My husband gives me anxiety (Why)

In this guide, we will discuss the reasons why your husband gives you anxiety and the strategies to eliminate anxiety.

My husband gives me anxiety

You are in the phase of your life where you are happy with your partner. You live the married life with its ups and downs, but you know it is part of the process.

Sometimes you find yourself with somewhat difficult situations, but in the end, you get, together with your husband, to find a solution.

There are times when you see your husband and you don’t feel the same emotions and feelings as before.

Until a certain point, this is normal since feelings change, but this does not doubt that you love your husband and want to be with him, but you see yourself in the situation where you feel very anxious.

You are at home and you see your husband and it makes you anxious.

Sometimes you don’t understand why, but just seeing your husband doing something or just nothing can’t stop feeling anxious.

You might feel bad because you don’t think it’s normal for your husband to cause you anxiety, but he’s doing it.

It is normal to think and see that at certain times you say “my husband gives me anxiety“.

It may be that they had an argument or problem that you felt your husband generates anxiety at that time.

But it is different when you say “my husband gives me anxiety” concerning the fact that you don’t know why it causes you anxiety.

When a person expresses my husband gives me anxiety, this can be seen for various reasons which the person will have to identify and work on them.

Sometimes anxiety can be the product of the same person who has the symptoms of this mental illness, other times it can be certain attitudes that her husband performs that makes the person tend to have anxiety.

For a person to develop anxiety there are several factors involved, if your husband produces anxiety not only will it be the only cause.

It is possible that, apart from your say my husband gives me anxiety, there may be other reasons why you have anxiety.

The person must understand that couple relationships, especially marriage is not something as easy as many movies, series or certain books want to express.

Marriage is a job that has to be done by both parties.

Conflicts and situations will be present at certain moments of the relationship and that does not mean that it is a bad thing, in some cases, it may be, but it all depends on the situation for which you are dealing.

Anxiety is present in the lives of many people.

A person can develop anxiety about any event due to the interpretation of the facts that it may have, and in the case of feeling that your husband causes you anxiety, it is important to see what are those behaviours or things that your husband says to make you feel In that state of anxiety.

The positive is that anxiety, like many other disorders, has the possibility of being diminished with various treatments.

Many times the person does not need a specific medical treatment because it depends on how high the anxiety is, but the person must know that those symptoms he has are anxiety and not confuse them with another disease, which is sometimes very common due to the symptoms that anxiety presents.

Defining anxiety

Anxiety is the response that the body gives to a situation that can be worrying for the person.

Anxiety is normal doses is positive since it helps the person to be in a state of alertness that helps them avoid some kind of danger and also serves to add some concern so that the person focuses on doing a job or any activity.

It is normal for the person to have low doses of anxiety, it is already different when a person has high levels of anxiety which negatively affect the person.

A person who remains in a state of anxiety most of the time is on a constant alert.

The worries do not come out of its head and it keeps thinking about it most of the time.

Their functions in their work area or elsewhere may be affected due to the person’s high levels of anxiety.

There are cases where the person can confuse the symptoms of anxiety with some physical illness because physically the anxiety has symptoms such as headaches and chest.

The person must identify or seek help for the diagnosis of anxiety.

Anxiety itself is also a disorder, which is part of anxiety disorders and can be a generalized anxiety disorder.

There are various types of anxiety that a person may experience.

In today’s society, it is normal to see how many people have symptoms of anxiety.

The rush to want to do everything fast and many things at once takes the person to a state where he can lose control.

When a person who has high levels of anxiety does not receive any treatment, the anxiety can get worse.

There are cases where anxiety can cause depression, it all depends on how the person handles the situations with which he has to deal with daily life.

Anxiety manifests itself in different ways, some symptoms are more marked in some people than in others, but in the end, they are typical of these types of disorders.

Knowing them gives an idea to the person about what he has and thus be able to act.

Anxiety symptoms

Anxiety manifests a series of symptoms which may vary according to the person.

Among the most common symptoms of anxiety are:

  • Excessive worry
  • Sleeping problems
  • Sadness
  • Irritability
  • Sweating
  • Dry mouth
  • Headaches
  • Changes in heart rate

Why my husband gives me anxiety?

