My partner sees me as a friend (7 reasons why)

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Can a relationship turn into friendship?

Yes, relationships can turn into friendships. Sometimes, in long-term relationships people start treating their partners as friends, that’s when you know that a relationship has turned into a friendship. Relationships are a mixture of romance, intimacy, bond, commitment and togetherness but when one thing goes missing, everything can take a turn and you can be ‘friend-zoned’.

There is a possibility that your partner sees you as a friend and to ensure that you can identify some signs and figure out what to do next.

How do you know that your partner sees you as a friend?

If you feel like your partner sees you as a friend, here are few signs that can help you :-

  • No more intimacy:- Lost the need for intimacy, can be a very significant sign that your partner does not see you as a romantic partner anymore. A friendship has a bond, faithfulness, love but it does not require physical intimacy. 

Relationships are intimate and sexual, if you notice that your partner does not ask for or indulge in intimate activities, it may be a big sign that your relationship has turned platonic.

  • Romance has faded away:- Romance is important to keep the spark alive in a relationship. If a person has friendly intentions towards someone, romantic activities seem cheesy to them. If you notice that romantic gestures  don’t come naturally to your partner anymore, it can be said that they see you as a friend.
  • Your partner avoids PDA:- Public display of affection is uncomfortable for your partner. Your partner avoids holding hands, hugging or any other activity that shows you are a couple.
  • No more a team:- Couples are one team and togetherness is the beauty of a relationship. Two people living like each other support systems is an ideal relationship. If you notice that your partner does not show you the same support and commitment, it is likely they see you as a friend.
  • No more flirting:- Once maybe you and your partner constantly flirted with each other but slowly it started fading away. And now it is no more there. In friendship people never flirt or compliment each other.
  • Nicknames have changed:- You must notice how your partner calls you. If your partner has started seeing you as a friend they might change your nickname into something very platonic rather than romantic.
  • Living like roommates:- You need to notice if you two have started living like roommates, splitting bills, dividing household, sharing space etc., then it is likely that your relationship has turned into friendship.
  • Lack of communication:- In friendship people talk a lot but the communication in relationships is very different. If you see that your partner is frequently talking less with you or talking like a friend, that could be a sign.

Is it normal for a relationship to feel like friendship?

Well, relationships and friendships have a lot in common like togetherness, closeness, reliability, partnership but there is one thing that differs, that is physical intimacy.

Over a certain period of time, some people lose the spark in the relationship and it starts to feel more like friendship. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner has started seeing you as a friend.

There are many ways to ignite the passion back and spark the love again.

Reasons why your relationship has turned into friendship?

If all the signs above are a tick for the current state of your relationship then it is obvious that your next question is this.

Here are a few reasons why your relationship has turned into friendship:-

  • Your sexual needs are not as much as it was before:- Though you like each others company, you or your partner might not feel the need of intimacy anymore. So, you live like friends rather than lovers.
  • Going on romantic dates isn’t a thing anymore:- You and your partner don’t go out on romantic dinners, movies, or dates. It is important to do romantic activities every now and then to make your partner feel special and it is a sign that you have lost the passion.
  • No more gifts or surprises:- In long term relationships, at one point people stop doing gestures like surprising each other with bubble baths or cooking their favourite dish or even buying them any presents which then results in deeming the light that makes a relationship romantic.
  • Change in communication:- When you and your partner start talking more about world affairs and problems at work, it is a sign that your relationship has turned into friendship.


This blog post has covered the signs of platonic relationships, how to fix relationships and a few more topics around it.

Frequently asked questions(FAQs):- What if my partner sees me as a friend?

How do I fix a relationship that feels like a friendship?

To fix a relationship that feels like a friendship, there are many things that can be done:-

  • Acknowledging the problem:- You can start by talking to your partner. Telling your partner about how you feel and everything you have noticed can be very helpful in fixing the relationship.

It could be a possibility that your partner’s behaviour was unintentionally changed because of situations at work, health or any other reason.

  • Consult an expert:- Go on couple counselling, there are many experts around the world who help couples identify their problems and solve them.
  • Putting your feelings into words:- Sometimes, when we are feeling negatively about something our mind can be wobbly. Writing down all the things that are missing from your relationship or things that were once there but now have faded away, can help you.
  • Bring back the PDA:- If you and your partner have stopped the public display of affection, you should start it. Holding hands in public could be a good first step and then slowly and naturally you can do other things.
  • Double dates:- Sometimes going out with other couples can bring back everything that you have lost in your own relationship. You plan a double date with a couple that you trust and are close to you.
  • Ignite the passion:- To ignite the passion you can plan dates, try out outdoor activities, try activities that they are interested in or go on romantic getaways.

You can also try surprising them with gifts, romantic trips or anything you are sure that they would like.

  • Texting:- You can try texting them often. You can message them that you miss them when they are at work. People like unexpected text at work.

Can a marriage survive without friendship?

It is dangerous if your partner is not friends with you. Friendship is important in long term bonds like marriage. If you are losing the togetherness and closeness of friendship in your married life then sadly there is a higher chance of separation since there won’t be any common goal to keep you together.

Can a relationship last without intimacy?

It is not likely for a relationship to last without intimacy. Physical intimacy is a very significant thing in a relationship. If intimacy is missing in your relationship then it will eventually result into your partner feeling insecure about themselves and it will seem more like a friendship.

How do you know that a relationship is platonic?

A relationship is platonic when there is no sexual intimacy. If two people just like to talk, hangout, share secrets or things in general and still care about each other that means their relationship is not romantic but platonic.

How do you know if you love someone platonically or romantically?

Platonic relationships are friendly and less intimate whereas romantic relationships are sexually intimate. If you feel sexual attraction towards someone it is sign that you love them romantically. If you feel like you care about a person but sexual romance doesn’t sound appealing with them then it is platonic.

Can platonic relationships turn romantic?

Yes, platonic relationships can turn romantic. It is commonly seen people falling in love with their best friends. Sometimes, with time people start to feel romantic attraction towards their friends. Or they realise that they have always felt attracted towards them. Thus, their relationship turns romantic.


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