The most depressing zodiac signs (7 of them)

In this blog, we will talk about which of the 12 zodiac signs are more prone to feelings of depression. We will also see what traits and situations push them towards depression and how they handle it.


According to astrologers, there are certain celestial bodies that can invoke depression such as the moon, Saturn, Neptune, pluto, Cheron, Lilith, and Ceres.

The signs themselves are not prone to depression but certain astrological placements during the birth of an individual can cause them to be more vulnerable to depression.

The signs that rank first 6 on the list are

  • Pisces
  • Cancer
  • Scorpio
  • Capricorn
  • Gemini
  • Taurus

The severity of depression also depends on what house the planet falls in, sometimes it can lead to suicide. 


A depressive disorder involves periods of symptoms in which an individual experiences an unusually intense sad mood.which can lead to impairment in the functioning of daily life.

This can range from feelings of sadness, anxiety, loss of interest to loss of appetite, energy level, sleep cycle, concentration, motivation, and self-esteem.

It is the most common disorder and can hit any of us at any point in our lives for numerous reasons impacting our mental as well as physical health.


Zodiac signs with high emotional capacity and intuitive capacity are more prone to depression than others. Certain personality traits associated with a greater tendency to feel depressed such as self-criticizing, self-pitying, clingy, overly- dependent, and pessimistic.


Pisceans love quiet environments and their solitary surroundings which bring them peace and calm. They can also be self-destructive because they exhibit actions of self-sacrifice. They are loving and kind but they can also be clingy and act in a way to please everyone around them. 

They have a dreamy outlook on life which can often leave them out of touch with reality and lead them to disappointment most of the time. It also then hits them that they don’t have as much control over their life as they’d like and leads them into depression. 

However, this carefree attitude and imaginative capabilities make them well equipped to combat depression and recover from it. Pisceans rarely share their problems with anyone and choose to keep to themselves and overcome difficulties on their own by being their own hero. Their imagination rescues them and also makes them be of a happy and calm composure


Cancer is one of the moodiest, gloomiest zodiac signs and has a very dark outlook on life. This tendency puts them at a risk to be depressed. They are caring, sensitive, nurturing, and empathetic but they fail to have that same understanding and empathy towards themselves and feel as if no one cares about them.

Their depression often stems from their need to be needed and to be loved. They crave recognition, control, and affection to feel emotionally secure. It is not easy for them to share and talk about their emotional needs and desires and so they choose to suffer in silence which results in aggravation of their mental health and depression. They overburden themselves and often lead themselves to feel sad and depressed.

They often combat depression with physical fitness and feeling good about their appearance.


Scorpions are more susceptible to suffer from depression more in comparison to the other zodiac signs. The main causes of depression in scorpions are loneliness, loss, and separation. It is also because they experience an intense form of emotions and often dwell on subjects hurtful to them in the past.

 They often don’t share their feelings because they feel someone might exploit them for their vulnerability. It would be beneficial if they let go of this fear and share their feelings with someone they trust and also learn how to control their intense emotions.


Expressing emotions is very important for Capricorns to express their emotions and not doing so can lead to major depression. They have a tendency to blame themselves for everything and feel all responsibility lies on their shoulders. This guilt can quickly turn into depression and it happens often. They need to learn to trust themselves and have a more open-minded attitude towards life which can help them in sharing their emotions.

As a result of their tendency to feel responsible, they are able to learn to remain calm even during traumatic and stressful situations. This is also the reason that leads to their emotions piling up and making them susceptible to feelings of depression and stress.


Geminis seek excitement and love expressing themselves.  if they fall into a boring routine or if they find themselves in a position where they can not speak and freely express their ideas, they might get depressed. It is also particularly difficult for a Gemini to process and get over heartbreak.

On contrary to all the above-mentioned signs Gemini will project their feelings whether good or bad and make themselves busy to get distracted.

Their two-sided view of life makes them indecisive making it impossible to stay on a single path. This indecisiveness leads to a feeling of frustration and can further develop into depression.


As opposed to Gemini, a Taurus takes pleasure in the intimate and routine comfort of life. Their depression is linked to the feelings of their loved ones. If someone close to them is going through a traumatic period in life, it will have a serious impact on their emotional and mental health as well.

They are motivated, direct, and realistic, these traits keep them motivated and provide them with a sense of accomplishment. However, this also makes them more sensitive to failure and makes them upset and depressed and want to be left alone. They might not feel motivated for a long time which can affect their health drastically.  


Sagittarians are always seeking new experiences and adventures. They have a positive outlook towards life and so they quickly bounce back from difficult events that occur in their life and also makes them capable of getting through all issues that they encounter.

They don’t like to dwell on the negative aspects of life and always find a reason to be happy. Sagittarians are social animals and hate being alone for too long, contradictory to this, they also enjoy being solo every once in a while but not for long. The thought of loneliness depresses them


Libras are also social beings. They have a very laid back attitude with people that are known to them. They love socialising and meeting new people. They are easily approachable and have pleasant encounters with everyone.they rarely get bothered with sadness or depression.

The only thing that can tick them off is their inability to control everything. Lack of control can cause anxiety and drive them into a frenzy.


Leos are the life of a party and people love having them around. They tend to be lazy which can get them into trouble sometimes. They are not comfortable with change and are unable to deal with it which can cause feelings of depression. Their easy-going attitude and positive outlook help them bounce back quickly from grief and sadness.

Leos are expressive about their feelings though and will let people around them know how they are feeling and don’t like to overburden themselves.


Aries seeks validation and indulges in aggressive, impulsive behavior.

These people feel emotions strongly but are also practical in life. This helps them to not develop depression but if and when they do it can be a real task for them to get out of it. They are not equipped to deal with depression and can be vulnerable.


Aquarians are driven and have the need to achieve something. They also don’t like being told they’re wrong and can spend a lot of energy in proving others wrong which can be hazardous to their health. They empathise with others but don’t give themselves that same freedom to make mistakes. If they get hurt, instead of feeling that they do everything else, this can lead them into depression.


Just like Aquarius, Virgos also end up burning themselves due to work. They are workaholics, which they end up regretting and thus putting themselves into a never-ending cycle of guilt.

They often get sad thinking about their own life. They always focus on the negative aspects of things and this leads them into depression. They’re always thinking about the future and in doing so ruin their present. The problem of overthinking surely persists in Virgos 

They also have difficulty making friends and not following the is difficult for them to let go and enjoy themselves. 


In this blog, we talked about which of the 12 zodiac signs are more prone to feelings of depression. We also saw what traits and situations pushed them towards depression and how they handled it. All signs are equally susceptible to depression depending on the environment and events of their life.


Which zodiac sign is likely to suffer from mental illness?

All zodiac signs are equally prone to illnesses, be it metal or physical.

What is the dark side of libra?

They always want to be the center of attention and are always trying to please people by adjusting themselves.

What seems to be the saddest zodiac signs?

No one zodiac sign has more sadness than others.sadness is not limited to zodiac signs.

Which is the best zodiac sign?

All zodiac signs have their own pros and cons. No one zodiac sign is better than the others.

What is the smartest zodiac sign?

Gemini is smartest and Pisces is the wisest 


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