The Most Liked Comment on YouTube (+What it says about us)


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Page last updated: 26/09/2022

The Most Liked Comment on YouTube (+What it says about us)

In this brief guide, we will look at the most liked comment on YouTube, as well as what it says about Society.

The Most Liked Comment on YouTube

The most liked comment on YouTube is a title that tends to be attributed to Seth Everman, who commented on the popular Billie Eilish song Bad Guy saying “i’m the bald guy”, and combined with his profile picture that shows he’s bald, that comment got over 1.6 million likes.

Everybody is familiar with the concept of liking YouTube videos but only the truly deep into YouTube type of people like YouTube comments, and making things out into a phenomenon is something that people love to do.

This is probably what happened with Seth Everman, and according to the video he put out titled “How I got the most liked comment on YouTube”, he realised quite early on that he was getting a lot of traction but he didn’t want to say anything about it because he wanted to see how many likes he could get on his own.

However, according to Seth, when he realised that he was getting up there with the most liked comments on YouTube, he started to look into the phenomenon and started looking for other most liked comments on YouTube.

Seth found that the most liked comment on YouTube at that point was widely considered to be Grandayy, and it was on a music video by Kanye West called “I love it”, and it said “this new Roblox update looks great”, but this turned out to be wrong.

The real most liked comment on YouTube was actually not by a subscriber at all, it was by a corporation channel, National Geographic, and it was on another music video called “Earth”, by lil dicky.

This most liked comment on YouTube was actually a reply that National Geographic left on one of Lil dicky’s own comments, which said “I love the Earth”. To which National Geographic responded “Same Here”, with emojis of raised hands and the Globe.

The exact numbers of likes on the most liked comments on YouTube are not mentioned here because they tend to change all the time, and also because the most liked comment by Seth Everman has been deleted from the comment section as of October 2020.

Seth Everman also received a custom plaque for his most liked comment on YouTube after having tweeted at google to give him some sort of award for his comment.

The Most Liked Comment on YouTube (+What it says about us)

The Most Liked Comment on YouTube: What does it say about Society?

The strongest statement that can be made about society based on the most liked comments on YouTube is simply that first, people like humor of the simplest kind, and second, people tend to be influenced by what everyone else is finding funny.

These statements are not based in statistics, of course, and there is no scientific basis to it, but based on the theories of social psychology it can be said with some certainty that there is a need to conform and belong that everyone in the society experiences, even the type of introverted or ambiverted people who spend more time on YouTube than extroverts might.

Looking at Seth Everman’s most liked comment on YouTube, for instance, one can get a fairly good idea of how he got so far and the kind of humor people have.

Most people like to say that they like sarcastic humor, or tongue-in-cheek, or satire or the many other forms of humor that exist, but the truth is that most people would laugh or at the very least chuckle at the prospect of someone saying something quippy in a well-timed manner, even if it isn’t particularly deep.

That is probably how the phenomenon of the most liked comment on YouTube started, and continued. Some people probably started scrolling through the comment section while they bopped their head to the music and just as Billie Eilish croons “I’m the bad guy”, they saw a comment that said simply “i’m the bald guy”, and they chuckled.

This chuckle led them to like the comment, which would have increased its visibility, at which point more peopl saw it, and on and on it went, till it got to a point where people probably mentioned it on social forums and such and more people started to find it funny.

Also, people probably saw the number of likes on that comment and probably started liking it because other people had, because that is something that can influence how people think of something, which brings us to what the most liked comment on YouTube truly says about society.

You might have heard the phrase “get off the bandwagon”, and similarly there is a concept in social psychology called the Bandwagon effect, which refers to the tendency of an individual to acquire a particular style, behaviour or attitude because everyone else is doing it.

This phenomenon explains the rate of uptake of beliefs, ideas, fads and trends increases with respect to the proportion of others who have already done so, and this explains perfectly the theories behind the most liked videos or comments on YouTube, because a lot of times these things may be something the person might not like ordinarily..

However, when someone sees the number of people liking things, it changes their perception, and they may come to believe in something, regardless of the underlying evidence, or even without looking for the underlying evidence.

The bandwagon effect essentially adds to the need or tendency to conform, and there are other aspects to that too.

