My Partner Can’t Get A Mortgage (3 Key tips)

Getting a house with your partner is the ultimate dream for a couple looking to settle down. In this article, we will explore why your partner can’t get a mortgage and what you can do to fix that.

Why can’t my partner get a mortgage?

You have been dreaming of owning a house with your partner, but financial obstacles won’t let your dreams come true. Here are some reasons why your partner can’t get a mortgage. 

  • They have a low credit score
  • They lack employment history
  • They do not have enough money saved
  • They are in too much debt 
  • They have an unreliable source of income
  • They do not pay their bills on time
  • They do not want to get a house loan
  • They do not match the lender’s profile

How do I buy a house with my partner? 

If you are ready to buy a house with your partner, here is what you need to do:

  • Discuss the commitment in an open and honest manner
  • Consult a financial advisor and/or a lawyer for assistance on how to structure ownership and debts
  • Consider a financial arrangement and discuss an exit strategy

How can I get a mortgage with one income?

It is possible to get a mortgage with only one source of income. Here are some things you should consider before getting a single income mortgage:

  • Be honest with yourself about what you can afford
  • Examine your credit report
  • The size of the house and the amount of the loan are important considerations
  • Make sure you have a guarantor
  • Keep your money safe
  • Speak with a professional

How can you improve your partner’s poor credit score? 

If you and your partner want to apply for a mortgage together, but aren’t in a hurry, work on improving their credit score by doing the following:

  • Review their credit report for any errors
  • Make sure they pay their bills on time 
  • Ask them to lower their credit utilisation ratio
  • Add them as an authorised user to your credit cards

Mortgage loans are used to finance the purchase of a home or to borrow money against the value of an existing home. If you can’t afford to pay the whole cost of a home out of pocket, it’s a must.

Lenders treat married couples as a collective unit; as long as one partner has a good credit history, the couple can qualify for large loans with favourable conditions and rates.

Unmarried couples may find it more difficult to purchase property together because they are treated as individual home buyers.

If one of you has a bad credit score, it may reduce your loan amount and will also lead to less favourable interest rates and terms. This, among many other factors, is most likely why your partner is unable to obtain a mortgage.

Why can’t my partner get a mortgage?

They have a low credit score

Low credit scores are one of the most common reasons potential buyers are unable to obtain a mortgage. 

A buyer’s credit score will influence not just the likelihood of being approved for a mortgage, but also the interest rate and quantity of mortgage insurance necessary.

The bad news is that your partner’s low credit score is probably why they can’t get a mortgage. The good thing is that by taking the necessary actions, low credit scores can be improved.

They should try to improve their credit score as per the mortgage lenders’ guidelines.

They lack employment history

If your partner has no or insufficient work history, they will be unable to obtain a mortgage. A mortgage lender looks for a buyer with a stable and continuous job history.

The employment history criteria vary depending on the type of mortgage a buyer is looking for. Large absences in employment, changing areas of business, or fluctuating hours worked are all major concerns for mortgage lenders. 

This could be why your partner can’t get a mortgage. 

They do not have enough money saved

A buyer’s inability to obtain a mortgage is frequently due to a lack of sufficient funds. If your partner is unable to use one of the low- or no-down-payment mortgage options, they should have some money set aside for this.

After paying for the down payment and closing costs, a person may be required to have reserves available, depending on the type of mortgage and the lender’s requirements.

It’s possible that your partner can’t get a mortgage because their lender demands a certain amount of cash on hand and they don’t have enough.

They are in too much debt 

When a buyer is attempting to qualify for a mortgage, their debt-to-income ratio is one of the most crucial factors a lender evaluates.

Each sort of mortgage has its own set of rules for how much debt a buyer can bear on a monthly basis. One of the worst mortgage blunders your partner can make is taking on too much debt.

Having a discussion with a mortgage professional beforehand is ideal so that debt isn’t the reason why your partner can’t get a mortgage.

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They have an unreliable source of income

Borrowers with solid, steady, and traceable income are preferred by mortgage lenders. If your partner’s income is complicated, ambiguous, or inconsistent, they won’t be able to secure a mortgage.

This is typically why self-employed homebuyers have a difficult time obtaining a mortgage. Consult a mortgage lender for assistance on the next measures.

For convoluted or ambiguous income, a simple letter of explanation from an employer may be sufficient. Unless this is sorted, your partner can’t get a mortgage. 

They do not pay their bills on time

As payment history is the most essential aspect in determining credit scores, be sure your partner pays all of their payments on time. Not paying bills on time could be why your partner can’t get a mortgage. 

A late payment remains on your credit report for seven years, after which it is automatically removed and has no effect on said credit score.

Even a single late payment can dramatically lower their credit score and it will also have less of an impact on it over time. So it’s best for them to ensure this does not happen.

They do not want to get a house loan

Could it be possible that your partner can’t get a mortgage simply because they don’t want the burden of repaying a house loan? Maybe they feel like they are not earning enough and the house is a bit of their means. 

Property costs have only increased over the years. Maybe your partner has been trying to save up over the years, but it still hasn’t accounted for much, so they have given up on the idea of owning a home. 

Speak to them about it and get to the bottom of the issue. If this isn’t the case, you can always encourage them to reapply. 

They do not match the lender’s profile

When evaluating your mortgage application, lenders use different underwriting criteria and consider a variety of factors.

It could be based on a mix of factors such as age, income, work status, loan value, and location of the property.

Your partner can’t get a mortgage if they do not match up to the lender’s profile. In that case, reaching out to an independent mortgage adviser could be of some help.

They have more market knowledge and a better awareness of the needs and suitability of loan providers. 


Getting approved for a mortgage can be tough. If the dream of owning a home as a couple has been dashed because your partner can’t get a mortgage, you can and should apply again. 

Ask the lender how your partner can improve their chances of getting a loan. Things should turn around with time, patience, dedication, and even a little serendipity. Soon you should be able to become a residential property owner.

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FAQs: My partner can’t get a mortgage

Can I get a mortgage if my partner doesn’t work?

Yes, it is possible for you to get a mortgage if your partner doesn’t work. This isn’t going to hurt your chances of getting accepted. Most lenders will be delighted to put you both on the mortgage if the applicant who is working earns enough to pass the affordability requirements.

Will my credit score affect my partner getting a mortgage?

You are right in thinking that your credit score might affect your partner getting a mortgage. Your partner may have trouble getting a fair deal if your credit score is low. However, this does not rule out the possibility of obtaining a mortgage.

Can my husband get a mortgage just in his name?

Since both partners can contribute income and assets to the application, it’s usually easier to qualify for a combined mortgage. Unless you live in a community property state, one spouse can qualify for a mortgage based on his own income and credit.


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