Best Mirtazapine Success Stories (3 Personal Reviews)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about mirtazapine success stories, the people behind mirtazapine success stories, the inspiration of these mirtazapine success stories, and more information about mirtazapine success stories.

What are the different mirtazapine success stories?

The following are the different mirtazapine success stories that have been stated by people who have been through the withdrawal phase from this kind of medication:

  • Johnny D.
  • Trudee H.
  • Laura S.

Johnny D. (MICHIGAN) Klonopin, Mirtazapine (Remeron), Suboxone

This affected person was once a reader of the testimonials on the Point of Return page where he started writing his own experience.

He just wanted to say that he feels relieved that he gets to share his experience with this medication to people who will get him.

He was 24 years old at that time, very healthy, in great shape.

He was a personal trainer in a gym which is a very demanding job depending on the patrons in the gym.

During 2006, he was snapped and got hit by a machine.

The machine hit him in the frontal lobe which made him have some serious symptoms that might be associated with the damage.

He stated that he felt parasthesia which are tingling and burning sensations in other internal and external extremities.

He was obvioulsy showing signs that he never experienced this pain before.

He admitted that he had some broken ribs and a broken arm before but the pain in this condition was very unbearable for him.

He was also hesitant about taking some medications prescribed by doctors.

He started taking Klonopin in the start because he was having panic attacks, lots of anxiety.

He admitted that he was also taking painkillers to help him with his anxiety. 

He then began to take Ambien because he couldn’t sleep properly. He also had some other medications for the last 3 years.

He stated that he was psychologically unwell when he was taking this medication.

He also stated that the worst part of taking this medication was having to deal with the nightmares that come as side effects from taking this medication.

He also had to deal with the weird nights associated with this medication.

Although he was able to take off from this medication and be able to help himself thanks to the doctor who guided him through this journey.

He was able to pray to God when he was taking this medication for 3 years.

He was thankful that he was given a chance of getting rid of the painful effects of this medication even if he had to go through for 3 years.

He stated that he has shared his gratitude to Alesandra, Terry, Andrea, and everyone else involved at the Point of Return.

He believes in this hospital since the hospital staff were able to help others who were affected like him to get rid of his uncomfortable symptoms.

You are sure to have the best treatment possible whether it be brain rehab or another treatment.

You should take this as a lesson in making sure that you get doctor’s consultation first before taking medications for short-term relief which don’t really last long in the long run.

He even stated that he can’t give enough gratitude to this hospital as much as he does.

Trudee H. (Australia) – Avanza (Mirtazapine), Stilnox (Ambien), Imovane (Zopliclone)

This affected patient remembered the day that she was brought to the Point of Return hospital where she was being treated for her condition.

She was able to convince herself that she needed God in that hour and she was blessed when God brought her to the hospital.

She stated that she was in a state of despair at that time which made her feel like she was really going to have her life lost in her eyes.

She was able to be sent over to her guardian angel in that hospital who was Alessandra who was able to assist her in her time of need.

In the last 23 years, she has been working the night shift in a nursing home.

She had trouble in her sleeping habits when she was in the nursing home but she was able to use sleeping pills but these pills only serve to hurt her in the long run.

She had tried some natural remedies to help her sleep but she can only sleep for 4 hours at night.

She was always persistent that she was going to avoid drugs but this situation made it seem that they were the only saving grace right now.

She wasn’t even sure how long she tried to come off the drugs that she was dependent on.

She had to go through 21 days of no sleep which isn’t really healthy for her. 

She stated that she didn’t understand rebound insomnia and depression back then but she seemed to understand when the outcomes of her drugs have come to her.

She even wrote this story to help others not consider drugs as she did since there are obvious consequences that can occur when getting dependent on these drugs.

She even admitted that she was dumbfounded about tolerance levels of these drugs.

This medication and Imovane had made her feel like she has been drifted away from her own body.

She felt like she had different psychological disorders at once such as agoraphobia. 

This made her feel like she has made the greatest mistake in her life. She felt like there was nothing around her anymore.

