My partner works away and I am lonely (3 Key Tips)

It can be painful when your partner works away and you’re feeling lonely. Loneliness can be a very heavy and complex feeling. It can also prove to be very difficult to navigate through it as well. You might also feel a lot of anger and frustration as a result of your loneliness. And when this comes into the picture it can further complicate things for you in the relationship. 

In this article we will be reading about the ways in which you can cope with this loneliness. How can you also keep your relationship going , especially when there’s barely any time to communicate. 

These are the topics we will be looking at : 

  • How to deal with loneliness? 
  • How to have a strong long-distance relationship? 

How to deal with loneliness? 

This is a pretty heavy question that can have a lot of different meanings for different people. While for you, loneliness exists because of the physical absence of your partner, for other people loneliness could exist even when their partner is around physically. 

To deal with loneliness here are a few things that you could do :

  • Find a hobby 
  • Have a social circle
  • Engage in something healing
  • Speak about your feelings 

Find a hobby

It’s important to keep yourself occupied and have something to divert your mind from. Hobbies help not only in keeping you distracted but can also translate into giving you a purpose as well. 

We’ve all been asked in school if we have a hobby and most of the time we tend to look at it as just that. Another hobby, another thing to do. However, later on when you grow up you realise that hobbies can really keep you afloat. They can break the monotony you’re going through and give you a break to relax and breathe for a while. 

Along with this, hobbies also go in exploring your interests and ideas. You might have never thought to explore a certain area, but when you have a hobby there’s no risk of failure and this can be quite liberating. Especially so when you’re feeling lonely and your partner is away for work.  When you have a hobby it helps in keeping away frustration and anger out of your relationship. It helps in directing your energies in the right way, this helps you focus your positive energy on the relationship. 

Having a social circle

Having a social circle makes everything easier. It’s incredibly important to make sure you have a support system in your life. It helps you know what’s going on with your feelings and emotions. It helps you work through the. 

Having a conversation with people helps you entangle the way you’re feeling internally. It makes you take an external perspective because of this it can help you navigate your own feelings. Along with this it helps you communicate well with your partner as well. You might get a clear idea as to what you want from the relationship and how you’d like to progress further. 

Having people around also stops the relationship from becoming one that is co-dependent. You end up spending more time with different people and this gives you the space to have a life of your own where you don’t need your partner all the time. 

Engage in something healing

Have an activity that helps you heal, this could be yoga, meditation, working out , swimming, going for a run. It can be anything at all. Having an activity that adds value to your life is extremely necessary. It helps in clearing out your mind, you end up feeling more and more unburdened and this could help you in turn to work on your relationship. 

A Lot of people say that having something like yoga or meditation can really help you channelise a lot of positivity into your life. It helps you have a balanced way of living and this is extremely important to have a stable mental health as well. 

Speak about your feelings

Speak about your feelings. Don’t try to supress the way you feel, try not believing that if you keep it down for long enough it will eventually go away. Or you would eventually get used to it and get over it. 

Suppressing your emotions, especially those of loneliness, can be extremely detrimental to your mental health. It can often make you feel isolated and depressed. You might also end up feeling like you have nowhere to go. So once you begin to suppress your feelings is when loneliness takes over your life. 

Speak to someone you trust, it can also be your partner. A healthy relationship is formed only when both individuals are able to share their feelings with each other. If you’ve been going through a tough time your partner has all the rights to know about this and also help you through this. Don’t try to think that you’re doing them a favour by keeping your feelings suppressed. You might in fact be making it worse. 

Bottled up emotions always break out at the most unpredictable times. You might feel fine but a small argument can end up pushing you to the end. These are signs that you’d have to pay attention to. 

By not having a good communicative relationship with your partner, you’re going to add on to your feelings of loneliness. If you aren’t able to communicate effectively since they’re working away. Make a note of your feelings or send them a message to keep them informed. If you feel as though you are being needy this is not the case. We all need help at times , and it’s important to remember to ask for this help. 

If you’ve been shutting yourself off from people, and this has added to your loneliness then it’s time to be speaking to a mental health professional.

How to have a long distance relationship ?

Long distance relationships can be extremely tough. It can make you feel lonely, and at the same time it can make you  miss your partner so much that you feel such a strong emotional hold. This is why it’s important to be conscious about your relationship. Is it becoming too difficult and toxic? Are you feeling like you’re the only one doing all the work? These are questions that you have to pay attention to and also answer as well. 

There are a number of things we can do to help keep a long distance relationship going. For starters try not to rely on solely dates or quality time. Take the chance and be spontaneous. It can be difficult but surprise your partner and do things when least expected. However keep in mind that you both probably have certain boundaries. Try not to startle your partner by suddenly visiting them, or imposing yourself when they’re busy with work. 

You can always start out small, leave them voice notes, mails and messages. Send them care packages. One of the things that you can actually do to keep your relationship going is to focus on your own life. 

When you open yourself to new opportunities, people, activities and so on, you have more to talk and engage about. This helps maintain a balance in the relationship. However if you’re waiting for you partner to come home, and this is the only thing that is on your mind, it is going to feel stretched out after a point. 

You can always do something to bring back the connection, to respark love and also build trust. However it is a work in progress and won’t happen overnight. You can’t be hasty as there are real feelings involved. So don’t go looking for solutions, instead focus on finding yourselves in the relationship. 

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean the effort, the small random surprises, the nice texts or calls, doesn’t mean they stop. 

Remember that a relationship is always a work in progress and it never stops being one. Give your relationship the time it deserves. Give your partner the attention and effort they deserve. 


When your partner is away at work and you are lonely, it can also be very depressing and frustrating as well. To navigate all these feelings you need to focus on building your life. Indulge in self-care and self-love, only if you can fully be happy spending time by yourself will someone else enjoy your company as well. 


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