Mindfulness Games (A Comprehensive Guide)

Mindfulness games can motivate us and boost the quality of our minds and games in several different ways.

In today’s world, there is a rush to complete things and achieve our goals, in this rush and pacey way of life we have forgotten to have fun and enjoy being oneself.

Here, we will be explaining some of the games which can be used to play with children at home and can strengthen one’s bond with them through games.

Researches also confirm that playing these games of mindfulness can help children cope up with a lot of different things such as: 

  • Lessen the effects of being bullied
  • Focus enhancing in children suffering from ADHD
  • Reduction in attention problem
  • Improve well being and mental health
  • Improve the social skills of the children

In this article, we will discuss a few mindfulness games. 

These mindfulness games can be divided into age-specific ones and it is important for educators and caregivers to play age-specific games with children that are constructive for their age group.

For example, in preschools, mindful games with tools like objects, pictures, simple movement, music, and food can help children develop the ability to focus their mind on a specific item and enhance their attention span and will help them to be active and present.

Flook undertook a study in which children were asked to be engaged in an activity also known as Belly Buddies, where while listening to music they were also familiarized with the tone of their stomachs falling and rising with their breaths.

This study concluded that after Mindfulness Games, kids become more attuned to their breath, body, and music.

These are simple activities that can help develop different aspects of daily life and also help develop long term positive habits and effects on kids and adults alike. We are gonna discuss some of the activities here in this topic.


Mindfulness Games 1: Breathing exercise

One of the basic exercises that can help in training the mind and relax the person mentally to make it more balanced and calm irrespective of their situations are the breathing exercises. 

How to:

  • Get the kid to be comfortable and sit in a calm and relaxed environment.
  • For starters ask the kid to breathe slowly and normally and observe them while breathing. 
  • After observing them for a couple of minutes, ask the kid to take a deep breath and start observing the kid again, especially the exhaling and inhaling procedure. 
  • Repeat the same activity with the kid for at least 5 to 10 times at different times daily.

Mindfulness Games 2:  Take a walk in nature

Walking in natural scenery like in a park or a forest can make a person more vigilant and aware of their surroundings.

These mindfulness activities are the basis of making the person more sharp and attentive. 

How to:

  • Choose a trek, any outdoor area or garden with enough greenery.
  • Always have enough snacks and water to keep hydrated.
  • Make the kid walk around in a relaxed way. Also ask them to keep observing everything around the track and listen to the sounds of wind, stream, and birds around the area. 
  • This will help them connect with nature and make their senses sharper.

Mindfulness Games 3:  Bell exercise

This is another fun exercise that will help the child to enhance their auditory sense and relate to the present moment.

This can be either a group activity or an individual activity. For this activity, you will need a large or medium-sized bell and a room without noise. 

How to:

  • Ask the kid to sit in a calm and quiet place, if it is a group of kids then form a circle and make them site side by side with some distance.
  • Now take a bell and ring it, also ask the kids to pay attention to the sound and the vibrations that are generated because of it. 
  • Ask the kids to listen attentively to the sound and once they cannot hear the sound anymore they should raise their hand.
  • After that stay silent for some time and let them pay attention to the other sounds that are present in the surroundings.
  • In the end, ask the kids to describe their experience and the difference they could feel before and after the bell was rung.

Mindfulness Games 4:  Breathing companion

In this activity, the kid will go through the breath exercise using a soft toy as his breathing companion which will not only help them but also engage them to understand how breathing technique can affect their body vibrations.

How to:

  • For starters, place a stuffed soft toy on the kid’s stomach.
  • Afterward, ask the kid to breathe normally and observe the movement of the toy along with their companion movements.
  • Ask them to do the same while breathing slowly.
  • They will observe that when they are breathing slowly or normally the toy will stay intact but if they breathe heavily the toy will fall down. 
  • This exercise can help the kid out of learning about maintaining a balanced mindset in different situations of life. 

Mindfulness Games 5:  Sense of smell

This is another simple but powerful activity that can help the kid to train their sense of smell and can have an impact on improving their sense of smell and their mindfulness.

Soothing and wonderful aromas can also help relieve stress and anxiety too.

