Never Have I Ever Questions (Dirty)

In this article, we are suggesting two changes to the famous “Never Have I Ever” game, that are supposed to make it more appetizing.  You will also find a set of dirty questions that you can use for inspiration when playing with your friends. 

New ways of playing Never Have I Ever Questions

Never have I ever is the perfect game to play with your friends (or people you have never met before) on a Friday night. This is the right game to play if you want to get to know someone better. Nothing else brings people closer more than admitting embarrassing things you’ve done.

The rules of the game are quite simple. You and the people you’re playing with have to form a circle. A random person starts the game by asking the first Never Have I Ever question. Whoever answers “I have” gets one point. The player who gained the most point loses. 

You have probably known this game for years, so we decided to come with two modern ways of spicing up the old boring rules!

Why not making it a…Drinking game

The games will start as usual, but instead of keeping a classic and boring score, whoever answers Yes or “I have” should take a sip of whatever you are drinking. 

There is no winner for this game, only players who drink more and players who drink less.

Level up to a… Stripping game

The rules are the same, only instead of drinking or keeping a score tab, a player takes one clothing item each time answers positively to a Never Have I Ever affirmation. The player who gets naked first loses!

The game can stop when everyone is too embarrassed, there are no more clothes to remove or you are too drunk to continue. The goal of this game is to get out of your comfort zone, to see know your friends or significant other in ways you never thought of, and of course, to have fun!

We collected some of the most awkward, dirty and funny questions we could think of. 

Are you ready?!

5 Never Have I Ever Questions (dirty)


  1. Danced dirty for someone.
  2. Watched someone have sex without their permission.
  3. Used sexting just to turn someone on.
  4. Taken a sexy selfie.
  5. Taken a Shower with somebody else.

15 Never Have I Ever Questions (dirty)

  1. Got injured using sex toys.
  2. Had a threesome after being high.
  3. Had sex with a person of the same sex.
  4. Made out sitting on a chair.
  5. Smelled bad when on my dates.
  6. Had sex with a funky role-play.
  7. Had more than one orgasm in a single-sex session.
  8. Given a lift to a stranger while driving alone on a highway.
  9.  Gone out of my way to winning my partner’s attention.
  10. Made out in a discotheque.
  11. Seen adult-movies during my school days.
  12.  Gone to a spa and got laid.
  13. Hired house help to make out with her.
  14. Been turned on watching sexy music videos.
  15. Made out with all my clothes on.

20 Never Have I Ever Questions (dirty)

  1. Given someone your ex’s number when they asked for your own.
  2. Used a dating app to one night stand it.
  3. Lied about hooking up with someone.
  4. Been too drunk to perform/finish during sex.
  5. Had Skype sex.
  6. Woken up with sex bruises
  7. Gone to a sex club.
  8. 69-ed.
  9. Not worn a condom during sex even though you should have.
  10. Sexted at work.
  11.  Said the wrong name in bed.
  12. Gone home with a bartender.
  13. Swallowed.
  14. Hooked up with an ex’s best friend.
  15. Filmed yourself having sex or practising onanism.
  16. Flirted to get something you wanted.
  17. Pretended not to know someone who you’ve totally had sex with.
  18. Butt stuff.
  19. Blacked out
  20. Used someone else’s razor to do a last-minute shave job.

25 Never Have I Ever Questions (dirty)

  1. Fingered a woman (or been fingered) during a movie.
  2. Incorporated a condiment into lovemaking
  3. practised onanism to adult-movies.
  4. Had sex on an airplane.
  5. Gotten a happy ending.
  6. Answered a blatant call—happily.
  7. Surprised someone butt naked.
  8. Slept with twins.
  9. Been watched having sex.
  10. Starfucked a celebrity.
  11. Said “I love you” just to get laid.
  12. Googled “sex addiction.”
  13. Experimented sexually with a member of the same sex.
  14. Kissed and told.
  15. Screwed and told.
  16. Kept screenshots for blackmail.
  17. Woken up and had zero point zero idea where you were.
  18. Had sex while on your period or sex with someone who was on their period.
  19. Slept with one of your close friends who you were not interested in dating.
  20. ghosted on someone you’d slept with
  21. Blown someone off on purpose.
  22. Gotten a UTI from too much sex.
  23. Kissed someone of the same sex for attention.
  24. Been close to throwing up on someone during sex.
  25. Gone on a date purely for the free drinks/dinner.

