Miracle morning affirmations before bed (33+)

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Miracle morning affirmations before bed

  • I am in charge of my mind.
  • I am strong in mind, body and spirit.
  • I feel good about being me.
  • Amazing opportunities exist for me in every aspect of my life.
  • I choose to be happy right now.
  • I am grateful for all that I have.
  • I live in joy.
  • I am positive and optimistic.
  • I believe things will always work out for the best.
  • I can create the life I want.
  • I am excited about this day.
  • I choose to love with an open heart.
  • I have unlimited potential.
  • I will consciously create my future.
  • I embrace happiness as my natural state of being.
  • I feel joy and contentment in this moment.
  • I awaken in the morning feeling happy and enthusiastic about life.
  • I can tap into a wellspring of inner happiness anytime I wish.
  • I find joy and pleasure in the most simple things in life.
  • I rest in happiness when I go to sleep, knowing all is well in my world.
  • I know exactly what I need to do to achieve success and commit to doing it.
  • I trust myself and know my inner wisdom is my best guide.
  • I am grounded in the experience of the present moment.
  • I am feeling healthy and strong today.
  • I have all that I need to make this a great day of my life.
  • I have all the information I need to solve any challenges that come up today.
  • I have the knowledge to make smart decisions for myself today.
  • I make the right choices all day using my inner wisdom.
  • I am happy and content with my life.
  • I am patient and calm and greet the day with ease.
  • I am filled with gratitude and kindness for another day on this earth.
  • I am anticipating the morning with positive expectations and excitement because I am well aware of the benefits that I will receive by choosing to wake up and live the miracle morning . 
  • I am just as worthy, deserving, and capable of achieving extraordinary levels of success and all of my goals as any other person on earth, and that the only things separates me from those at the top is my level of commitment.
  • Nighttime is my time to heal. 
  • I have done my best today, and I am willing to forgive the rest.
  • Loving kindness pervades my whole being.
  • My body is relaxed and my mind is peaceful.
  • Nothing will wake me tonight.
  • I am a heavy sleeper and nothing wakes me.
  • I can sleep all through the night
  • I will wake up feeling fresh and relaxed.
  • Tomorrow I will be well rested and full of energy.
  • I release my insomnia.
  • I am ready to fall into a deep sleep.
  • It is very difficult for me to wake up at night.
  • Nothing wakes me in the middle of the night.
  • I am calm and relaxed and let go of my worries.
  • My body and mind are totally relaxed.
  • I feel my worries slowly detaching from me.
  • I am becoming a more relaxed person every day.
  • I give myself permission to relax and slow down.
  • Everything around me resonates with peace and harmony.
  • My mind is at peace.
  • I release all negative energy from me.
  • When I enter my bedroom, I leave all the stress and anxiety at the door.
  • I release of all te worries I had during the day.
  • I release the day
  • I only hold on to positive feelings from today
  • I have done my best for today
  • I let the day’s excitement drift away
  • I am thankful for today
  • Sleep is a natural process
  • I feel comfortable and at peace
  • I am allowed to fall asleep
  • My bedroom is a sleep sanctuary
  • I am entering a deep sleep
  • I always sleep well
  • My mind feels calm and serene
  • I deserve this rest
  • I can sleep whenever I choose
  • My sleep is peaceful
  • I sleep all through the night
  • Sleep comes easily to me
  • I am falling into a restful sleep
  • I am in control of my sleeping patterns
  • I fall asleep quickly
  • I always sleep soundly
  • My muscles are feeling heavy and relaxed
  • I get all the sleep I need
  • I am grateful for tomorrow
  • My body clock naturally sends me to sleep at night
  • I wake up in the morning feeling refreshed
  • I am happy to be able to sleep
  • Sleep rejuvenates me
  • I am calming my body and mind
  • Sleeping deeply is normal for me
  • My dreams are happy and harmonious
  • I am a good sleeper
  • I am ready to sleep
  • My head feels heavy on my pillow
  • My body heals while I sleep
  • I sleep all through the night.
  • I get up as soon as my alarm clock goes off feeling fresh and alert.
  • Insomnia is no longer a part of me. I release it with joy.
  • I enjoy deep refreshing sleep every night.
  • My bedroom is a place of comfort, relaxation, and deep sleep.
  • I am wide awake and alert throughout the day and at night my body’s natural sleep cycle gently drifts me off to sleep.
  • I maintain perfect sleep timing and as a result I enjoy perfect sleep.
  • Sleep is a natural process that I enjoy every night. I close my eyes and awake the next morning refreshed and revitalised.
  • I am aware of what could prevent sleep and cause insomnia. I ensure that my daily routine is filled with sleep promoting habits.
  • When I enter my bedroom, my thoughts naturally detach and slow down. My bedroom is a place of sleep and deep relaxation.

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