7 Narrative Therapy Worksheets (+ A complete guide)

This page presents narrative therapy worksheets.

These narrative therapy worksheets aim to help individuals identify their values and resolve their issues while considering those values.

Some of these narrative therapy worksheets are created by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third-party websites after reviewing relevant content in bulk. 

Narrative Therapy Worksheet- Identifying Values 

Narrative therapy is a kind of psychotherapy in which individuals identify their skills and abilities to help them resolve their conflicts.

It enables individuals to solve their problems by themselves, using their own abilities. Narrative therapy aid individuals in finding out their values and exploring skills that are associated with those values.

This helps individuals to apply knowledge of their abilities to live these values to enable them to confront their present and future issues.  

In addition to helping people recognize their inner voice, narrative therapy allows individuals to use their values for their good.

It enables them to acquire these values to become experts in their lives and live their life according to their goals and values.

When individuals are able to listen to their inner voice, they can efficiently recognize their values and work on achieving them.

This makes their life worth living. 

Narrative Therapy Worksheet– Writing My Life Story

Narrative therapy is a non-blaming, interactive and playful approach.

This kind of psychotherapy is helpful for clients who feel their counselors are unable to recognize their needs and help them deal with their issues.

Narrative therapy is helpful for children as well. It is helpful for individuals who are facing difficulties in their lives.

Narrative therapy can aid people with psychological disturbances such as depression or bipolar disorder. 

Empirical evidence has shown that narrative therapy has significant impacts on the mental well-being and distress level of an individual.

In addition to it, the effects of narrative therapy are durable.  

Narrative therapy aims to disclose the hidden aspects of an individual’s past in the form of life narrative, aid individuals in learning emotion regulation and help them construct new meaning with respect to the stories that may emerge in the therapy. 

Narrative Therapy Worksheet- Resolving Conflicts

Narrative therapy is a kind of psychotherapy in which individuals are enabled to identify their values and skills related to those values.

Identifying values gives individuals a direction to move whereas the abilities associated with those values help individuals deal with their present and future issues. 

Narrative therapists are found to be similar to solution-focused peers on the basis of their similar assumption that people are resourceful and have strengths.

The people do not see people as having conflicts but they see issues as being imposed on people by the nonbeneficial or detrimental societal cultural practices. 

Narrative Therapy Worksheet- My Life Story-A Narrative Exercise

My life story- a narrative exercise, is a great worksheet to help an individual write his life story, mentioning all the important events of his life.

This worksheet aims to help an individual review his life events closely and work on them to prevent the effects of past events on his present and future.

It enables an individual to create emotional distance fro his past so he can become more reflective to understand the true meaning of his life, his values, goals, and ambitions.

The worksheets aid an individual to organize his events by writing his events and develop self-compassion without indulging too deep into his memories. 

The worksheet allows an individual to write his life story very briefly, mentioning only the important events of his life.

Then the individual is directed to write something about his future and the important events he wants to ad hin this story. 

This is a very simple yet effective worksheet.

You can download it in the form of pdf from here

Narrative Therapy Worksheet- Life Story

Focusing on the past events of life and determining the effects of those events on the present life of an individual can help him understand the intensity of those events and help him get rid of those memories to improve his present and the future. 

The worksheet, life story, by therapistaid.com, is based on narrative therapy.

This worksheet allows the individual to write his life story in three different parts; the past, the present, and the future.

This enables an individual to pay attention to the important events of all three phases of his life and helps him find his true meaning of life, his goals, aims, and values.

It also enables the individual to identify their personal strengths in each of the three sections. 

This worksheet aims to aid individuals to find their meaning of life, work on them by recognizing their strengths and develop a sense of fulfillment that leads to happiness and contentment.  

This worksheet can be accessed from here

Narrative Therapy Worksheet- Narrative Therapy Exercises

Narrative therapy exercises consist of ten effective exercises based on narrative therapy, that can help an individual find the true meaning of their lives and work on them.

The first exercise directs the individual to write about the struggling event of his life for four consecutive days.

This exercise enables the individual to identify the small edits in his writings that can have a lasting effect on his life.

The second exercise directs an individual to write about a painful event of his life once but as a 3rd person. This exercise leaves positive impacts on the individual’s life.

Tye third exercises aim to enable the individual to focus on why a certain painful or distressing event occurred in his life.

The fifth exercise increases awareness about oneself and allows the individual to identify his ideal future.

The sixth exercise allows the individual to write a letter about his unresolved or conflictual relationships but with the opposite hand.

The seventh exercise allows the individual to write a letter about the chapter of his life to a close partner.

The eighth exercise directs an individual to write a letter about his life events, past, present, and future to himself.

Ninth exercises aim to increase self-awareness of the individual and enable him to analyze himself.

The last exercise directs the individual to narrate his story to a close partner while considering specific experiences.

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet. You can download it from here

Narrative Therapy Worksheet- Problem Solving CYP

Problem-solving CYP worksheet is a great resource for allowing the individual to resolve their conflicts.

This brief, simple but effective worksheet that enables individuals to find out solutions for their problems skillfully.

The worksheet enables individuals to identify their problem and directs them to think of at least three solutions to the problem.

Then it allows the individual to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of using each solution for resolving the conflict.

Next, the individuals are asked to select the best solution ad use it to resolve their conflicts.

This worksheet enhances the problem-solving abilities of an individual and enables him to view one thing from more than one perspective.

It also improves his analyzing skills.

This worksheet can be accessed on the internet easily.

You can download this worksheet for this page. 

This page provides you with some of the best and most effective narrative therapy worksheets that are helpful for you in identifying your values, strengths and enhancing your problem-solving abilities.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated from reputable third-party websites.

If you have any questions or queries regarding these worksheets, let us know through your comments.

We will be glad to assist you. 

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