Mindfulness tattoo (A guide)

In this brief blog, we will cover the topic of mindfulness tattoo. 

If you want a mindfulness tattoo then there are a lot of options on the type of mindfulness tattoo you can get.

In this blog, we have curated a list of mindfulness tattoo which you may want to consider. 

What is a Unalome?

Unalome represents the path to enlightenment for so many in the Buddhist culture.

The spirals on the Unalome are meant to represent the turns and twists of life whilst the straight lines represent when one reaches enlightenment or a place of harmony and peace.

A  lot of people get the Unalome symbol as a mindfulness tattoo.

What is the symbol for meditation?

The Om is widely recognised as the symbol for meditation.

The OM symbol is the most sacred syllable symbol and mantra of Brahman, the Almighty God in Hinduism.

The symbol can be used before meditation, self-reflection and introspection.

What does Unalome Lotus mean?

The Unalome lotus is an adaptation of the unalome symbol. It represents wisdom and a path to perfection.

The lotus flower symbolizes overcoming adversities towards perfection, thus perfectly integrating the meaning of the Unalome

Types of mindfulness tattoo

There are different types of mindfulness tatto you can get. Mindfulness tattoos are now seen as a way to express ideas rather than as body art.

When seeking to get a mindfulness tattoo you should get one that truly symbolizes the journey you are trying to take and get a tatto that has a symbolic meaning..

You mindfulness tattoo should help express your inner self and the spiritual growth and journey you are on.

Here are some good mindfulness tattoos that help convey this:

Lotus tattoo

A Lotus Tattoo is a very thoughtful and complex tatto which you can use as your mindfulness tattoo.

Based on the colour and religion which you are interesting the lotus tattoo, its symbolism may change.

As we are talking about mindfulness it is relevant to focus on Buddhism. “In Buddhism, this flower symbolizes the Eightfold Path, also, it renders diverse meanings due to the colour of the flower: a blue lotus signifies the advantage of the spirit over wisdom.

A pink lotus is the flower of Buddha and a red one is connected with compassion and love.” In Eastern cultures, the lotus flower is a sign of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment.

The lotus flower symbolises personal and spiritual development which are all important when talking about growth.

Moon Tattoo

The moon tatto is a good idea for a mindfulness tattoo. The meaning of the moon tatto depends on exactly what is depicted.

A full moon means change is coming and also means insanity. A half-moon symbolises the duality of human nature and life.

A blue moon is used to mark special moments and accomplishments in our lives.

A crescent moon portrays deep power, strength and energy.

Cross tattoo

A cross tatto could also be a very good mindfulness tattoo. Crosses have always been used to signify religion and spiritual growth has a lot to do with religion.

Crosses also represent spirituality, faith and life.  But crosses can also be adapted to mean other things. 

“An ornate Celtic cross embodies eternal love. A tribal cross symbolises courage and dedication. The Egyptian cross signifies wisdom and femininity.”

Ganesha Tattoo

The Ganesha tattoo is a respected and feared Hindu deity which symbolises spirituality.

The Ganesha tatto represents new starts, success and the spirit to overcome any obstacles. i

The Ganesha tatto could be a good option for a mindfulness tattoo.

Buddha Tattoo

The Buddha tattoo is well known to reference meditation, relaxing, calming, letting go of negative energy, serenity, love, compassion, solitude and spirituality.  denotes meditation, serenity, and solitude.

The lotus flower is often used to depict the Buddha tatto but the Buddhas face has also been used often as a type of mindfulness tattoo.

Om Tattoo

We have already spoken about the OM symbol and its use as a mindfulness tattoo.

OM signifies the connection of our personal energy with the universe, an infinite source of knowledge and the essence of a canal existence.

Hamsa Tattoo

“This symbol represents the hand of God. It is depicted either with fingers apart or closed together. Usually, the hand with the eye stands for power, protection, and confidence, but in major religions, it acquires additional meanings.”

Heart Tattoo

A heart tattoo is a very good mindfulness tattoo. The heart tattoo will symbolise compassion, peace, love and will fit in perfectly to the personal journey you are going on.

Peace Sign Tattoo

The peace sign tatto is more associated with the hippies but it can also be used as a mindfulness tatto is the energies being released is all for peace, tranquillity and against violence or oppression.

The peace sign tatto is a good option for a mindfulness tattoo.

All Seeing Eye Tattoo

The all-seeing eye tatto is a good mindfulness tattoo.” It has always been the symbol of divine providence and spiritual awakening. In India, it is the sign of the person, who is able to see the true nature of all things. In Buddhism, it refers to the Eye of Buddha, so-called “Third Eye”, which means wisdom. In Christianity, it is called “An Eye of God” and symbolizes God’s mercy.”

Examples of Mindfulness tattoo

This Mindfulness tatto is an unalome lotus tattoo. You will find that most of the mindfulness tattoos will follow this theme.

You could also use the mindfulness symbol above as a mindfulness tattoo.

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