, where is the archive?

In this post, we shall be answering the question, where is the archive on We shall also be describing how you can archive and unarchive different items in your work process. is one of the most highly sought after project management tools in the market today. It is quite popular due to its user-friendly interface and visually pleasing aesthetics., where is the archive?

To find the archived history on, simply go to the three-dot menu on your customized dashboard. There you can find an option called Board settings which will take you to your Archived history. Here, you can find your work items from your previous tasks that you have completed and saved, and restore them successfully.

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While this may be confusing for many to do in other work management systems, actually is quite easy to handle and also has great security features which ensures proper protection of your files and your information. They also have a great customer support team which can guide in the case of any such difficulties.

How to archive a board on

In this section, we shall see how to archive a board while using Archiving is helpful in keeping your workspace clean and accessible. Using the process of archiving can help you keep the information you may need right away, while storing or saving other items which you might need in the future, in the cloud storage unit of the system.

In order to archive an entire board on, all you need to do is go to your board menu. You can find this at the top right-hand corner of your customized dashboard. You can click on the option ‘Delete or Archive’ board. You can choose between these two options and thus store your information safely.

How to archive a group on

You may sometimes want to save the information of a group and all the work processes associated with it for your future reference. This can be in cases where the group is no longer working together or have simply finished their tasks or their projects.

In order to archive a group on, all you need to do is to click on the arrow on the left of the name of the group, and then click on the archive option. With this measure, you can easily save all the information you require related to the group, and can even restore it in case you need it from the archived history in the management system.

How to archive an item on

Sometimes, you may want to archive one particular item and save all the information and tasks related to it for future use. The highly user-friendly also makes this easily possible. Just go to the left of the item that you want to archive.

While your cursor hovers there, you can see an arrow appearing. When you click on this arrow, you can see a menu drop down. On this menu, choose the ‘Archive’ option and click on it to safely store your information. also allows you to archive many items at once. In order to do this, select the items that you want to archive, and then go to the bottom of the screen. You can also archive a bunch of items through called Batch Actions. When you click on this, you can select the ‘Archive’ option from the menu and then choose it to archive all the selected items.

How to unarchive a board?

While you may need to archive information and tasks in order to have a cleaner and clearer workspace, you might also want to restore them in order to refer to them. This can be to collect information, to do some additional work on the task or even to fix any errors in them. With the help of, you can easily archive as well as unarchive boards.

In order to unarchive a board, offers several ways to do it. You can do so by going to your profile and clicking on your display picture. In the menu that will drop down, you can click on ‘Archived boards’. Once you do this, you can see the list of boards that you have archived in the past. Click on the board you would like to restore.

You can alternatively restore archived boards by using the ‘Search everything’ option. You can find it sitting on the panel above your display picture. Click on the magnifying glass and browse through the options given. You will find something called ‘Related to me’. Here, go to the ‘Archived Boards’ section and select the unarchive option from there.


In this post, we have answered the question, where is the archive on We have also described how you can archive and unarchive different items in your work process.

Frequently asked questions: (, where is the archive?)

How long does archive last?

The archive stores files for your use on its system for up to 30 days. However, after this, it will be deleted and hence you will not be able to access it. Thus, it is necessary to keep track of the items and work you are archiving in order to prevent files from getting lost or permanently deleted.

Can I undo in

In the project management system, you can easily undo your actions. However, here is a time limit of 10 seconds. So it is important to think carefully before you make an action. You also need to move fast in case you have made an error in your work.

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