Mountain meditation (A complete guide)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about mountain meditation, exercises in mountain meditation, mindfulness in mountain meditation, and more information about mountain meditation.

What Is Mountain Meditation As A Form Of Meditation?

Mountain meditation is the kind of meditation that is made to help people practise stillness and relaxation in the midst of obstacles in life. This kind of meditation can help you focus like you are on a mountain or being the mountain which is still and unmoving. 

You know that a mountain is merely standing tall not being bent by something unless there are strong earthquakes that can break it and yet it still remains standing. This is one of the main aims of mountain meditation.

The person only needs to concentrate on being still as the mountain. Once you get in this kind of position, you might find it uncomfortable at first but you will get calm from the stillness. 

Mountain meditation is the mindfulness exercise that makes you feel the calmness of the mountain which can induce mindfulness. Being on a mountain can make you feel like you are your own person and you don’t need anyone in your way.

Exercises And Techniques Used For Mountain Meditation

You need to create a dignified posture when you engage in mountain meditation. You need to take note of what characterizes a mountain when you engage in this kind of meditation such as being unwavering to the commotion and just standing still. 

In this case, mountain meditation can teach you how to stand tall and think that troubles only pass through. You can close your eyes while you are doing this kind of meditation or you might prefer with your eyes open. 

You should start feeling the senses of your body like the feeling of your cord in your spine and your stomach having churning sensations. You will then think about your experience while doing mountain meditation.

You will then feel like there is an ocean beyond and time is limitless in this mountain meditation. You can also try to take a deep breath from this kind of meditation makes you feel more relaxed. 

You can also feel the breathing and how it affects the movements of your belly. You will feel like your abdomen has been increased once you’ve left out your deep breath. 

You will be able to feel complete awareness since you feel like your breath is getting more controlled and you have an anchor to hold to get you to stay in the present moment. You should do this kind of exercise in mountain meditation for a while.

You will then start to elevate your awareness by using your breath and fixing your posture in the mountain meditation. If you are suddenly feeling some signs of discomfort such as your heart pumping loudly and you are sweating, you should do your breathing exercises. 

You can also feel the gradual exposure of your skin to your soft breath. You can even say in the midst of your breathing exercises that it is as it is.

Once you are able to accept the awareness of your surroundings, you are able to feel a sense of calm. With mountain meditation, you are able to become still and be more comfortable in adapting the struggles of life. 

You can use this energy to get through life through a sense of calm as if you were remotely on a mountain. You can use this mountain music to help you get concentrated on your mountain meditation to add more sense of peace in your exercise which can be bought on this website.

Yoga Exercises In Mountain Meditation

Yoga exercises have always been aspects of the meditation exercise. This exercise is also included in the spirit of mountain meditation. 

This is where you are able to stretch your body in a calm but proper posture. You are able to do this if you let your sensations influence how you stretch.

These exercises can be done in your own home or on top of a mountain whichever you prefer. The only thing that matters is that you are able to be comfortable in the present moment and achieving mindfulness. 

You will be able to move your body as it brings you to the present moment. You don’t need to make so much effort if you are uncomfortable about a certain yoga position and this is where you should be able to get an instructor or just listen to some instructions in an exercise mix.

Group And Team Exercises In Mountain Meditation

You are also allowed to travel to the mountains with friends or family members to help them get involved with mindfulness meditation. You are also allowing them to practice the art of mindfulness. 

You can hike up to the mountains and you and your chosen group can rest up for a bit and admire the view. You can even add some yoga exercises in mountain meditation with your chosen group.

There are also other exercises that you and your chosen group can do in mountain meditation. The following are other Mindfulness EXERCISES:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Tai chi
  • Nature walk

Hiking or nature walk can also help you reach mindfulness which makes it part of mountain meditation. You can learn more about tai chi and how to apply its techniques by buying this video on this website.

Mountain Meditation Mindfulness Retreat

There aren’t any more information if there are mindfulness retreats that are practising mountain meditation. Although there are these retreats in mountains where they find it suitable to practice mindfulness there. 

You can go check out some nearby meditation retreats if they may know retreats that are giving mountain meditation exercises. You can also visit the Mindfulness Exercises website to find meditation or mindfulness retreats that provide these exercises. 

You may even administer your own mountain meditation retreat if you have some experience with teaching meditation. You can bring your group to your retreat and help them get acquainted with your exercises. 

In this instance, you are able to engage in mountain meditation for you and your chosen group which can help you bond in the spirit of mindfulness. You can buy some yoga mats and tai chi mats for you and your chosen group on this website.

Mountain Meditation Guidelines

Jon Zabat-Kinn has a mountain meditation exercise guide for you to partake in if you are interested in engaging in this kind of meditation. This kind of meditation can help you get stable and serenity despite the presence of madness around you. 