30 Never Have I Ever Questions (dirty)

  1. Massaged my partner.
  2. Licked a partner’s chest.
  3. tongue kissed  
  4. Get a partner aroused with your tongue only.
  5. Gave a handjob.
  6. Took off your partner’s underwear without your hands.
  7. Witnessed other people having sex.
  8. Repurposed a common household item as a sex toy.
  9. Slept with someone on account of their impressive social media following.
  10.  Slept with siblings.
  11. Performed oral sex on someone without ever kissing them on the mouth.
  12. Hit on someone after spotting their wedding band.
  13. Had to delete provocative email exchanges or text threads out of fear that my partner would find them.
  14.  Called someone the wrong name while hooking up.
  15. Blown a line of cocaine off of someone else’s body.
  16. Had sex with someone I wasn’t attracted to because I wanted to get laid that badly.
  17. Required medical attention because there was a foreign object stuck inside me.
  18. Had to ask someone whether or not we’d had sex because I wasn’t so sure.
  19. Given or received a purely sensual massage
  20.  Slept with a friend’s parent.
  21. Sexted with a colleague just for kicks.
  22. Fantasized about my best friend’s lover.
  23. Had a finger in my ass.
  24. Had an STD scare.
  25. Been called a slut or a player—and kind of liked it.
  26.  Slept with my boss to get ahead, or with a teacher to get a good grade.
  27.  Slept with a married person.
  28. Had to lie about my “number” 
  29. Written out a list of the people I’ve slept with and been shocked by the total number.
  30. Participated in role-play.

35 Never Have I Ever Questions (dirty)

  1. Been asked to be in a threesome.
  2. practised onanism in the bath.
  3. Smelled someone’s used panty.
  4. Had a foursome with three other men.
  5. Finished myself off after sex because I wasn’t satisfied.
  6. Dried during sex.
  7. Spanked someone older than me.
  8. Taken a shower with a friend.
  9. Had a pregnancy scare.
  10. Used someone else’s sex toy.
  11.  Put my penis in a vacuum cleaner.
  12. Watched someone practise onanism.
  13. Thought a friend’s mom was hot.
  14.  Tried to use music to set the mood.
  15. Had flirted with someone to make someone jealous.
  16. Made any naughty videos.
  17. Got curious and used viagra.
  18. Received a noise complaint due to sex.
  19. Given money for a one-night stand.
  20. Dated more than one person at once.
  21. Flirted with someone when I was taken
  22. Been in an open relationship.
  23. Had a rebound.
  24. Left a friend at a party to have sex.
  25. Tried to steal someone’s partner.
  26. Fantasized about my friend’s significant other.
  27.  Hooked up with someone I met online.
  28. Rejected someone because they were too hairy.
  29. Kissed someone and immediately regretted it.
  30. Had a crush
  31. Cheated on a partner.
  32. Gone speed dating.
  33. Did a sex tape
  34. Ordered a sex toy online.
  35. Watched adult-movies video and act like them.

40 Never Have I Ever Questions (dirty)

  1. Never have I ever had a crush on a coworker.
  2. Gotten dehydrated during a session.
  3. Crewed around in an elevator.
  4. Removed clothing in public that was not mine.
  5. Tasted someone else bodily fluids.
  6. Named a location after a session.
  7. Been upset with a partner for not performing well.
  8. Watched another couple get it on.
  9. Been walked in on by my parents.
  10. Done it With a family member in the same building.
  11. Pleasured given my boyfriend/girlfriend for more than half an hour.
  12. Tricked an animal into licking my private.
  13. Tasted breast milk.
  14. Put a thumb in it.
  15. Snuck a girl/guy into the house
  16. Showered with the opposite gender.
  17. Never have I ever tasted myself.
  18. Not washed a piece of clothing because of someone else scent.
  19. Been accused of being with someone other than my partner.
  20. Completed a session without ever laying down.
  21. Never have I ever cheated.
  22. Had a *dream* about a professor.
  23.  Slept in a bed with more than five people.
  24.  Flashed someone.
  25. Done it while in the shower
  26. Found myself attracted to my pet.
  27. Woken up to someone giving me head.
  28. Fooled around in a sibling’s room.
  29. Had done it with more than one person within 24 hours.
  30. Done it while at a party.
  31. Caught my parents doing it.
  32. Done it on the toilet
  33. Slept with someone I thought was ugly.
  34. Slept with someone because of a dare
  35. Seen my parents naked.
  36. Done a body shot.
  37. Been swinging.
  38. Fantasized about someone else.
  39. Slept with a stranger.
  40. Received or given a foot job.