There are several reasons why you say my husband gives me anxiety.

It is important to analyze what reasons lead you to think if your husband causes you anxiety (or maybe you cause your husband anxiety).

Among some of the most common reasons are the following.

One of the reasons why you express my husband gives me anxiety is because you may have an anxiety disorder.

A person who has an anxiety disorder can perceive any situation or person is dangerous and causes nervousness.

Among the anxiety disorders is social phobia, where the person avoids contact with other people in social environments because they perceive it negatively.

Here you might be experiencing certain symptoms of social phobia. Maybe you have low self-esteem and you don’t feel comfortable thinking that your husband has a negative image of you.

You worry that he can judge you in one way or another and that is why you feel that your husband causes you anxiety.

Another reason why you say my husband gives me anxiety is due to the insecurity you feel towards him.

You are married, you live with your husband and you share with him, he has no feelings of trust towards your husband.

You are always suspecting, doubts about what he says or does and this generates a lot of anxiety.

Maybe in the past, you lived a situation with your husband that made you suffer a lot and since then you have generated many doubts about him.

Your confidence is not the same, you get nervous and worried to think what your husband may be doing, maybe he is cheating or maybe your husband is crossdressing.

If he tells you that he is going out with some friends, you don’t believe him and you can’t sleep until he arrives.

You need to check your cell phone constantly to see if you are doing something that you think is wrong or not.

Also within the reasons why you say my husband gives me anxiety is due to the constant arguments and problems they have incessantly.

It causes you a lot of stress and anxiety to get home and know that you will have another discussion with your husband.

You can’t stand that environment and you’ve reached the point of feeling anxious about everything your husband and the situation itself represents.

You feel how your anxiety levels increase when you see that the fights are constant every day and cannot reach a solution.

What can I do to let my husband stop causing me anxiety?

Once you have identified the reasons why you say “my husband gives me anxiety”, it is time to apply some strategies to reduce anxiety levels and make your life better with your husband.

One of the first actions to deal with the idea and feeling of “my husband gives me anxiety” is to talk with your husband about how you feel.

Express the anxiety you feel and what situation or action he does specifically makes you feel that way.

Be detailed when you are talking to him and try to have a moderate tone of voice and not bother you at the moment.

Analyze the way your husband reacts and take into account the way he supports you.

If you show empathy and say do your part, then work together on that.

In case your reasons why you say your husband causes you anxiety are not relevant to him, seek professional help so you can see things from a more objective point of it.

Sometimes our perception of things is not the same as others perceive it. It may be that you are seeing something in one way and your husband in another.

Attending therapy both individually and as a couple will help them resolve any conflict.

It may be that your husband manifests some discomfort that he could not express and if he does, he shows an attitude of compassion and to work in the relationship.

FAQs about my husband gives me anxiety

What treatments are there for an anxiety disorder?

Among the most common treatments for anxiety disorder is psychological and pharmacological treatment.

Also alternative treatments such as meditation and aromatherapy.

Is it normal to feel anxiety days before getting married?

Yes, nerves and worries are usually manifested by people days before getting married.

It is normal to feel worried about what may happen but relax and enjoy.

What do I do if my husband does not want to attend couples therapy?

Explain the reasons why couple therapy can be beneficial for both of you and if you still don’t want to go to therapy alone. Explain your situation to your therapist, who will help you make the best decision.

How do I help my husband with his anxiety disorder?

Let him know that he has your support, accompany him to his visits with his family doctor and motivate him to take his treatment.

How to get out of a toxic marriage which generates a lot of anxiety?

If you feel that your marriage is toxic and that you have tried various actions to remedy it (such as going to therapy) it is better to consider moving away for a while.

A person cannot remain in a place or with people where they feel they are being damaged.


Marriage is an act that goes beyond two people living together and saying that they love each other, it is hard and teamwork where both are going to have to rely on situations that may come.

Normally, sometimes you express “Oh, my husband gives me anxiety” due to any situation.

If you feel that the symptoms of anxiety are constant and you cannot control them, seek professional help which will help you reduce anxiety.


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