My life feels stuck and meaningless (What to do)

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This blog post will make you understand about ‘’my life feels stuck and meaningless’’ and it highlight the topics like reasons why life feels stuck and meaningless, where do most of the people get stuck in life? And tips to remember when life feels stuck and meaningless.

My life feels stuck and meaningless

According to psychological studies, feeling stuck in life are typical feelings for individuals who face anxiety and depression. In other words, anxiety and depression can be produced by feeling stuck, which further increases the feeling of being trapped. And so the loop proceeds.

Reasons why life feels stuck and meaningless

Passive behavior instead of proactive 

Passivity is also a learned trait that our parents, teachers, and cultures teach us in childhood. Being headstrong, for instance, is normally an attribute that in culture is discouraged because it makes you less governable. Therefore, passivity is a major cause of feeling stuck in a life which seems hollow. We’re basically giving others permission to make our choices.

Resisting change in life 

We as human beings are changing and learning with every passing day. We are forever changing, evolving and transforming. This change is inevitable but resistance to change is useless. It creates anxiety and depression. Accept willingly if you have outgrown your current life.

Looking for other’s approval 

Conformity is an ancient concept that we no longer have to follow. The more we pretend to be like others, the more our inner voice loses contact with us. The more we mold our lives to be “socially acceptable,” the more our inner ideals, desires, convictions, and wishes are compromised.

Burden of too much responsibilities 

Responsibilities are a normal part of life; they teach us to be mature, accountable, patient, and empathetic. But sometimes we take on more responsibilities than we can handle and we start to feel stuck. Because we fill our lives with pointless or excessive commitments.

Soul loss and aimless life

One of the main reason of feeling stuck in life is soul loss. Once we have lost touch with our souls, we feel the unshakeable sense that “something is missing” in our lives. It is accompanied by solitude, emotional numbness, emptiness, restlessness, irritability and, of course, anxiety and depression


Defensiveness is a means of shielding ourselves from emotions that are negative. A way to stop taking responsibility for our actions is to be defensive. If we equate transparency with blame, then we will stay away from it. Before they can criticize us, we will attack people. By being aggressive and indignant when someone has the audacity to say that we’re not fine, we pass our guilt to others.

Being Perfectionist

Perfectionism is not a realistic desire. In order to avoid shame, we try to be perfect. We’re keeping the front line that looks good to the world. We may spend an unhealthy amount of time taking care of our dress and looks, or rehearsing what we want to say in order to avoid looking stupid. We can be drained by the guilt which drives the search for perfection.

Being Apologetic

Shame will prompt us often to be unnecessarily apologetic and compliant. We believe that others are right and that we are incorrect. Confident people accept their flaws and know that admitting shortcomings requires bravery. As we mature, we learn that making a mistake or being wrong about something is nothing shameful. 


Hiding shame permits it to work in destructive ways and it often drives procrastination. We might then stay depressed or live life in a smaller way. If we do something and it doesn’t turn out well then we feel paralyzed by shame. We don’t have the courage to face failures and shame.

Where do most of the people get stuck in life?

People most often feel trapped in their:

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Tips to remember when life feels stuck and meaningless

Let Things Be

It doesn’t really matter whether you feel trapped for a week or for a year. I have discovered that life is not just about things being done. It’s about relaxing occasionally and letting things be. Such cycles are not distinct from the seasons. The sun’s here. Snow is here. There’s light, and darkness is there. Once you let it be what it is, when you’re thinking shifts, things change.

Getting stuck is a sign that it’s time for a change

Changes can shake up your habits, produce new energy, and alter your life outlook. If you feel stuck, it basically means something is no longer working for you. If you’re not enthusiastic about them anymore, whether it’s your career, your relationship, your home, your group of friends or your hobbies, it’s probably time to actually do something to change that.

Even the smallest step is an improvement

Perhaps you feel you can do nothing substantial. You don’t have to, though. Small things become big things. Concentrate on the small steps, they are wonderful events by themselves, so make the most of them. Begin now, make a list of small ways you can get closer to your goal, then choose one and take it as soon as possible.

There is no need to plan ahead

The problem about getting stuck is that you don’t know what you need to get unstuck sometimes or what you want in general from life. Try new products, meet new individuals, and buy new clothing, everything that can help you find out what you want and how you can get it.

Nothing changes if nothing changes

The disagreeable facts. You’re not going to get very far if you’re just sitting around and waiting for something or someone to come into your life and instantly change it for the better. The only one who can really make a difference is YOU. Start acting then!

A new beginning may appear to be an end

Now, you cannot see the possibilities that are coming your way, actually. It can be seen as a new beginning to see such endings that make you sad and disappointed. Of your life, this is a new beginning, your chance to change your life.

Avoid negativity

With feeling trapped, negativity always comes hand in hand. So eliminating toxicity from your life is your number one priority. And you will begin to associate yourself with good people and get rid of those that are negative.

Believe what your heart says, not what others say

  • Have fun and experiment. Learn what YOU love and love
  • Spend time with your own self. Being lonely is no bad thing
  • Set limits. People should respect your individual choices
  • Invest in yourself
  • Challenge the beliefs you hold
  • Stand back and think about the larger picture

Avoid overthinking

Avoid overthinking. Whatsoever occurs, falls out. But loosen up. You cannot control everything, then you require to learn to just let go of some matters. You can feel stuck because you are still in your own head, worrisome and obsessive.

Good things take time 

You need to remain open-minded about how to do it, even though you are the one who is responsible for making a difference in your life. If you stick to a particular way, but fail, it could be because it was not only meant for you. Try another thing. And agree that things are happening in an order different from the one you’ve expected.

Your best lies ahead

Don’t turn around, you’re not going this way. Keep up the good work. GREAT THINGS CAN HAPPEN AND WILL HAPPEN.


This article addressed the topic ‘’ my life feels stuck and meaningless’’ and fully explained about reasons why life feels stuck and meaningless and where do most of the people get stuck in life? It also suggested some tips to remember when life feels stuck and meaningless.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions): Why my life feels stuck and meaningless?

How to find meaning in life?

Try to choose happiness in life as it is known that happiness is a choice. 
Appreciate little things in life 
Get connected with others
Set goals and aims in life 
Reading books is a therapy recommended by therapist
Try to help others and be kind 
Quit social media platforms 

 What are you happy about in life already?

Try to look up to the achievements you are proud of
Identify the obstacles you have to overcome 
Try to find at least one instance in your life when you faced difficulty but came out glorious. This proves that you are capable of overcoming adversity

What skills and tools do you need to acquire in order to move forward?

It will take time to learn the abilities and instruments you need to pass forward. It is not going to happen immediately!
Take yourself seriously and begin to build yourself up. 

What is the number one thing that would have the biggest positive impact on my life?

When you try to concentrate on so many things at once, one of the times we start to feel lost is. We feel uncertainty, decision exhaustion, and thus do not take the action that would get me unstuck again. The notion of choosing just one priority has been lost, and this query helps us return to that emphasis.

What is “good enough?”

It is useful to ask yourself, “What looks good enough here?” “Good enough is not about commitment scrimping or not trying. Without the impossible burden of superhuman outcomes, it is about challenging ourselves.

Why do we stuck?

In a circumstance or even a way of thinking, we may be stuck. This leaves us unable to see, move (literally or metaphorically), or shift in another way. And, it usually leads, over and over again, to repeating the same scenario or thought. Very frequently, it is because we are profoundly attached to a tale while we are stuck.


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