My partner doesn’t care about me (Top 3 tips)

It is obviously very unpleasant when your partner doesn’t care about you. If this is how you’ve been feeling, it can really affect your self-esteem and your confidence when it comes to relationships. 

In this article we speak about the reasons why your partner might not care about you. What are the signs that show your partner doesn’t care and how to get out and rectify this situation. 

It is important to keep in mind one important thing, that is, if your partner has always behaved this way, or if it’s something new. 

Here are the topics we will be discussing

  • Signs your partner doesn’t care about you 
  • Why doesn’t your partner care about you?
  • What can you do about this? 
  • How do we move forward? 

Signs your partner doesn’t care about you 

There are a few common signs that show your partner doesn’t care about you. It obviously can vary from person to person, however there is a common theme which is indifference. 

Indifference is when your partner just isn’t bothered or affected by your presence or your relationship. This could be for both good things and bad things. 

It’s often seen that the opposite of love isn’t hatred but indifference, because it shows that the person doesn’t have any feelings for you anymore. Or at least that’s how it presents itself. 

  • Your partner is insensitive about your feelings

If your partner is insensitive about the things that affect you, it could be a sign that they don’t care about you. 

If you have any health concerns and they seem to be insensitive about this, don’t really compromise and adjust to make sure you’re comfortable, then it’s again a sign.

They probably gaslight you when they’ve done something wrong. Gaslighting is when they disregard your feelings and turn the whole thing around, and attack you for the same thing.

  • They aren’t considerate about your needs 

They don’t really make an effort to accommodate your needs. They seem to be selfish with everything and try not to compromise. 

Even if they do compromise with their time or something materialistic they make you feel bad or guilty about this. 

  • They don’t respect your boundaries

Even if you’ve told your partner about certain things that bother you, they don’t seem to pay heed to it. They continue to do as they please. 

Even after constant reminders they don’t seem to change or even try to. This shows that your boundaries aren’t being respected. Your words aren’t being taken seriously. 

  • They make you beg for the bare minimum

Sometimes you might feel like you’re begging for the bare minimum, like a reply or a call back. This is a very clear indication that they don’t care about your needs. 

They probably don’t care to reply or call you back. This isn’t a priority for them at all. Every time you have to beg or keep asking for the bare minimum when it comes to communication, it shows that your partner doesn’t care about you. 

  • They don’t do anything for you

Your partner doesn’t buy you gifts or do anything else to surprise you. They don’t care to plan dates, they don’t seem to make plans to meet you. 

They probably cancel on plans really easily. They don’t seem to apologise for this as well. 

This is a clear indication that your partner doesn’t care about you. 

Why doesn’t your partner care about you? 

Your partner might not care about you for various reasons. 

While trying to ascertain the reason why your partner doesn’t care about you, it’s important to understand if your partner has always been this way or it has changed recently. 

If your partner has always been this way, then you need to make a decision. You need to understand if this is someone who is worth the trouble. It is going to take a lot of time, energy and effort to get your partner to change. 

It also means you cannot love your partner for who they are. In such a case the relationship isn’t going to last very long unless you find a way around this. 

If your partner has changed then it can be for the following reasons:

  • Your partner isn’t interested in the relationship

It is a possibility that your partner has lost interest in the relationship. They are probably growing distant for this same reason, to phase it out and eventually end it. 

If you’ve noticed this happening off late, then you would have to address this issue. It can be difficult and it might also be confusing, but in order to move on you’d have to take the initiative. 

  • Your partner is interested in someone else 

It might be possible that your partner is putting in all their time and effort when it comes to another person and not you. 

In such a case your partner is probably trying to phase out the relationship. In this way they probably wouldn’t have to admit anything to you and like they say, all’s well that ends well. 

But again, this might seriously affect your confidence when it comes to relationships. The moment you start doubting your partner it is important to keep boundaries intact and address the issue at hand. 

  • Your partner is occupied with work 

This is actually one of the most common reasons why your partner doesn’t care about you. They might just be so occupied with work that they don’t have time to provide for you and your relationship. 

In this case it is worth it to work on it. Be patient with your partner. Give them the time to understand the problem this is causing for you. Openly speak about the way you’re feeling and what you think would help your relationship. 

What can you do about this?

What you can do when your partner doesn’t care about you is address the situation at hand. Even if your partner seems to be doing fine by carrying out their daily routine, it doesn’t matter. 

If you’d like to get this issue solved then it would have to be your initiative. It is possible that you might start feeling anxious, insecure and especially doubtful. 

This might also lead you to invade your partner’s privacy, and cross boundaries in the process. Instead of over complicating the situation it is always best to first have a conversation. 

There is nothing a good conversation cannot solve. See where you both stand when it comes to this issue, and try to find a solution together. 

How do we move forward?

Firstly to move forward you need to understand that you deserve to have your needs and desires met. If your partner is falling short because they don’t care about you, then it is something you need to resolve before taking the relationship forward. 

In order to resolve this issue you need to understand the responsibility you have towards yourself. These are times when you have to stick by what you feel you deserve. Remember that this is a relationship and it goes both ways. 

If your partner is willing to work on this, then give them the time to do so. Also show them how much you appreciate their efforts. By doing this you can also compromise and meet them halfway in the process. 

One thing you shouldn’t do is to settle. Don’t settle for a relationship or a person. In the long run this will become a regret and it might also become a toxic relationship where you become dependent. 


If your partner doesn’t care about you, then it’s time to understand where things are going wrong. As much as relationships have ups and downs nobody deserves to feel as though they aren’t worth love or affection from their significant other.  This can still be an issue that you can solve if you take out the time to have a conversation with your partner and resolve it. It’s important to remember not to leave this hanging as it will not solve itself.

If you have any questions or queries please drop it in the comment section below. 

FAQs- my partner doesn’t care about me 

Why does it feel like my partner doesn’t care about me?

It might feel like your partner doesn’t care about you because they have trouble expressing themselves. This could cause trouble as they can’t verbalize the way they feel. 

What does it mean when your partner doesn’t post you? 

This means that your partner just isn’t ready to make your relationship public yet. It probably is taking him a little more time to settle and feel comfortable about  displaying his affection for you. 

What to do when your partner doesn’t make you a priority? 

When your partner doesn’t make you his priority it’s important to support and respect their other priorities. Once they see that you’re giving them the space they need then they will begin to prioritise you in their own way. 

Why does my partner not care when I cry? 

The reason why your partner doesn’t care when you cry can be because he’s anxious and thinks that he might begin to cry as well. Alone with this he might be confused by not knowing how to console you. In this case, let him know what he can do, how he can help or give him the time and space to figure it out. 

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