She felt like her life was coming out of her body wishing her to rest in peace which is something she didn’t want to do immediately due to her family.

She was proud enough that she was given a second chance when she met the Point of Return hospital staff where she was immediately treated for her drug dependence.

Alesandra, Andrea, Terry, Wendy and Rachel, you not only changed her life but you gave it back to her.

She thanks these lovely hospital staff from the depths of her heart.

Laura S., (Colorado) Xanax, Mirtazapine, Effexor, Tramadol

Thirty years ago, she had to go through a downward spiral of depression which has served her extreme pain for those years.

She was given antidepressants but she never liked the taste of them but she needed them for her nerve pain.

She was able to minimize the pain but that didn’t stop the depression that she was feeling.

She was feeling like she felt numb and the fact that she was already in her old age is not helping things with these emotions she is currently feeling.

It is also not helping her when she became dependent on these medications for her fatigue which only worsened her depression.

She had fourteen grandchildren and yet only one stood by to get concerned about her which led her to talk about the medications she was becoming dependent.

This grandchild was worried about her which made her help her grandmother the best she could even when she took the effects of becoming too dependent on these medications.

She was glad that this one granddaughter was looking out for her even in her sense of hopelessness of being ever attended to by her grandchildren and her children.

She blessed God for having a granddaughter who still cared about her wellbeing in the age that she might appear useless to her children and even her grandchildren. 

She felt happy that she was heavily supported despite the irresponsibility she had done by tolerating these medications and making them the only solution to her pain.

She was able to meet the Point of Return hospital staff who helped her get rid of the drug that is intoxicating her body.

She was able to get rid and thanks to the lovely doctors of this hospital.

She was happy that in her old age, she was still able to attain a second life and reunite with her husband and offsprings.

It is not easy being treated as the senior in the family since most children will have the tendency to leave the old family member alone which can only worsen depression in this kind of situation.

In this kind of concern, we should be able to seek out our family members and don’t exclude anyone out, especially older family members.

After all, they are the ones who gave you one parent to make you.

You need to spread some gratitude to these people since they have been helping you for a long time without you noticing.

In this kind of situation, this affected patient was thankful that her granddaughter still looked out for her despite her decaying age and her increasing loneliness since her children and grandchildren already have lives of their own that they need to attend to.

This affected patient even stated that older family members who might have the same situation as her should not be afraid and lose hope since this kind of hospital can help them with their needs.

And she also adds that you shouldn’t use drugs to get short-term relief to avoid what has happened to her.


In this brief blog, we have talked about mirtazapine success stories, the people behind mirtazapine success stories, the inspiration of these mirtazapine success stories, and more information about mirtazapine success stories.

If you have any questions about mirtazapine success stories, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: mirtazapine success stories

Can you take mirtazapine occasionally for sleep?

No, you can’t take mirtazapine occasionally for sleep. This is because this can lead to insomnia.

You need to take this kind of medication daily to help you get to sleep and you don’t need to keep changing the dosage or stop your intake of the prescribed dosage for this kind of medication. 

Is mirtazapine less sedating at higher doses?

Yes, mirtazapine is less sedating at higher doses.

Although this kind of conclusion is very uncertain in clinical data of this condition.

You should always take note of the side effects of this medication which are drowsiness, dry mouth, daytime sedation, increased appetite, and weight gain. 

Why is mirtazapine more sedating at lower doses?

Mirtazapine is more sedating at lower doses because this kind of medication tends to bind more to the histamine site than the adrenergic site leading to this kind of feeling.

This can occur since this kind of medication is a noradrenergic and a specific serotonergic antidepressant.

Does mirtazapine make you feel happy?

No, mirtazapine does not make you feel happy.

This kind of medication will only make you feel like your normal mood state again.

You are warned that you shouldn’t expect immediate effects from this kind of medication.

There are some cases that people who take this kind of medication will get worse in the first few weeks of treatment. 

Can mirtazapine change your personality?

No, mirtazapine can’t change your personality.

This kind of medication will only make you be your normal personality.

This is why you shouldn’t expect much in using this kind of medication so that you can be free from severe disappointment. 


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