxiety.

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You can also do your counting exercises if you feel that work stress is trying to overwhelm you.

You can also visualize yourself in your happy place to make you look at your workload with less burden. 

You can also do these relaxing activities before you go to your job.

This can help you be prepared mentally for the task at hand.

Find Support In Work

You can get some social support for you to deal with your stress such as family members and friends.

You need to tell them what is stressing you out at work to let them listen to you and for you to release your inner tension. 

These support people are reliable in being your listening ears when you feel alone.

You can even talk to a counsellor if your work stress might be too overwhelming for you to talk about to your support people.


In this brief blog, we have discussed new job stress and anxiety, warning signs of new job stress and anxiety, how to relieve new job stress and anxiety, and more information about new stress and anxiety.

If you have any questions about new job stress and anxiety, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: new job stress and anxiety

How long does it take you to get used to your new job?

You can get used to your new job by the span of three months.

This is a general statistic but it tends to vary among people who are in the working population.

People who may have severe anxiety may not easily reach this kind of general statistic and may even take 3 months or longer.

Why is starting a new job so tiring?

Starting a new job is so tiring since you have to meet new people again and get used to a new workplace again which can make you overwhelmed by the uncertainty.

This can make you feel exhausted after hours or work.

You have to go through this kind of routine since it is customary that new employees get settled in the new job.

Is it normal to feel overwhelmed in a new job?

Yes, it is normal to feel overwhelmed in a new job for different reasons.

This is because you will be starting in a new workplace and a new workplace means new people and new expectations to meet in a new environment.

You also have to get acquainted with new rules followed in the workplace to adapt to your new workplace

How can I speed up my new job?

You can speed up your new job by following these tips which are to take notes of what you need to learn, know who you’re serving, know the organizational culture, make new work relations, and keep track of the things you need to learn.

Is working 60 hours a week healthy?

No, working 60 hours a week is considered unhealthy in psychological conclusions.

It is mandatory that working 40 hours a week and above can lead to unhealthy behaviours such as intoxicating drinks substance abuse which can lead to negative consequences.

This kind of working hours can also lead to lack of sleep which can increase stress.


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