Natural remedies for anxiety (List)

In this brief guide, we will be talking about the natural remedies for anxiety, the benefits of taking natural remedies for anxiety, and other information about the natural remedies of anxiety.

How to naturally remedy your anxiety symptoms?

You can naturally remedy your anxiety symptoms whether you are undergoing psychotherapy or not by following some tips that you can do in the safety of your home.

Here are some natural remedies for anxiety that you can do in your home or do together with a friend.

Stay active

Daily exercise is great and beneficial for your mental health and physical health.

This is already considered as a natural remedy for your anxiety. 

The good thing about doing daily exercises is that they don’t act as short-term relief just like anti-anxiety medications but the effects of this activity can bring you to be more confident and lacking of worries.

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Don’t indulge in drinking alcohol

Alcohol is a natural sedative drug that most people would use to wind down.

This is because this kind of drink can give us temporary relief from the current stress that we are feeling. 

Once the temporary relief is eliminated, you might find yourself anxious in ten-fold degrees.

This means that alcohol may not be good for your anxiety in the long term but it may even create another mental health problem which is alcohol tolerance or addiction.

Stop smoking

People who engage in smoking are using this kind of activity to relieve anxiety in the short term just like alcohol.

Similar to alcohol, indulging in this activity may only increase anxiety symptoms which makes it not good for your long-term relief. 

Psychologists have found people with anxiety disorders may have developed these disorders due to the involvement of smoking in the early years.

Research has also found that chemicals in the cigarettes such as nicotine can change the brain’s chemistry which can lead to anxiety.

If you are heavily dependent on smoking, you can use some tips to minimize your engagement in this activity that can be seen in this book which can be bought on this website.

Ditch caffeine

If you have severe anxiety, you shouldn’t be taking caffeinated drinks or foods.

These foods and drinks may just make you more nervous and agitated than your chronic anxiety symptoms. 

Studies have found that caffeine can cause people to experience the severity of anxiety.

Psychologists have also found that indulging in these foods and drinks will only cause more panic attacks in people with panic disorder. 

Most people who have blocked caffeine in their lives have shown a reduction in their anxiety symptoms.

Get some much-needed sleep

Insomnia or having trouble getting asleep can come together with anxiety symptoms.

This is why you should engage in sleep as much as possible by following these tips:

  • only sleeping at night when you’re drowsy
  • not reading or watching television on your bed or when you’re about to sleep
  • not indulging in your phone, computer or tablet in bed
  • not tossing and turning in your bed if you can’t get drowsy and sleep but you need to get up and go to another room until you feel drowsy
  • Getting away from caffeine, nicotine before bedtime, and heavy meals
  • maintaining your room dark and cold
  • writing down your worries and anxieties before going to bed
  • going to sleep at the same schedule each night

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The purpose of engaging in meditation is to get rid of the intrusive and disturbing thoughts in your mind to make you feel a sense of calm which may not be familiar in your life.

Psychologists have found that this kind of activity can minimize the symptoms of anxiety which makes it a natural remedy of anxiety. 

Studies from psychologists have suggested that 30 minutes of meditation can make long-lasting effects of inner calm and minimize depression symptoms as well.

Eat a healthy and balanced diet

Eating foods that may have too many preservatives or colourings may cause dehydration in a person and can make chemical changes in the brain.

This is why there is a need for people who are suffering from anxiety symptoms to eat a healthy meal at all times. 

If you find that your anxiety symptoms are worsening, you need to check and change your eating habits if necessary.

You need to prevent eating processed foods, remain hydrated, and eat a healthy diet rich in complex carbohydrates, lean proteins, vegetables and fruits.

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Practice deep breathing exercises

People with anxiety have the symptom of shallow and fast breathing which can be quite uncomfortable for these people.

This symptom of anxiety can create a quick heart rate, a panic attack or dizziness or lightheadedness. 

These deep breathing exercises act as natural remedies for anxiety since they can eliminate the disturbing symptoms of anxiety, even chronic anxiety.

Try aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is another natural remedy for anxiety that uses essential oils that can present smoke which is healthy than smoke from cigarettes.

These essential oils come in different flavours such as lavender, lemon, orange, and so much more. Aroma candles are also used for aromatherapy. Check the Best Candle for Anxiety.

Research has found that there are following benefits of aromatherapy:

Here are famous flavours as natural remedies for anxiety:

  • bergamot
  • lavender
  • clary sage
  • grapefruit
  • ylang ylang

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Drink chamomile tea or juice

A cup of chamomile tea or juice is a great natural remedy for anxiety that you can make and indulge in your home.

Research has found that drinking this tea or juice can minimize the debilitating symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. Start drinking these juices to fight anxiety.

Studies have also found that having indulged in the right of chamomile capsules have minimized the growth of anxiety symptoms that can cause distress in affected people.

Another way to take advantage of this beautiful plant is to buy it as an indoor plant for your room or living room. Check which are the Best Indoor Plants for Anxiety.

Various herbal medications for people with anxiety concerns

There are various herbal medications for people with anxiety concerns which will be discussed below. You can check out the Best Natural Herbs for Anxiety.

Among the medicinal herbs, one of the best is Ayurvedic herbs, which work for stress and anxiety, as well as Kava and Bach.

St John’s Wort

St John’s Wort has been used as a natural remedy for anxiety in a long time.

This is a flower coloured yellow and has been growing in the countries of Europe, the USA, and Asia.  

