Neurotic Behavior (A Comprehensive Guide)

The neurotic word means that someone is suffering from neurosis, this word has been in use since the 18th century to describe mental, emotional, and physical reactions that are not normal and usually are drastic and irrational.

Neurotic behavior is basically a response and regulation of anxiety.

At its root, neurotic behavior is an automatic, unconscious effort to manage deep anxiety.

Neuroticism was used as a disorder in early psychology but it is no longer perceived as a diagnosis; it has become a describer for many psychological issues of individuals.

If someone is showing some neurotic issue it may be the indication of some bigger issue or multiple psychological issues.

Overthinking, anxiousness, consciousness over minor daily routines, and works are neurotic behavior’s examples.

It has become a normal thing in the current era that people wonder and overthrow about a lot of things at the same time.

In this article, we will discuss neurotic behavior. 

Neurotic behavior is just like some painful wound which once touched keep on teasing even on a minor touch, human sensitivity, nerves, brain once open to overthinking hardly retrieve back.

Only careful regulation of thought patterns and change of behavior can help otherwise it keeps on increasing with every passing day.

Worrying is one of the most common causes as well as the effect of neurotic behavior.

Too much worry about what happened? What will happen? What is life? All these interrogatory signs and “whats”, “whys” are all signs of neurotic issues.

These are just superficial and evident signs things can be deep-rooted and severe, never miss out on these signs you can be neurotic. 

The word neurotic has emerged out of neurons or nerves, intense working of these nerves lead to neuroticism, smooth working gives you calm, peace, and happiness.

Above mentioned signs are just slightest of neurotic behavior there are severe examples of these neurotic behaviors.

These are serious concerns for human mental health.

Early diagnosis can lead to problem-solving steps, but persistent and old habits usually die-hard, more time and energy is consumed to resolve severe symptoms.

Severe symptoms of neurotic behavior may turn out to be a hint for other psychological issues.

Few of the evident and most common neurotic behavior are given below: 

  1. Always questioning and having negative thoughts about natural events. Things which are not under the control of humans must not bother humans but people with neuroticism usually take every natural event so personally that they start taking negative impacts of calamities and natural events.
  2. Too much sadness is evident in their personality, people with neurotic behavior hardly enjoy life and they are always sad without any real reason in real life. Sadness goes deep into their consciousness and they cannot welcome happy news. They are always scared to be happy. 
  3. Emotionally unstable people are also neurotic, they panic, overreact and show tantrums at least dangerous events. They are fine one minute next minute they are sad or angry or laughing, their unstable personality spoils their relationships. 
  4. Always complaining about the surroundings, they are never happy with their life and unfolding of life. They complain about their life, they don’t accept divine reasons for everything. Their nature of complaining takes away most of their friends and family. Most people do not enjoy their company. 
  5. Idleness, they are usually slow in working and sluggish in nature, they are dependent upon others for daily work. Too much dependence on others for daily routine makes them more neurotic, whenever they come across a problem they look towards others to solve them. They never complete the task properly on time due to laziness. 
  6. Always feel physical pain without any real cause, people with neurotic behavior always complain about some physical pain and they are never well. They are always ill with some unseen and unreasonable disease. This is very common and particular neurotic behavior. It is all in their brain that they are suffering from something, if they hear or see some ailment they start to feel that. Their too much sensitivity makes them suffer without any real reason.
  7. Overthinking and obsessive thinking, people with neurotic behavior are always over thinkers but any sad or bad event stays with them for a long time and they continuously think about those events. Even if someone tries to divert their thoughts they stuck to the event and prefer to stay alone. 
  8. The anxiety leads to panic, they are always anxious about everything and get panicked even on minute harmless events.  Too much thinking weakens their nerves and they usually cannot control panic by regulating their thoughts. Anxiety and stress are the very beginning of neurotic behavior but it can result in many more serious psychological issues.
  9. Traveling anxiety and traveling mode swings, these people usually get angry while on roads. They are normal at the beginning but as time passes traveling makes them sick and they come into the fight with others. If driving they stop driving and engage in long meaningless arguments with others and spoil traveling for others.
  10. Knowing too much about psychological issues, neurotic behavior makes people curious about psychology and they know too much about psychological issues and give advice to others for their psychological issues. They always teach others but never try to work on themselves.
  11. Guilt and irritability, these qualities are very much common in people. Neurotic behavior is usually identified with the irritability of people who possess it. They are always complaining and nagging and friends, neighbors, and family usually avoids them. The general prevalence of guilt is also very common in these people. 
  12. Concerned about the safety of children, overly sensitive behavior of these people makes them concerned and anxious about the safety of their children. They are always worried that something bad would happen to them. Protective and conscious nature makes their child suffer and they are very much suffocated by their parents.