You can begin breathing deeply in this mountain meditation. You need .o feel all the sensations that surround you and help y 

“Letting it be, just as it is.” Each inhales and exhale announcing the next. Expand your awareness to the sensations of your body. Sitting upright and with dignity and bring your attention to the surface beneath you and the support it provides. Root your body into its strength and become aware of your connection to it where you are complete, whole, and at this moment, you are grounded by its unwavering resolve.

As you sit there, visualize a grand mountain, whose peaks pierce smoky clouds and continue upward where the air is clear and the view is endless. A mountain with slopes that are both jagged and gentle. This is supported by a vast foundation, rooted deep in the bedrock of the earth. This mountain is a monument to all that is solid, grand, unmoving, and beautiful.

Buddhism Instructed Exercises For Mountain Meditation

You should bring yourself to breathing exercises and let the mountain be your guide. You can do this by feeling all the sensations that are surrounding your body. 

You should also state that you should let it be as it is. You should say this statement in the midst of your breathing exercises.

After all, Buddhist mountain meditation needs you to practice the art of going with the flow. You can also help yourself with an instructed audio on this meditation to help you get started.

This is because most people who start off with Buddhist mountain meditation get nervous but this is very normal in the beginning stage of mindfulness. You can learn more about Buddhist meditation and its practices by buying this book on this website.

How To Be Mindful In Your Daily Life Using Mountain Meditation?

You can be mindful in your daily life by using mountain meditation when you are facing struggles in your life. You might not be on a mountain at this time and only in the comforts of your home but this kind of detail shouldn’t stop you engaging in these kinds of exercises. 

The following are exercises of this meditation that you can do regularly.

  • Practice breathing exercises daily
  • Let your mind wander and go with the flow
  • Practice mindfulness while you wait in line or your video
  • Meditate as your regular routine

You can use these kinds of exercises when you get stressed out.

It is also valuable to use this kind of meditation at the right time. You can do this kind of meditation when you are doing nothing in your home which can help you detach from your materials such as gadgets that are only unhelpful for you. 

Trainers agree that young people should start engaging in mindfulness exercises to control themselves in a fast pace world. This is why these are online classes for this kind of meditation to help these kinds of people to access mindfulness exercises. 

The Advantages Of Mountain Meditation

You might already realize that there are advantages to this kind of meditation. You can feel this if you have engaged in this kind of meditation. 

You should be able to do this kind of meditation everywhere you go, especially if you’re stressed. You will be able to give some present insight into yourself and help you get better at handling tough situations.

These kinds of advantages might be one of the things that you really need in your life recently. For instance, you want to get more persistent even if life gives you the benefit of the doubt in reaching your goal. 

The knowledge of the advantages of this meditation can help you realize that you have to engage in this kind of meditation right now. The following are these kinds of advantages reported by users.

  • More aware and conscious of the present moment
  • An elevated amount of concentration in any activity
  • More adaptable or adjustable in life
  • Less stress
  • More optimistic magnetism that can come from the universe

The Spiritual Aspect Of Mountain Meditation

Meditation has always made people feel like they have reached another plane of existence. This may be an occurrence since this exercise can help you concentrate on something for a long period of time.

Some people are convinced that they have seen God in that moment of meditation. In meditation, you are able to engage in this occurrence since you will be able to let anything pass by you even the universe. 

We become intimate with ourselves and our spiritual beliefs with meditation. This is why you should try engaging in this meditation to help you reach this feeling that can make you feel more enlightened.

You might even visualize that you are on a mountain even if the present time indicates that you are in your own home.


In this brief blog, we have talked about mountain meditation, exercises in mountain meditation, mindfulness in mountain meditation, and more information about mountain meditation.

If you have any questions about mountain meditation, please let us know and the team will answer your queries.

FAQs: mountain meditation

How do you do visualization meditation?

You can do visualization meditation by imagining yourself in a place where you want to go which is typically the favourite place you always wanted to go. In this kind of meditation, you can visualize yourself meditating on a mountain even though you are really in your own home.

What is body scan meditation?

Body scan meditation is a form of meditation when you start looking and feeling your body parts as you engage in this kind of exercise. You may do this by listening to your deep breathing. You can also this kind of meditation by feeling your chest rise and fall due to your breathing. You may even feel the pain in your legs if you are still a beginner at this kind of exercise.

How do I learn mindfulness meditation?

You can learn mindfulness meditation by following these aforementioned tips. You can start by looking for a quiet place for you to feel more likely to engage in mindfulness. You can start doing breathing exercises. You have to stay focused and not be distracted by any small noises while you are doing this kind of meditation. You can then develop this kind of practice into a daily routine.

Why do I get scared during meditation?

You can get scared during meditation because it is possible that you can feel various emotions when you are engaging in this kind of meditation. For instance, some people find themselves smiling genuinely while engaging in this kind of exercise. This is also true about you getting scared during this kind of activity.

What is the goal of meditation?

The goal of meditation is to reach beyond the confines of the mind and reach a place beyond reality that can’t be reached. Mindfulness is the ultimate goal of this exercise as a short term for the explanation. However, this kind of exercise does not easily get through this scope since the mind is a powerful barrier to cross.


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