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What Is Music 4 Mental Health?

The Music 4 Mental Health is a grand concert which brings together the best singers in the world to a place where they can sing their hearts about mental health complications.

This kind of concert is hosted by half of the chart-topping Rizzle Kicks and #IAMWHOLE founding ambassador Jordan Stephens in this glorious night that will bring into centre stage artists such as Ed Sheeran, Anne-Marie, James Arthur, Ella Eyre and Olly Murs including additional special guests. 

#IAMWHOLE is the innovative anti-stigma mental health campaign that was opened in 2016 together with the NHS and YMCA as a direct response to the mental health complications being experienced by children and young people.

As a grand collaboration program, Music 4 Mental Health is joined with and raise funds for the UK and Ireland’s leading youth and mental health charities such as the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), The Mix and YMCA.

In the late of 2018, the Music 4 Mental Health had their debut at the Roundhouse London.

This kind of concert has made singers and artists express their complications with their own mental health difficulties. 

This kind of opening up is not detached from the purpose of the Music 4 Mental Health concert.

Most of the songs that were played in this kind of concert were focused on how a person can deal with this or her complications and help others open up about their difficulties. 

Those mental health charities who have helped out in carrying out the Music 4 Mental Health concert have made their proud contributions to count in the reduction of mental health discrimination.

Singers In The Music 4 Mental Health Concert

As mentioned before, the Music 4 Mental Health concert came to be because of the campaign against the discrimination of mental health.

The singers that were part of this concert were helpful in bringing enlightenment to people who were suffering quietly from their mental health complications. 

These singers were able to contribute their songs to the Music 4 Mental Health concert which allowed them to share their own mental health struggles as well.

This made them join this kind of concert to help those who aren’t still open about their mental health complications. 

You might even recognize these famous singers but you might not even consider them to have varying mental health complications.

This expression of having mental health complications has made these singers look more human than we first thought they were. 

The following are the singers who contributed in the Music 4 Mental Health concert and have suffered from mental health complications which will be elaborated in the further sections.

  • Ed Sheeran
  • Olly Murs 
  • James Arthur
  • Ella Eyre
  • Louis Berry

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Ed Sheeran

You might have a huge crush for Ed Sheeran for his love songs that have swayed the hearts of females and males.

He even confirmed that he also had mental health complications. 

There was a news article on Ed Sheeran together with Prince Harry to give a message to people who are suffering from mental health complications and to those people who don’t understand these complications.

These two celebrities were open about mental health issues in general.

Sheeran and Prince Harry were able to tell people with mental health complications how important it is to know that they need to get guidance.

These two have shared mental health charities that can provide support for these individuals.

Sheeran even opened up about his social anxiety which made him inhibited in talking his issues with his loved ones who truly care for him.

Although his love for music enabled him to express his sorrows and struggles.

Olly Murs

At the event of the Gloucester’s Kingsholm Stadium, Olly Murs opened up about his mental health complications.

He thought that if he opened up about his complications, people who were also suffering from these complications can also start opening up as well. 

Murs added that he was always wearing a happy face when he was with people even though deep inside, he was suffering from mental health complications.

He even admitted that he was getting some tips from a mental health professional.

Murs then realized how important it is to get your diagnosis for your mental health complication.

This is why he grouped with the other singers at the Music 4 Mental Health concert to help others realize that they shouldn’t be afraid of opening about their struggles.

You can listen to more Olly Murs music by buying his album on this website.

James Arthur

James Arthur is another singer that was expressive about his mental health complications.

At the Teenage Cancer Trust, he was able to express his poor mental health and he was complimented for being open about men’s mental health. 

Arthur was expressing his complications with anxiety and poor mental health at that gathering.

He also opened up about having episodes of addiction whenever he got agitated at work.

Celebrities and his fans have been affectionate and showered him with compassion for his candidness about his mental health complications.

Arthur even added that it was not simple to talk about these complications.

Arthur even admitted that he still gets agitated over celebrity concerns that revolve around him.

This is why he grouped with the other singers in the Music 4 Mental Health concert to help those people who also went through the same mental health complications.

Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre is an ambassador of the Sky Academy where she is fully conscious of the social pressures in social media.

Studies have shown that British adolescents are struggling with mental health complications, especially female teenagers.

Eyre is aware that there is social pressure surrounding adolescents who are too engaged in social media.

She didn’t even post some images on her social media accounts since this may pressure girls to deal too much on their body image to the point of having eating disorders.

Eyre has become a long advocate for mental health almost focusing primarily on young women.

She likes to emphasize that women are beyond the label of a body image.

Eyre was shown in the Music 4 Mental Health concert to be singing her heart out with Ed Sheeran.

You can buy Ella Eyre’s album to know and listen more of her songs on this website.

Louis Berry

Louis Berry admitted that he had complications in finishing his album since he was caught by his own mental health troubles.