Positivity regarding neurotic behavior:

Every cloud has a silver lining and silver lining of this behavior is that people have some positive characteristics as given below. 

  • Empathy 
  • Sensitivity 
  • Humanely instinct 
  • Friendly and feel sorrows of others.

Reasons of Neurotic Behavior:

 There are multifold reasons behind being neurotic, and neuroticism is an indication of some serious disorder underlying and we will try to trace back a few of them. 

  1. The occurrence of some other psychological disorder: 

 As mentioned earlier neurotic behavior is not a disorder it is a diagnosis for many other disorders, like bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, borderline personality disorder, rage disorder, and many more.

Serious consultation with a doctor can crack open the real cause of the neurotic disorder. 

  1. Childhood Trauma: 

Human personality develops an early age to 7 years of age any fixation at that age can cause lots of psychological issues in adults.

Serious negation and care of children are required at an early age, some childhood traumas phobias or events stay in a child’s mind and they grow up with these harmful after-effects of sadistic events. 

  1. Worrying too much: 

 Too much worry spoils human health both physical and mental, a human cannot control his fate or natural occurrences and calamities, deaths, and accidents, a human must not worry too much on such accounts.

But people with a sensitive nature worry too much and make it difficult for themselves to move on. 

  1. Way to Negative: 

Human nature is to react to everything but people react to negative as more than positives and think of their sorrows for a lifetime and forget happiness.

Death of a relative is more remembered than their marriage or birth of a child.

Sensitive people take the impact of negativity and stay in it till they become obviously neurotic. 

How to treat a person with Neurotic Behavior

Identification and realization of neurotic behavior is the foremost requirement for treatment of such a person.

Few of the following suggestions and behavioral changes can lead to the betterment of neurotic behavior.

  1. Consultation with a consulter:

                                                  On the basis of the severity of the symptoms, one must consult some help nearby as in some psychologists or psychiatrists.

Any help can calm nerves and neurotic behavior.

Discussion about the feelings and things or events that trigger those feelings can lessen the effect of neurotic behavior. 

  1. Therapy:

               People with severe neurotic behaviors may need some medication for cognitive therapy.

It is required only in prolonged and severe cases.  Behavioral therapy can also play a vital role in the treatment of such people.

As neurotic behavior is linked with personality and behavioral issues so group therapy, a consultation can play a significant role in the improvement of the mental health of a person.

  1. Self-help: 

              Self-help even after consultation with a psychologist is imperative for people with neurotic disorders.

Self-help includes many things.

Few of the as given below so that someone can give peace to himself/herself.

  • Generate self-love, it is not being selfish to love oneself. 
  • Learn to take care of yourself without anybody’s help.
  • Do your work by yourself start from making your bed in the morning.
  • Take your own responsibilities and perform them on time.
  • Learn and accept what you have and satisfy yourself with what you have. 
  • Develop some self- esteem and self-encouragement.
  • Teach yourself that you cannot control nature and nature controls us. There is no need to worry about things that we cannot control. 
  • Learn to regulate negative thoughts by replacing them with some motivational and positive imaginations. 
  • Exercise and walk should be a daily routine for people with neurotic behavior. 
  • Self-care, love, and hard work are some easy solutions for the treatment of neurotic behaviors at a personal level. 

It is not very dangerous to have neurotic behavior.

Almost every human has one or more symptoms of the neurotic disorder but careful negotiation of the issue can resolve it successfully. 


  Life is all about ups and downs, troughs and crests, happiness and sorrows as nothing can stay forever similarly things which worry us are of temporary nature.

Things that matter to a human would lose their worth in the future, so don’t give liberty to anything as much that they could disturb your mental peace.

People with neurotic behavior are very sensitive and empathy is their virtue but they must learn to love themselves as well so that they could think of themselves as well.

Thinking of one’s own self lessens sorrows of the world. 

FAQS about neurotic behavior

Is neurotic behavior a serious mental illness?

No, it is not a serious mental illness it is just a personality issue, which can be treated with a change in behavior.

Can people with neurotic behavior lead a normal life?

Yes, they can lead a normal life but once they get proper treatment.

Is it difficult to get back to normal life?

It is very easy to get back to normal life, only the will of the person can cure him of neurotic behavior.

People with neurotic behavior physically weak or healthy?

They can be both healthy and weak but one apparent change in them is that they lack freshness on their faces. 

Can happiness be a cure for neurotic behavior?

Yes being happy lessens sadness, anxiety, and depression.