My life is killing me (+What I can do about it)

This article will discuss why it might seem like your life is killing you. What could be causing you, and what can you do to deal with these situations and feel better about them.

Why is my life killing me? 

Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marr... x
Counseling is Key to a Healthy Marriage

You feel your life is killing you because you can feel crushed by the life you have been living. It can make you feel overwhelmed, and sometimes even sad about it all. If you feel there is something that is causing you to feel like this, it might mean that you are feeling stressed.

Stress is your reaction to this sensation of being crushed by events or situations in your life. People may feel stressed about their life for many reasons. It can be caused by work issues, maybe you are not happy with your job, or the pressure on your line of work is too intense. 

You can also feel stressed because you are going through a traumatic experience. It can be the death of a loved one, or you could be going through an abusive situation or a natural disaster. Dealing with deep emotional wounds is also something that can be overwhelming. 

Going through a move can also be stressful. Leaving all you know and starting a new life somewhere can bring too many emotions for one to deal with. The same can be said about going through relationship problems, with partners, family, and children. It can cause people to become worried, anxious.

You can feel like your life is killing you because you are overwhelmed by all the responsibilities you have, and the little time you have to do things. It can make you feel like you are constantly behind. Having money problems can be something that causes people to feel stressed. 

Going through health matters, of a family member or your own, can also be something that puts people through great stress. When that is going on, you are dealing with a sense of insecurity, and might even feel like you lost control of your life. 

You can also feel stressed when you are going through personal inner change. You might be dealing with self-esteem issues, depression, confidence issues, or an addiction problem. 

If you feel that your life is killing you, it is important to know where this feeling is coming from. Only through that will it be possible to do something about it. Stress is a way our body is telling us that there is something we need to adjust before things get worse.

Let’s discuss how stress can affect you.

How stress may be affecting you

If you are feeling as if your life is killing you due to a stressful situation, it is important to find ways to cope with it. Otherwise, it might affect you more seriously. Too much stress can cause you to feel burned out, or even depressed.

Going through a stressful situation, such as a divorce, can disrupt your emotional balance, causing you to feel intense sadness, loss of purpose and interest in life, and hopelessness, all feelings associated with depression.

For that not to happen, it is important to change your behavior when dealing with stress. Let’s discuss ways to cope with stress.

How can I cope with the feeling that my life is killing me?

If you are feeling like your life is killing you, it might be that you are stressed. If that is the case, the first thing to do is identify what is causing the stress, and after that, try to make some lifestyle changes that will help you cope with stress. These are the lifestyle changes you can do:


Exercising is a great way to deal with stress. It can be just 30 minutes a day, maybe some yoga, or dancing. This will improve your sense of well-being and it can also relax you when you are feeling stressed.

Take care of what you eat and drink 

When you are stressed, you might binge eat or drink as a temporary way to feel better. But you should avoid that, for two reasons: it can make you feel guilty, and it can also be physically harmful.

Abusing alcohol can also impact your sleep pattern and tends to make you feel bad the day after. Caffeine is also something you should prevent. It can make you more agitated, which can make you more stressed.

Quit smoking 

Even though people usually associate smoking with stress release, that is not true. It can seem that you feel better right away, but after a while, you can develop cravings and withdraw, which can be a huge source of stress.

Have time for yourself 

Changing the way you care for yourself is extremely important when talking about stress. Doing things you enjoy, and that make you feel good about yourself is important. 

When you are stressed, you tend to be hard on yourself, try to be more compassionate with what you have been going through.

Have some distance from the stressor 

That is not always easy, or even possible, but if you can, try to create some emotional and physical distance from what is stressing you out. This is important to not have that trigger you.

Quality sleep

A good night of sleep speaks wonders about how you will feel during the day. If you have quality sleep, you will feel more rested and relaxed. It improves your body and mind. 

If you are having trouble sleeping, you can do some relaxing or breathing exercises before bed.

They will make you calmer, and sleep might come easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Why does it feel like my life is killing me? 

Can depression make you stressed? 

Yes, depression has the potential to make you more stressed. When you are depressed,  many aspects of your life change. You can be isolated, and find it hard to maintain your activities, be it going to school, or even work.

Depression also causes you to experience many negative thoughts, and to worry a lot about what might happen. With all that going on inside you, it is possible to say that depression will make your stress leave go up.

What are suicidal thoughts? 

Suicidal thoughts are a type of thought in which people start to consider ending their own lives. A person can start to think about killing themselves because they are dealing with a mental illness, and it may be overwhelming to a point that ending it all seems better.

But not only people with mental health issues consider suicide, although, for the most part, it is, people that are dealing with a crisis, it can be a financial or legal problem, can also consider suicide. 

But there are two levels of suicidal thoughts, which can let people close know how dangerous the situation is. The first one, which is less dangerous, is a fleeting thought. People may think about how the world would be without them. But in this form, there is no actual planning. The person is still contemplating it.

The other form of suicidal thought is a lot more dangerous. In it, the person has a more active thought. They not only think about how it would be, but they consider where and when. When they are planning the suicide it can indicate that they are closer to doing it. 

Other signs can let people close know they are planning suicide: they get more agitated, their sleep patterns change, and they start to say goodbye and give their things away. If anyone close to you starts to show these signs, it might be important to look for professional help and not leave them alone.

Is there a cure to thinking my life is killing me? 

Yes, there is a cure to thinking your life is killing you. You can be feeling like this because you feel crushed by your life. It can be caused by the stress of it all, meaning you are dealing with so much in your life, that you just feel without any energy.

Or it could be that you are dealing with a mental health issue, such as depression. In which you are overwhelmed with negative thoughts and suffering. In both cases, you can move away from this feeling that your life is killing me. 

That is not an easy job. Re-Organizing your life in a way that you don’t feel like this will take determination. If you feel your life is killing you because of stressful situations, it might be necessary to, not only learn better ways to handle stress, but also change your lifestyle so stress is not such a big part of your life.

But if you feel like this because of a mental health condition, remember that treatment is extremely important for you to learn how to deal with your emotions.

What does stress do to my body?

When your body detects a stressful situation, a part of your brain called the hypothalamus reacts by stimulating the production of adrenaline and cortisol. These two hormones will go through your bloodline and cause your heart rate to go up.

Not only that, it will increase your blood pressure, and cause you to feel more energetic as your body prepares for the fight or flight response. When your body realizes that the dangerous situation is gone, your hormone levels will go down, which will cause your heart rate and blood pressure to go back to normal.

Can stress make me want to kill myself?

Yes, depending on the level of stress you are in, it can make you consider killing yourself. That is because, sometimes, ending your life can come to mind as a way to free yourself of all the pain you have been in. 

If you reach that point, you should keep in mind how desperate and in pain you are. And remember that something needs to change, and that doesn’t mean ending your own life. Look for your support network, talk about it with them. Make changes that affect your quality of life, and look for professional help.

If you are considering killing yourself, it might be important to be in therapy. This professional will give you a safe and caring space. In it, you can talk about your feelings, and learn how to better deal with them. 

You might also need medication, depending on how your condition is, and for that, you might want to look for a psychiatrist. Keep in mind there is a way out, and take care.


This article explained why you feel like your life is killing you. Through it, the article shows how stress can cause you to feel like your life is killing you, and how you can cope with that, and feel better about your life.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, feel free to write it in the section below.


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