How do you know your husband doesn’t love you? 

Do you feel like your husband doesn’t love you? If so, what has made you feel this way? When we feel like our spouse doesn’t love us, it can be an assumption based on certain actions we’ve observed. Or it can be something we’ve been feeling for a long time but haven’t found a way to address. 

In this article we willing be speaking of the following topics: 

  • How do you know your husband doesn’t love you? 
  • What caused this to happen? 
  • How do you move forward from here? 

How do you know your husband doesn’t love you? 

Here are a few signs that might lead you to believe that your husband doesn’t love you: 

  • He doesn’t respect you anymore
  • He doesn’t care about you 
  • He doesn’t worry about your needs 
  • He has stopped putting in an effort
  • He doesn’t spend much time with you 
  • He Is stonewalling you 

He doesn’t respect you anymore

You probably feel as though your partner doesn’t respect you anymore. He’s begun to belittle you and even insult you often. 

He isn’t bothered about whether he’s hurting your feelings or not. 

He also seems to be acting differently in front of guests and when you are outside with him. This makes you feel insecure and especially unloved. 

One of the things that you should remember is that love cannot exist without respect. Love and respect go together, if your husband doesn’t respect the person you are, your job, or your boundaries, then he cannot possibly love you. 

Remember that we all have our own shortcomings, and along with that we all have issues that we are particularly sensitive about. If your husband doesn’t respect these things then he isn’t able to love you. 

He doesn’t care about you

Your husband has probably stopped paying attention to your needs and necessities. Especially when you need them the most he tends to stay aloof without even asking you if you need help. 

He tends to also be insensitive about your feelings and issues. You might have certain things that hurt you alot, or cause you pain. 

There might be certain memories that are traumatic, or just things that you don’t like talking about and your husband doesn’t seem to care about these things anymore. 

He had stopped putting in an effort

He has stopped trying to be better in your relationship and around your house as well. You have probably communicated your needs and expectations to him, but he has ignored them. 

He has stopped trying to make the relationship better, he has also not worked on anything that you’ve asked him to do. He seems to be slacking in the relationship. And doesn’t provide you with the help and support you need. 

He doesn’t spend time with you

He spends most of his time out of the house and away from you. He tends to find excuses to stay outdoors and doesn’t really bother about how much this affects you. 

He also often has begun to leave you alone on the holidays as well. You probably have an inclination to believe he has been having an affair, at this point. But it’s better to confront before assuming. 

Assumptions are always harmful in every relationship. Your husband could be drifting away from the relationship, he might have overloaded himself with work, but if you assume it’s an affair, it might end things sooner than they are supposed to.

He is stonewalling you  

Stonewalling is essentially when your husband doesn’t talk to you for days, he tends to have a cold war going on with you and this affects your mental state completely. 

He might also be ignoring you everytime you try to sit down and have a conversation about what’s been happening with the two of you. 

He acts as though everything is fine, he goes about doing his own things without addressing the issue. He even doesn’t give you the room to address the issue as well.

This is toxic and extremely unhealthy in any relationship. If your husband constantly does this to you, then it’s time to choose better for yourself. 

He doesn’t worry about your needs 

In case you’re in a difficult situation and need his help, he doesn’t really worry about your needs. He tends to not pick up your calls, reply to your messages even if they seem to be urgent. 

He also isn’t sensitive and understanding about the things you need and that you cannot do without. He ignores what you need and instead focuses on his needs.

He’s been doing this for a while now and you feel alone and low in the relationship. You don’t think you can count on your husband to take care of you when you are sick and this has been disturbing you incessantly.  

What causes this to happen? 

There is nothing that we can point towards and use as a reason. Mostly because there can be so many reasons for spouses falling out of love in a marriage. 

Sometimes spouses tend to drift away with life and careers. They might grow to realise that they need different things in life and along with these things they might choose different paths in life as well. 

When this happens it’s likely that they choose a path different from their spouse. They tend to move and grow and might realise that they cannot do this while staying with their spouse.

Sometimes people fall out of love as well. Over time they might understand that they’re extremely different compared to their spouses, and it’s getting quite tiring to lug this relationship on , even when you have nothing in common. This is when older couples decide to part ways. 

There is a last possibility and due to the media it’s probably the one thing you think about, which is that your husband is having an affair. However this is a serious allegation and it cannot be taken back once it’s out there. So be open and direct about it instead of crossing boundaries and being doubtful. 

How to move forward from this point? 

The first thing to do would be have a conversation with your husband. If he’s reluctant then either engage the services of a couple’s counsellor, or someone you both trust and know.

Speak to him and understand if he doesn’t love you. It’s better to be confrontational about such things instead of beating around the bush and putting yourself through the agony. 

Once this is done ask him what he would like to do further and explain what you’d like to do as well. There is always marriage therapy, if the reason is something to do with a current or recent event. But this has to be decided on by the two of you. 


If your husband doesn’t love you, it can be a painful situation to be in. This is why it’s much better to find out from your husband directly instead of making assumptions about the same. Try to keep a calm mind and speak to your husband about the way you’re feeling. It’s important to do so without jumping to conclusions on your own. This can then be followed by a decision you make together.  It can be difficult to do so, but it’s much better than being doubtful throughout the relationship. 

If you have any questions or queries please drop them in the comment section below. 

FAQs- my husband doesn’t love me 

Can a marriage survive without love ? 

No, a marriage cannot survive without love. It might be able to survive without physical intimacy but not without love. 

When should you walk away from your marriage? 

You should walk away from your marriage when there is ongoing abuse of any form that can be physical, emotional, mental and financial. 

Why are wives unhappy in marriages? 

Wives are unhappy in marriages because they have a deep-rooted sense of unfulfillment. They probably feel as though they aren’t receiving enough love, respect and appreciation the way they want to. 

How do you know your husband doesn’t respect you?

Your husband probably isn’t respecting you if he makes you feel like you’re unwanted or undesired. 

Is divorce better than an unhappy marriage? 

Yes, divorce is better than an unhappy marriage because an unhappy marriage is filled with regrets. And divorce is definitely better in a toxic marriage. 


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