The parts of St. John’s wort contain various chemical substances that can be used to treat mental health symptoms such as hypericin and hyperforin.

This herb has been a famous antidepressant medication where studies have shown that this herb can minimize depressive symptoms and minimize the occurrence of side effects.

There isn’t much research on the mechanism of action of St. John’s wort that makes it effective against depression but some psychologists would suggest that this herb increases serotonin which helps in the regulation of mood.

This herb has also been used to treat symptoms associated with sleep problems, premenstrual syndrome, and seasonal affective disorder.

300 mg to 900 mg of supplements made from St. John’s wort are effective treatments that can be taken regularly.

Natural supplements are rich in 5-HTP, an amino acid, which raises serotonin levels.

Fortunately, these dosages of this herb are available for people who need it as a natural remedy for anxiety and sleep.

When taking St. John’s wort, you should know about the interactions of this herb with other psychotropic medications.

Once you are taking this herb, you should be cautious about the following conditions:

  • If you are taking prescribed medications, you need to speak to your doctor or pharmacist before taking St John’s wort. This herb can disrupt how some prescribed medications work.
  • You must not take St. John’s wort with other antidepressant medications.
  • You must not take St. John’s wort with the following medications such as warfarin, oral contraceptives, cyclosporine, anticonvulsant medications, theophylline, digoxin, HIV protease inhibitors, SSRI anti-depressants, and triptans.
  • You must not take St. John’s wort during the period of pregnancy or breast-feeding.
  • You need to prevent over-exposure to the sun, especially if you’re fair-skinned while taking St John”s wort.


Valerian is another natural remedy for anxiety that can be found in North America and Europe described as a pinkish flower.

This herb has been used to treat the acute form of insomnia and anxiety symptoms.

Valerian is made into products that are used for medical purposes due to its effective substances such as valerenic acid and valeranon that have a calming action that is specifically effective in treating stress and anxiety.

This herb has also been helpful in treating insomnia that is triggered by anxiety concerns. 

Valerian calms the brain using GABA a calming neurotransmitter which induces the sleeping effects in people.

This herb has been used in combination with hops or lemon balm to increase the sleeping effects in affected people with sleeping problems.

Before taking Valerian, you need to be aware of the following information about this herb and what it may do for you:

  • Valerian increases the action of sleep-enhancing medications so this herb should not be taken at the same time as sleeping tablets or tranquillisers, although this herb can be combined with other herbs such as camomile, passionflower or melissa.
  • You must not take valerian if you are in the time of being pregnant or breast-feeding.
  • Valerian should not be taken before driving or any other circumstance where you need to be attentive.
  • Valerian is not appropriate for children


Passionflower is an aerial shrub where it is described to have somewhat purple and gree flowers which are born in South America but has been widely used in some parts of Europe.

This herb has been admired for its benefits for people who are suffering from chronic anxiety, fatigue, and severe insomnia.

Passionflower has the substances of alkaloid, steroids, and glycosides and this herb is thought that the alkaloid or passiflorine is the main active ingredient for its effectiveness.

This herb has been used to minimize anxiety symptoms and nervousness and this herb has been used with valerian and hops.

Are herbal medications effective in reducing anxiety concerns?

Yes, herbal medications are effective in reducing anxiety concerns.

However, the effectiveness of these herbal medications is still controversial to the FDA. 

Just because they are considered as natural remedies for anxiety, this doesn’t mean they have been proven safe.

If you are thinking about taking these herbal medications, you need to ask your doctor first, especially if you are taking other psychotropic medications at that time. 

The combination of herbal medications and psychotropic medications may cause dangerous side effects.

As mentioned before, these herbal medications may cause drowsiness effects which may cause some danger to yourself if you are doing tasks that need you to be attentive.

Your doctor will guide you on the advantages and disadvantages of natural remedies for anxiety if you are considering taking these herbal medications for your treatment for anxiety.

Also, you could always ask for a referral from your doctor to engage in psychotherapy which can help you improve your anxiety concerns in the long term.


In this brief guide, we have talked about the natural remedies for anxiety, the benefits of taking natural remedies for anxiety, and other information about the natural remedies of anxiety.

If you have any questions about natural remedies for anxiety, please let us know and the team will be willing to answer your queries.

FAQs: Natural remedies for anxiety

What is the best natural supplement for anxiety?

The best natural supplement for anxiety is passionflower.

This is a kind of herb that can be turned into tablets or oils to help people who are suffering from anxiety symptoms.

This kind of herb is also beautiful to look at even when it’s not turned into a product.

What is a good herb for anxiety?

A good herb for anxiety is the valerian root.

Most of the time, this kind of herb is turned into an oil to let people who are suffering from anxiety to smell it which can cause relaxation.

Sometimes, this kind of herb is combined with other herbs for anxiety such as lemon balm.

How can I calm my anxiety at home?

You can calm your anxiety at home by engaging in physical exercises, meditate, smell lavender oils, and have a regular sleep schedule.

You can do these activities regularly to control your anxiety more.

What deficiency causes anxiety?

The deficiency that causes anxiety is the lack of vitamins such as vitamin D, vitamin B, L-lysine, selenium, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and iron.

Fortunately, these kinds of nutrients are available as supplements that you can take if you might have severe anxiety.

Where is the pressure point for anxiety?

The pressure point for anxiety is located at the union valley point which is located in the webbing between your thumb and index finger.

This kind of knowledge is beneficial for those people who are practising acupuncture for people with anxiety.



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