How to:

  • Place different objects having unique smells in front of the kid.
  • Ask the kid to pick one of the objects, smell it, and then describe the smell.
  • Ask the kid to close their eyes and focus fully on the smell when they are trying to smell the aroma.
  • Choose the objects with soothing aromas so after the activity ends they experience a wonderful and feeling of freshness.

Mindfulness Games 6: Read your heartbeat

This is another regular jumping exercise but with a specific change or twist to the exercise like you have to count your heartbeats while jumping..

How to:

  • For starters, ask the kid to hear his heartbeat while standing still. 
  • Now ask them to jump for some time and even if able to count their heartbeat while jumping if possible.
  • After they are done ask them to hear about their heartbeat again and pay attention to it.
  • In the end, ask them to write down or record what they observed during the activity.

Mindfulness Games 7: Positive mission statement

This is another fun mindfulness activity that can be used for motivation or to reinforce a positive attitude in the kid, it also plays a crucial role in improving their mindfulness.

How to:

  • Ask the kid to sit in a comfortable, relaxed position with a calm mind.
  • Then ask them to close their eyes, take a couple of deep breaths and think about what inspires them and how their lives are.
  • After it, give them some time around 10 – 15 mins to come up with some positive mission or slogan for their life.
  • This positive statement or slogan they come up with can be practiced by the kid on a regular basis to reinforce their confidence and zeal in daily lives.

Mindfulness Games 8: Embrace every feeling

Feelings are not permanent and are temporary so it is important for the kid to embrace their feelings whether they are bad or good and this mindfulness activity will help them understand their feelings more.

How to:

  • Ask the kid to think about different past experiences, one from the sad one and one from a happy one.
  • Now ask the kid to explain both of the experiences in detail.
  • When they are finished with the description of the experiences, ask them how they feel now at present, and if the feelings of the past are still affecting their current moods.
  • When they will further talk about the incidents, they will realize that it is better to let go of the irrelevant feelings and thoughts of the past

Mindfulness Games 9:  Create a mind jar

Although this situation is rare, sometimes just fidgeting around with things and doing nothing can sometimes help a person get more relaxed and relieve their tense muscles.

And if the things surrounding them are colorful, really nice, and soothing to the eyes the better it is.

How to:

  • Take a clear jar with a tight lid which can be later used to secure it properly.
  • Now ask your kid to fill the jar almost 3/4th mark with hot water, carefully.
  • Now, the next part is to add glitter to the water. It can be a single color or multiple colors let the imagination of your kid go wild with the glitters.
  • Now let the glitter settle down and secure the lid tightly, to further make sure to use hot glue to tighten the lid more securely so that no water spills out of it later.
  • That’s it, your own colorful mind jar is finished. Now shake the jar and see the glitter dance inside hot water inside the jar.

This mind jar can be used to get a break from different activities when you are stuck on something or feel stressed and need something to relieve your stress.

Tip: During the making of the mind jar, a guardian or a parent should supervise the kid at all times so that everything is done smoothly.

Parents are further advised to ask the kids to be careful while using glue or hot water and don’t hurt themselves while in the process.

Mindfulness Games 10:  Body scan

This is another simple but relaxing mindfulness activity that can help a kid in the development of their attentive and mindful personality.

The idea time for going through this activity is right before the kid’s bedtime as this activity will help them sleep soundly and relax.

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How to:

  • Ask the kid to sit in a relaxed way.
  • Tell the kid to take a couple of deep sound breaths.
  • Now ask them to close their eyes and lie down comfortably and in a relaxed manner.
  • Ask the kid to focus on every little part of their body, starting from their head towards their toe as they take deep breaths during the process of inhaling and exhaling. They will later move their attention from toe towards the head and vice versa. 
  • They should move their attention again to end this activity.

FAQ about Mindfulness games

What are some mindfulness activities?

Some of the mindfulness exercises and activities which can be done in under a minute are:

– Stretch and yawn for 10 seconds every other hour

– Take the exercise of three hugs and three big breaths

– Stroke your hand

– Eat a raisin mindfully

2. How do you play mindfulness?

It can be played in two different ways to make the game into an exercise:

– Play the game or exercise while the kid is distracted, allow the kid to wander his mind while trying to engage him in activities or conversation that might take his focus away from the game.

– The next step is to help your kid reach a clear and calm mind through mindful activities and then play the game again.

3. What are the three components of mindfulness?

The three components of mindfulness are Attitude, Intention, and Attention.


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