What are the natural remedies for hearing voices? (+5 Easy coping strategies)

In this detailed post, we will be listing out the various natural remedies which are available for hearing voices. We will also be discussing the different medical treatments which can be used if you are hearing voices.

What are the natural remedies for hearing voices?

The natural remedies for hearing voices are listed as follows,

  • Taking Vitamin B supplements
  • Using Cannabidiol
  • Using Antioxidants
  • Using Taurine
  • Taking an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Using Melatonin supplements
  • Consuming Omega-2 Fatty Acids
  • Through intake of Sulforaphane
  • By following a Ketogenic diet

Taking Vitamin B supplements

Vitamin B supplements have been long known to be very useful for psychotic symptoms such as hearing voices, commonly seen in mental illnesses like schizophrenia. However, these supplements were also given along with traditional forms of treatment.

Using Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol or CBD has become increasingly popular for a number of health issues, including hearing voices. While CBD for the treatment of hearing voices or auditory hallucinations is not recommended by the FDA, many health professionals recommend off-label products.

The type of CBD or Cannabidiol to be used for the treatment of hearing voices needs to be THC-free. In case a CBD oil containing THC is used, this will only aggravate the psychotic symptoms of the person even more.

Using Antioxidants

Antioxidants have also been researched to be very effective in the treatment of hearing voices and other psychotic symptoms. Antioxidants like vitamin E help in repairing the cells of the brain which have been damaged due to various factors.

Using Taurine

Amino acids like Taurine can also be very helpful in treating psychotic symptoms like hearing voices. However, there is very little research about the actual relationship between Taurine and auditory hallucinations as of now.

Taking an anti-inflammatory diet

Certain diet changes can also help in treating auditory hallucinations or hearing voices. The most recommended diet for the treating of hearing voices is an anti-inflammatory diet. This diet emphasizes on consumption of more plant-based food rather than animal-protein.

Using Melatonin supplements

Melatonin is being commonly used today in order to help with sleep issues that people may have. Apart from helping in sleep, melatonin can also be superb for reducing the frequency of the occurrence of psychotic symptoms, like hearing voices.

Consuming Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are normally found in fish like salmon and sardines and have been found by several research studies to be very effective in the treatment of psychotic symptoms, including auditory hallucinations.

By following a Ketogenic diet

While some may encourage an anti-inflammatory diet for the treatment of psychotic symptoms, other research studies have found that ketogenic diets can be very helpful for the same. This is through the high levels of energy that ketones bring to the brain.

Medical treatments for hearing voices

The natural remedies mentioned in the section above can surely be effective in the treatment for hearing voices. However, medical treatment is the first choice since a lot of research supports this. The different medical treatments which are used for hearing voices are:

Antipsychotics like Clozapine

The most commonly used medication for auditory hallucinations or hearing voices is antipsychotics like Clozapine. However, these medications may come with many side effects which discourage users from taking it on a long-term basis.


Apart from antipsychotics, antidepressants can also be definitely useful for the treatment of hearing voices. This line of treatment is especially useful for those who are having auditory hallucinations as a result of mood disorders like depression.

Residential treatment

Psychotic symptoms, like auditory hallucinations, are not easy to deal with alone. And therefore, it is always recommended that the person seeks treatment at a residential facility where they will be taken care.

In this residential facility, the person will be treated with the right medication and also through the required psychotherapy. Furthermore, recreational therapy, art therapy, job skills training, social skills training, etc. will also be supplemented.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Among the various types of psychotherapies recommended for the treatment of auditory hallucinations, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy stands out as the best. Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the person will be able to directly address the voices.

They will also learn new coping strategies and techniques to voluntarily maneuver around the voices and keep themselves distracted in a healthy manner. The person will also learn to form new thinking patterns and processes through these therapy sessions.

Hallucination-focused Integrative Treatment (HIT)

Another form of psychotherapy that can be useful for treating auditory hallucinations is Hallucination-focused Integrative Treatment. In this treatment, the therapist will use many techniques from CBT along with medications and other psychotherapies as well.

This is a contemporary concept which draws inspiration from numerous sources, including the person’s family and unique lifestyle. As a result, HIT is considered to be one of the most effective psychotherapies for the auditory hallucinations.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

In this form of therapy, the person is encouraged by the therapist to set realistic and achievable goals for themselves. They will learn to achieve these goals even when they are experiencing auditory hallucinations through better control and autonomy.

Coping strategies for hearing voices

Other than these medical treatments, certain coping strategies can also be used for the treatment of hearing voices. Some easy, but effective coping strategies which can be practiced at any time or anywhere are listed as follows.

  • Create a proper structure for the day and for the week. When you create a proper structure for yourself, you will ensure that you are fully occupied with healthy and positive things. Thus, you will have no room for listening to auditory hallucinations.

To help you create the structure and schedule, you can consult your therapist. You can also use smart tools in your phone or even use a visual aid like a time-table on your fridge to prompt you forward.

  • Write in a journal every day. Writing in a journal can be a healthy way of expressing your thoughts and also venting your frustrations. Furthermore, journaling can also be useful for therapy sessions since they keep track of your triggers & symptoms.
  • Understand your voices. Most often, people tend to shy away from actually listening when they are hearing voices. But, when you try to understand your voices, you will learn more about them and you will be able to wield more control over them.
  • Stand up to your voices. Once you have understood your voices well-enough, you will be able to stand up to them in the right manner. By talking back to the voices, you will let them know that you are the one who’s running the show and vice-versa.

You can also practice selective listening when it comes to the voices. You can start by listening to the positive and happy things that the voices say to you, and leave out the negative or hurtful things that they may come up with.

  • Sing when you hear voices. Experts in mental health have found that stimulating your vocal cords during auditory hallucinations can help in reducing their intensity. So, the next time you are hearing voices, go ahead and sing your favorite song.

If you don’t like singing, you can even try saying affirmations aloud. Affirmations are positive statements that hold a lot of meaning to you. Through these affirmations, you can boost your mood and reduce your anxiety levels.


In this detailed post, we have listed out the various natural remedies which are available for hearing voices. We have also discussed the different medical treatments which can be used if you are hearing voices.

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