My partner acts like a child (Top 3 reasons)

If your partner has been acting like a child, it can be annoying and even frustrating beyond a point. However this also does depend on the reasons why you feel so. If your partner falls short in the relationship? Or are they simply not mature? 

These are the questions we would be answering in this article :

  • Understanding the core issue
  • Why is your partner acting this way? 
  • What can you do about this? 

Understanding the core issue

You first would have to understand what it is that your partner is doing that makes you feel like they’re acting like a child. It could be any of the following :

  • They aren’t acting mature
  • They’re slacking in the relationship
  • They aren’t taking responsibility
  • Your partner doesn’t prioritise you
  • Their goals are different 
  • They need you to take care of them
  • They are careless 

They aren’t acting mature 

You could be feeling as though your partner is acting like a child because of their immaturity. It can be the smallest of things like cracking a joke at a time when you think it’s unnecessary. Or if they lie to get out of a sticky situation. 

Acting immature can mean a variety of things based on the kind of person you are. At the same time what is immature from another perspective might not be the same for you. 

This is why it’s best to be upfront about these things. You don’t have to necessarily be rude, or try to put them down, just be clear that you think certain actions are immature. 

Your partner might benefit from this as well, they can grow and learn. And if they aren’t ready to do that, then it’s best to let them lead their life the way they want to. And you can move on to find someone who is mature for you. 

They’re slacking in the relationship

They’re probably not doing as much as they should in the relationship. Instead they’re still focusing on things that don’t matter as much, and they’re being very lazy about the effort they put into the relationship. 

If you do let them know about this, they probably don’t take you seriously. They try to act like it means nothing. This might in turn get you to feel really angry, alone and frustrated. 

The reason why this feels like they’re acting as a child is because of the laziness they show in the relationship. It might feel like you’re taking care of everything, almost as if you are the parent. 

They aren’t taking responsibility

They aren’t really taking any responsibility for the things around you. They don’t seem to take initiative to solve an issue or to even grow in your relationship. 

You seem to be putting in all the work to make sure the relationship works. Taking responsibility in a relationship doesn’t have to be something you can quantify. It can just mean that you expect your partner to be active in the relationship. 

But they tend to think time will work its way out and everything will be fine. But this is not the case in most situations. People need assurance and support in a relationship, they need something they can move forward with. 

Your partner doesn’t prioritise you

Your partner has been taking you for granted by prioritising everything else other than you. You probably feel like you have to ask for things that should naturally come to them. 

This may include spending some time with you after work, or on the weekends. All of which seems like the bare minimum but when you have to ask for it, it seems like alot. 

Their goals are different

They might want goals that appear childish to you. These may include things like travelling around and eating the best junk food, or chasing waterfalls and beaches. It could mean a lot of things. 

This doesn’t mean they’re wrong, it just means that they’re different. But if you want something more stable for your future, then first try to see if there’s a middle ground you could reach with your partner. 

If not then make the call. There is no point in trying to change someone to get the future you want, you would have to communicate with them and see if it’s something they’d want too. 

They need you to take care of them 

They need you to take care of them and their needs. This could mean that you have to emotionally be there for them always or it could even be financially. 

This burden is gonna strain any relationship. This means that you’re going to prioritise your partner always in all situations and this could leave no room for you, your emotions and needs. 

They’re careless with things 

This could mean that they are careless when it comes to keeping things safely. You might not like the way they handle the things they own, or that you own. 

Have they been loading stuff? Misplacing important things even after you’ve told them to be careful? And are they not bothered even after you tell them? 

If they aren’t taking it seriously or don’t seem to be learning it’s best to let them know that you can’t trust them with your stuff because of this very reason. And that if they want to be trusted they’d have to change. 

Why is your partner acting this way?

Your partner could be acting like a child for various reasons. They just might not be at the same level of maturity as you are. They could need time to learn and grow, or it could also mean that you aren’t the person they’re going to be able to grow with. 

You also need to focus on what’s a priority for you. Everyone is going to have some flaw or the other, so you’d have to understand what things you can compromise on. 

Your partner might also have no intention to grow up or change. This might be how far they get or rather how mature they get. And if that’s the case, then this is something you’d have to accept. Nobody wants to change for a relationship, that’s never a good thing. 

What can you do about this? 

Here are a few things you can do about this: 

  • Speak to your partner about your expectations

Help your partner understand your expectations. This conversation isn’t a medium to get what you want, instead it is to understand where your relationship stands and hownfar your partner is willing to go for this.  It can also give you some clarity about what matters for you. 

  • Let go of certain things 

There can be a chance that you’re to wound up. You probably need to let go of certain things and especially controlling habits that you might have. 

Sometimes the problem isn’t the problem itself, it’s the fact that you need to control the problem.


If your partner is acting like a child it can really affect the way you feel about your relationship. It can even make you question your commitment with your partner. However this is when you are presented with a chance to look over things. Is this the kind of relationship you want? And if it is, then are you being too controlling? Then maybe the solution lies with you. 

If you have any questions or queries please drop them in the comment section below. 

FAQs- my partner acts like a child

What does it mean if someone acts childish ?

If someone acts like a child it probably means they don’t have the maturity to deal with that situation at hand, or they’re trying to run from it. 

What causes adults to be emotionally immature? 

The root cause for adults to act emotionally immature is that they are unable to communicate with others. This in exchange makes them feel misunderstood.

Is being childish immature?

Yes, being childish is immature and also considered infantile. 

Can an emotionally immature man change?

Yes, an emotionally immature man can change. They definitely can with time and probably the right change in people, jobs etc. But just because a man can doesn’t mean he will. And that’s really what you have to remember. 

How does a mature man behave? 

A mature man behaves in a way wherein he sets boundaries, he displays control, self-confidence and self- respect. They tend to stand their ground no matter how others try to push them around. They’re confident in their own skin.