45 Never Have I Ever Questions (dirty)

  1. Never have I ever had to fake an orgasm.
  2. Had sex in a pool.
  3. Questioned my sexuality.
  4. Had a one night stand unprotected.
  5. Had to use lubrication.
  6. Slept with someone from my workplace.
  7. Sexted the wrong person.
  8. Role played.
  9. Winked or whistled at someone.
  10. Looked at naughty pictures.
  11. Dated two people at the same time.
  12. Been approached by a hooker.
  13. Touched myself to a Youtube video.
  14. Worn clothes to hide a hickey.
  15. Had a threesome.
  16. Been locked outside naked.
  17. Had sex with someone the same day as meeting them
  18. Done it while a family member was in the same room.
  19. Asked someone to send nudes.
  20. Been caught having sex.
  21. Shaved my partner’s pubic hair.
  22. Had sex with someone 5 years younger than me.
  23. Played strip poker.
  24. Eaten food off of someone’s naked body.
  25. Watched a friend (do it).
  26. Gone commando.
  27. Been playful with whipped cream.
  28. Been in handcuffs and not because of breaking the law.
  29. Watched adult-movies.
  30. Never have I ever done the walk of shame.
  31. Done it in the sea.
  32. Had sex in a sleeping bag.
  33. Kissed a stranger.
  34. Worn someone else’s underwear.
  35. Made love with someone from university.
  36. Had a friend with benefits.
  37. Made out with someone in a hot tub.
  38. Lied about myself to get laid.
  39. Had sex in public.
  40. Kissed my best friend.
  41. Took pictures in my underwear.
  42. Received a lap dance.
  43. Fell asleep during sex.
  44. Played with a partner’s body more than my own.
  45. Worked in a brothel.

50 examples Never Have I Ever Questions (dirty)

  1. Sunbathed topless.
  2. Paid someone for sex
  3. Had a full-body massage.
  4. Done it on a kitchen counter.
  5. Had sex with someone in this room.
  6. Licked food off someone.
  7. Paid someone for sex.
  8. Had a sexy dream about a celebrity.
  9. Used sex toys.
  10. Peeked at someone in the shower.
  11. Received oral sex in a public place.
  12. Given oral sex in a public place.
  13. Been to strip club.
  14. Performed a striptease for someone.
  15. Peeked at someone else while they were changing.
  16. Had sex standing up.
  17. Made out with someone in public.
  18. Worn lingerie.
  19. Done it with someone more than twice my age.
  20. Performed a striptease for someone.
  21. Owned a Kama Sutra book.
  22. Had sex in a tent.
  23. Been choked.
  24. Been too tired to have sex.
  25. purchased a pleasuring toy.
  26. Had sex on a first date.
  27. Had a dirty crush on somebody in this circle.
  28. Tried a flavored condom.
  29. Made out while I was drunk/high.
  30. passed out from suffocation during erotic play.
  31. Been involved in an orgy.
  32. Had nude photos posted online.
  33. Fell asleep during sex.
  34. Used a sock.
  35. Ran into someone you know at an adult store.
  36. Attended a swingers party.
  37. Fooled around in a car and accidentally honked the horn.
  38. Made out with someone on a pool table.
  39. Sucked on a toe.
  40. Showered with the same sex.
  41. Made any naughty videos.
  42. Gone in public without an under.
  43. Given oral sex in a public place.
  44. Had a bedroom injury.
  45. Passed second base.
  46. Never have I ever squirted.
  47. Kissed someone without knowing their name.
  48. Had phone sex. 
  49. Flirted with a teacher.
  50. Gotten poison ivy from having sex in nature.


This article, showed you the rules of two popular versions of the famous “Never Have I Ever” game. You also got a list of the most interesting, shameful and dirtiest questions that were ever used in a game.

How was your game? What question did you like most? I am dying of curiosity, so please let me know in the comments section below what are your impressions! I most certainly hope you had fun…