Moodjuice (A review)

In this brief blog, we will cover Moodjuice and all its benefits.

What is Moodjuice?

Mood juice is a website powered by the NHS which is designed to offer you help for different areas of your mental health.

Moodjuice will help you think about emotional problems and provide you with great content that allows you to work towards solving those emotional problems.

The Moodjuice website defines emotional problems as “ the mind and body’s way of saying that something needs to be changed in our life.”

The website is good but it can be very easy to get lost in the guidance especially if you feel you need professional help or guidance.

The website has the sole purpose to offer help to those who may be experiencing difficult thoughts.

It offers the first stop for those dealing with depression, anxiety, sleep issues, panic and stress. 

The website provides you access to a host of various self-help guides.

These guides contain all the information the NHS finds relevant about a particular topic such as what organisations can help you, what services are available from the NHS, self-help guides to help you deal with the mental wellness issue on your own, advice on what you can do it feel better.

On its about page, Moodjuice states “ this is an Internet site developed by Choose Life Falkirk and the Adult Clinical Psychology Service, NHS Forth Valley.

The site is designed to offer information, advice to those experiencing troublesome thoughts, feelings and actions.

From the site you are able to print off various self-help guides covering conditions such as depression, anxiety, stress, panic and sleep problems.

In the site an individual can explore various aspects of life that may cause some distress and on the press of a button can obtain information on organisations, services and other self-help materials such as Self-help Guides, that can offer advice, support and information.

The site can also be used by professionals through Moodjuice Professional.

This area of the site provides efficient and effective access to the various resources available on the Moodjuice database.

From this area professionals are able to access self-help guides, problem solving handouts, information on voluntary organisations, local authority and health services dedicated to offering the support that individuals may need to better deal with their feeling and their situation.  

The main guides found on the site, are a set of 12 guides written from a “cognitive behavioural” perspective by psychologists in NHS Forth Valley, these can be accessed through Moodjuice Professional – main page and specific pages in the main site.

There are a total of approximately 35 guides in the Moodjuice database, these can be accessed through the Information Library.

Problem Solving Handouts

This is a series of 4 handouts. They are a self-help adaptation of problem solving therapy, developed by psychologists in Forth Valley.

They are useful for a wide range of problems, including those related to physical health.

Organization and Services

We also provides both members of the public and professional access to information on various organizations and services offered locally and nationally that can provide support and advice.

Throughout the site there are many methods of access the information either by typing in specific keywords or a question, or by selecting one of the options presented in the drop down boxes.

The information that will be available includes, address, telephone numbers, email address and a web link (if these are available).“

The self-help guides provide by Mood juice include:

How can Mood juice help you?

Moodjuice can help you by allowing you to think about how your mental health issues are affecting you and work through them by using the guides provided on Moodjuice.

If these guides aren’t helpful then Moodjuice also provides a list of useful contacts from organisations who may be able to offer you more specialist advice or help.

Moodjuice can be used by anyone  including teenagers, parents, working adults, older children etc

You can also listen to a collection of Moodjuice self-help guides on via this podcast.

You can view a copy of the moodjuice self-help guides via pdf here.

Who updates the Moodjuice website?

The Moodjuice website is actively managed and updated so the information on it remains relevant.

This means any information or advice which may be considered as out of date is taken off the Moodjuice website.

Moodjuice is able to filter out of date content which has not been updated by its author and ensure that everything on the Moodjuice website is up to date.

How to get in touch with Moodjuice?

Moodjuice is an online self-help resource and doesn’t really have any means of contacting the Moodjuice team.

Moodjuice will not provide mental health advice which is personalised to individuals or gives you personalised advice on your situation.

The Moodjuice team simply focusses on maintaining and developing online resources.

To reiterate Moodjuice will not be able to offer you specific advice and guidance.

If you want specific advice or mental wellness support then you should speak to your GP or an appropriate mental wellness specialist.

There are resources on Moodjuice which can support you coping with difficulties, for example, self-help guides, information leaflets, details of books, organisations and services, support groups and helplines.

If the guides on Mood juice dont help you or you don’t find them sufficient enough then you may want to seek further mental health support.

If you are under 18 then CAMHS, an NHS run programme may just be the answer for your mental health struggles.

You should look to see if you meet the CAMHS referral criteria and then fill in the CAMHS referral form.

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