The Most Liked Comment on YouTube (+What it says about us)

Conformity and The Most Liked Comment on YouTube

Most Social identity theorists argue that when in a crowd, there is a shift from our individual selves to a collective self, and our behaviour in response to this shift is regulated by the social norms shared by our fellow group members, which increases conformity.

Hollway, Lucey, Phoenix and Lewis (2007) use the example of football fans to illustrate this idea. We are all familiar with the image of fans singing together and waving scarves with their chosen team’s colours. A deindividuation approach to this behaviour would suggest that the fans act this way due to a loss of self and a release from “normal self-restraints”.

However, Hollway et al. (2007) suggest that the football fan immersed in watching his/her team play, experiences a sense of belonging and identifies themselves as being part of the group, and thus behaves according to what the group is doing.

This sense of belonging is something that theorists and psychologists have talked about for ages, and you may know about the Maslow Hierarchy of needs that talks about it as well.

The simple fact is that people have a need to experience belongingness, and strange as it may seem, the fact that so many people came together to create the most liked comment on YouTube is an example of the fact.

Another example of this conformity is that after Seth Everman posted a picture of the comment screenshot on his Twitter and Instagram after it had already exceeded the National Geographic channel’s comment, he started getting new likes all over again, which ended up carrying him to 1 million.

He posted a picture of the 1 million comments and lo and behold, he started getting even more likes, and kept getting them till the comment was eventually removed in October 2020 for reasons no one seems to know.

This shows how much people conform even in situations where conformity is not asked for or desired, and how ingrained it is in us to show group behavior, because our ancestors hunted that way too and now we show each other appreciation by hoisting each other up.

Most Viewed Video on YouTube

The most viewed video on YouTube is Baby Shark, followed by Despacito by Luis Fonsi, which was overtaken only recently.

It is odd to think that there are a total of 7.5 billion people in the world and there are 7.4 billion views on the Baby Shark Dance video, while the other video, Despacito, has 7.1 billion views currently.

Of course, the number of views a video has is not a function of how many different people have watched it, only how many have seen it from start to end and it definitely means that many of those people have probably seen it multiple times.

It makes sense then, that a kids song, which probably gets played over and over again for fussy kids to give them something to do, has the most views — it probably does get viewed again and again because children are fussy often and they often have specific things that calm them down.

Despacito is probably one of the most viewed videos on YouTube because it’s a party song, and many people have probably resorted to it repeatedly because they couldn’t think of anything else to dance to after hours of drinking or being inebriated.

It also helps that Despacito is catchy and tends to stick around in your brain for the constant refrain like tune it has, and this helps it be even more playable.

Most Liked Videos on YouTube

The most liked videos on YouTube are Despacito, See you again, Faded and Baby Shark Dance.

The fact that Despacito and Baby Shark dance are so well liked is no surprise, because they are also the most viewed videos, and it only makes sense that they would also be the most well liked ones.

The other most liked video, See you again, is a song by Wiz Khalifa which was featured in the movie Fast and Furious, which was Paul Walker’s last movie because he died in a car crash soon after it was wrapped up, and the song has become sort of a remembrance for him.

The song was huge right after his death and the music video has many scenes from the movie that feature him, which combined with the lyrics probably got many fans quite sentimental.

The Most Liked Comment on YouTube (+What it says about us)


In this brief guide, we looked at the most liked comment on YouTube, as well as what it says about Society.

Society has grown and evolved on the internet for almost the last decade, which means that there are many ways in which we can assess where the priorities and tendencies of the people lie currently.

Comments on YouTube or other social media are a great way to see the general sense of humor or attitudes of the people as they are currently, and forums also provide a great insight into how people think.

If you have any questions or comments about the most liked YouTube comment, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Most liked comment on YouTube (+what it says about society)

Who has the most likes on YouTube 2019?

“Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee has the most likes on YouTube in 2019, and it was at 39.96m likes on YouTube in 2019.

It is also the most watched video on YouTube, and has 7.1 bn views and counting.

Which YouTuber has the most comments?

The YouTuber PSY has the most comments, especially on his video for Gangnam Style.

Is there a YouTube video with no dislikes?

No, there is no YouTube video that has no dislikes, unless you include the ones that have no subscribers or only have subscribers like their friends and family, who give them support, which means that they could have likes but no dislikes.


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