He then learned that it is important to give yourself some time to rest your mental health.

Berry even emphasized the importance of talking about your mental health complications to the people who deeply care about you.

This is what led him to make songs that are related to his complications.

Berry also added that mental health complications are not bad stuff that we shouldn’t deal with it.

In fact, he thinks that these complications are only signs that we are not taking care of our mental health needs.

This is what led him to join the Music 4 Mental Health concert with the other singers.

News On The Music 4 Mental Health Concert

The Music 4 Mental Health concert was a huge concert with a huge audience that has brought up the most struggling people in the world.

This is where those invited artists and singers talked about their mental health complications as mentioned in the above sections.

In the Music 4 Mental Health concert, the audience got enlightened and inspired about mental health complications and become swayed to the music that reaches their deepest emotions.

The aim of this concert was to earn enough funds for famous mental health charities to afford mental health services to people who were struggling with these kinds of complications.

As mentioned before, these mental health charities have given the Music 4 Mental Health concert a chance to shine and show the world that we should be focused on mental health.

The following are the news articles that have been reported about this kind of concert.

  • The Music 4 Mental Health Rocked the Roundhouse
  • Famous Singers that are Performing in this Live Concert
  • More Tickets Available for the Concert
  • Anna-Marie and Olly Murs Announced For Phenomenal Music 4 Mental Health Gig

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The Music 4 Mental Health Rocked The Roundhouse

The energy at the Roundhouse when the concert started was magnetic to everyone who attended.

An estimated 3,000 people were witnessing the beauty that was unfolding from this concert.

Ed Sheeran brought a large reception from the audience in this concert when he began singing his songs that melt people’s emotions.

The other singers which were Olly Murs, Hussain Manawer, Anne-Marie, Ella Eyre, Louis Berry, and Professor Green made extraordinary acts and ending this concert with X factor star James Arthur who ended the show.

As mentioned before, this concert was implemented by the mental health campaign called #IAMWHOLE with the ambassador being Jordan Stephens.

This concert has brought the growing achievement for this campaign which was to minimize the mental health discrimination surrounding the world.

This concert was also blessed with the presence of YMCA volunteers which were members of the mental health charity and staff and youth ambassadors in the UK programs.

More Tickets Available For This Concert

As mentioned before, this concert was made possible thanks to the famous mental health charities that have helped people with mental health complications.

These mental health charities who made this concert possible were Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), The Mix, and YMCA. 

This concert has helped increase the funds needed to give mental health services for people who were suffering from mental health complications.

Limited final tickets of this concert are on sale now on this account which you need to get now if you’re interested.

A Phenomenal Music 4 Mental Health Gig

Anne-Marie and Olly Murs were the singers who first started the stage in this concert.

As mentioned before, the mental health campaign made this concert possible dedicated to people who have mental health complications.

Anne-Marie has exclaimed that this concert made her realize the meaning of expressing her mental health complications to people who deeply care.

Murs even added that he was glad of himself to help elevate funds needed to improve mental health services to people who really need them.

Jordan Stephens who was the ambassador of the campaign that made this concert happen even was enthusiastic that other people were starting to see that there is a need to talk about mental health complications which made the aim of the concert truly realized.

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You can also check the Journal of Roots Music ”No Depression’‘.

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In this brief blog, we have talked about music 4 mental health, news about music 4 mental health, the music 4 mental health tour, and more information about music 4 mental health.

If you have any questions about music 4 mental health, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your questions.

FAQs: music 4 mental health

How can music be used in mental health?

Music can be used in mental health by increasing the emphasis for people who may be lacking in this ability, social contact since music can make a person feel connected to it, an outlet to open up emotions, a way for creative expression, a way to motivate a person, and to relax the mind from stress.

Why music is important for mental health?

Music is important for mental health because it can be considered as an intervention used to elevate a client’s emotional health.

There is also music therapy for people who tend to express their mental complications through music.

This is also good for people who have undergone trauma since they tend to be able to express their feelings about the trauma through song that they just released using their feelings.

How does music help with depression and anxiety?

Music helps with depression and anxiety by lessening muscle tension in anxiety and elevating self-esteem in both psychological disorders.

These kinds of outcomes are based on studies with patients diagnosed with either of these psychological disorders and the use of music therapy to alleviate the symptoms of both of these disorders.

Why do I listen to music all the time?

You listen to music all the time because it may be your way of managing or regulating your emotions.

Also, this kind of outlet gives time for your emotions to take centre stage than let your brain do all the work.

After all, this kind of art form tends to focus more on emotions than cognitions.

Can music affect your brain?

Yes, music can affect your brain in a good way.

This kind of art form can help with memory, pain reduction, stress relief, and brain injuries.

Studies have also shown that this kind of art form can have a powerful impact on the brain.

This is because the brain reacts to this kind of art form and gives us space to zone out and get out of reality for a while.


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