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Motivation Worksheets

This page displays motivation worksheets.

These motivation worksheets aim to help encourage individuals to set their goals, plan and accomplish them.

These worksheets are a source of motivation for individuals who want to do things but feel a lack of motivation to do them.

Motivation worksheets help individuals explore things that encourage them, make them feel good and act as a driving force to achieve their goals.

Some of these motivation worksheets have been made by us while some of them have been curated from reputable third party websites, after reviewing relevant content in bulk. 

Motivation Worksheet- My Motivators

Motivation is defined as desire, energy or reason to do something. Motivation gives an individual a reason to perform a particular task.

Motivators are those reasons that encourage an individual to accomplish his tasks.

These motivators could be people, things, events, activities or anything that increases the activation energy of an individual and motivates him to behave in a certain way.

Some examples of common motivators include food, clothing, career, luxurious life dreams, partying, curiosity, feelings, emotions, incentives, promotion, honor, protection and so forth. 

Motivators of life vary from person to person. These motivators raise the spirits of an individual and enable him to work on his goals.

Motivation to do something increases the efficiency of that work. Thuerfroem it is essential to identify your motivators and utilize them wisely. 

Motivation Worksheets (7)

Motivation Worksheet- My Role Models

A role model is a person who is worthy of following. In other words, a person who is an ideal, an example to be imitated.

Each and every child needs a role model whose footsteps he can follow to succeed in life. 

A role model is an ideal person among many people. He sets an example for others to follow.

A role model inspires other individuals with his good behavior, attributes, contributions, attitude and so forth.

A role model is also a motivating force for an individual to follow his footsteps to become a person like him.

Researches have shown that positive role models motivate individuals to adopt certain ways preferred by people pursuing promotion goals.

On the other hand, negative role models highlight the type of ways favored by people pursuing prevention goals.

Thus, it is important to recognize the type of role model you follow and identify his attributes which encourage you to follow his footsteps to succeed in life. 

Motivation Worksheets (7)

Motivation Worksheet- Exploring Motivating Activities 

Activities that develop a sense of mastery in an individual help motivate him to pursue his goals and perform tasks.

Mastery is referred to as a sense of having control over the forces that influence an individual’s life.

It helps improve the psychological health and overall wellbeing of an individual across his life span.

There are various activities that help develop a sense of mastery in an individual such as helping others, cooking food, solving maths exercises and so forth.

Parents and teachers can work together to explore and direct students to perform certain activities that develop a sense of mastery in them.

The tasks which are attainable and at the same tie challenging, help students develop a sense of mastery, increase their self-esteem, competence, and motivation.

One thing need to be kept in mind while teaching self-mastery skills and activities to children, it is that these tasks or activities are only for the purpose of learning and do not contain scores.

This would help elicit all fears, anxiety, and stress from students and they can fulfill the tasks skillfully. 

When the educators focus on the interest of children, there are greater chances for developing a sense of mastery in them which in turn helps increase autonomy, competence and social relatedness.

Focusing on the emotions, skills, and cognition of students helps increase their motivation and increases success rate. 

Motivation Worksheets (7)

Motivation Worksheet- Motivating Yourself and Others

Motivation comes from one’s inner self but there could be both, internal and external factors that help motivate an individual to do something.

‘Motivating yourself and others’ is a worksheet on motivation and consists of eight pages.

This worksheet is a source of determining the importance of motivation and identifying things that motivate an individual.

This worksheet also helps individuals with exploring ways to motivate others.

This worksheet helps build motivation by finding out effective motivators and at the same time is a helpful resource for helping others to get motivated by exploring helpful motivators. 

This worksheet can be used by teachers for their students or guardians for their children to help increase motivation in kids and enable them to explore ways in which they can build up their motivation.  

This worksheet is easily accessible on the internet. You can download it in the form of pdf from here

Motivation Worksheet- Motivation and Goal Setting Worksheet

Motivation and goal setting worksheet, as the name tells, is a worksheet that helps individuals set goals and increases their motivation to achieve those goals.

This effective, detailed worksheet consists of two pages only. This worksheet allows individuals to think of their aims and set long-term, short-term and academic goals.

It enables individuals to analyze their goals closely and identify if these goals are attainable, reliable and worth by directing individuals to think of ways in which they will accomplish their goals. 

The next page of the worksheet aims to motivate individuals to work on their goals and achieve them skillfully.

It allows individuals to think of the fruitful consequences of achieving their goals.

These positive consequences are a driving force, a motivating and encouraging factor for individuals to work on achieving their goals efficiently.

This worksheet can e accessed by clicking here. You can also download it in the form of pdf for your convenience. 

Motivation Worksheet- Motivation Cards for Students Worksheet

Compelling kids to do a certain piece of work can be a challenging task but increasing their motivation is not that difficult.

Once the kids are encouraged to do a certain thing, they put all of their effort in doing that task and make their mark.

Motivation cards for students, worksheet is just one among various ways of motivating kids.

This worksheet consists of 24 printable motivating cards.

These cards carry motivational, appreciation comments on them that can help encourage a child.

The cards are colorful, attractive and aminated, which increases the excitement of kids and elevates their motivation level. 

You can get these motivation cards from this page.

To collect some more motivation cards like these, visit this page. 

Motivation Worksheet- Substance Use Motivation Scale

Motivation to do things increases an individual’s dedication, raises his spirits and ensures the completion of the task.

Motivation holds great importance. It is a significant factor in treatment adherence as well. 

Substance use motivation scale is a great tool for helping substance abuse patients to identify how motivated they are to withdraw their addition and abusing habits.

The scale consists of 1 to 20 point where 1 is the lowest motivation level and 10 means the individual is highly motivated.

After rating their motivation level the individuals are allowed to consider why their motivation is low if they marked low.

They are directed to list down some of the motivators that can help them adhere to the treatment by increasing their motivation.

This worksheet is simple yet effective.

You can get this worksheet from this page. This worksheet can also be downloaded in the form of pdf from the same page. 

This page provided you with some of the best motivation worksheets.

Some of these worksheets were created by us while some of them were curated fro reputable third-party websites. 

These motivation worksheets can be used as self-help worksheets for increasing motivation to do something.

If you have any queries or questions regarding these worksheets, ley us know through your comments. We will be glad to assist you. 

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