Mindfulness cards (A guide)

In this brief article, we will be talking about mindfulness cards, the meaning behind mindfulness cards, the benefits of having mindfulness cards, and more information about mindfulness cards. 

What are mindfulness cards?

These kinds of cards have an engaging deck that you can bring yourself to self-awareness in.

You can use these kinds of cards to help you get in the mood of experiencing mindfulness anywhere you go.

You can find all the quotes of these cards focusing on each of the following categories:

  • Rest & Balance for mindfulness
  • Insight & Awareness for mindfulness
  • Curiosity & Joy for mindfulness
  • Kindness

You can also write something on an empty card to write your goal for the day.

You can use these kinds of cards to be placed on your desk to remind you that there is nothing to worry about.

Mindfulness exercise cards

These cards are filled with different exercises to get you in the mindfulness spirit.

You can also get some colouring books in this package to help you get in the present moment when you are feeling the need to get anxious or disappointed.

This package contains the following

– 25 Mindfulness Cards for your mindfulness needs

– Plain Mindfulness Journal to record your progress for mindfulness 

– 3 Mindfulness Colouring Sheets for your mindfulness needs as well

There aren’t other materials in this package such as crystals, vases, and a Buddha statue.

These cards can get you in the spirit of mindfulness which can help you get yourself in a tip-top shape with your psychological wellbeing.

This exercise has been found to have great benefits for people who try which is important that you try this exercise by using these cards.

You will get to feel the benefits once you have made this exercise a regular routine in your life.

You should choose these mindfulness cards because of the following reasons:

Mindkompass mindfulness exercises are fun and appropriate for all levels of mindfulness practice

– These exercises were made by a team of mindfulness teachers and students who can help you reach mindfulness

– These exercises are more elaborate and detailed than competitor products that aren’t very suitable

– This set is ideal for gifting to a friend who might need mindfulness

– You can practice on your own or in a group setting with this mindfulness card set

– You can pick 1 exercise each day for 25 consecutive days or concentrate on 1 card per week using this mindfulness card set

Mindfulness activities for young children and the whole family

These mindfulness activity cards are ideal for children who can easily learn and apply mindfulness actThese mindfulness activity cards are appropriate for children to learn and apply mindfulness exercises which can help them in the long run.

Your child can learn the following in this card set:

ities using this kit. i

* The world around them through being (at the moment) which is the goal of mindfulness

* Their thoughts and feelings, and how to manage them in the proper way

* A range of relaxation strategies for them to reach mindfulness

These activity cards have phrases and conversations that the child will learn how to respond to which can help them be more relaxed in dealing with stressful situations.

These cards are made of gloss which can be easily touched by children and help them hold these cards without letting them stick to them.

Creatively mindful moments

These card sets can get you calm by getting into mindfulness moments.

You can also apply colour to these cards if you want to make them more appealing in your eyes.

These mindfulness cards are also for adults who are not using mindfulness to get rid of the stress in their lives. You can use these cards for the following purposes:

  • A quiet moment to rebalance is necessary for the individual
  • Big emotions are occurring to little people
  • You can feel anxiety and stress increasing in you
  • You can feel focus at work, school, or home beginning to wane in your time
  • Suitable for 5-11 year olds and their adults who will need mindfulness

These cards are very useful in relieving yourself of the emotions that are destroying you.

The creators of these cards will guarantee this situation in people who went through these cards.

You can also use this when you are dealing with your newborn who might be making you lose mindfulness moments.

A gift for mindfulness

This mindfulness package is great for people who want to go through the challenges and activities that will help you reach the goal of mindfulness.

You will learn how to be more controlled in dealing with situations that can make your emotions go awry.

This gift has 32 cards with different activities that you can do to help you reach mindfulness in the drudgery of your day-to-day life.

You can also use some of these challenges everywhere to help you get through your stressful life.

You can use these cards to get you relaxed when you need to when you have the spare time to be relaxed.

You can be sure to learn mindfulness which can help you control your emotional reactions to stressful situations in your life.

Mindfulness flashcards

These flashcards are great gifts for people of different ages.

These cards contain animals that can help you know what to do to reach mindfulness.

The different animals in these cards are arranged from A to Z which can also help your child to learn about mindfulness.

You can practice mindfulness together with your child to help the both of you get the relaxation that you deserve.

In this case, these cards can make you connect with your family members and help them be more relaxed in facing stressful situations that may come your way.

Mindfulness and calm breathing activities card set

This card set can help your child learn about the different mindfulness techniques that he or she can do in his or her free time.

This card set contains 52 cards with 52 exercises for you to guide your child in mindfulness exercises.

Choose over cards for mindfulness and positivity printable

These 100 cards have different positive affirmations that you can use to practice mindfulness and get rid of the negativity in your life.

You can use these cards to help you find some time to interact with your inner feelings and help you feel more connected with yourself.

You can use these cards to pass around with your colleagues at yoga to have fun with others while you are doing mindfulness.

This can also help your colleagues to get rid of the negativity that might have been present in their lives at that time.

There are other purposes of these cards which are the following:

• Pass out cards to yoga students after class when you are a yoga student

• Share with friends, family, and everyone who can benefit from mindfulness exercises

• Lunch box notes for adults and teens for them to remind themselves that they are wonderful people

• College care packages for self-care in college students

• Back to school inspiration for people who need mindfulness

• Put them in a jar on your kitchen table to remind you a good thing to start your day

• Include a few in notes and greeting cards to make it more presentable

• Place them around your workplace for co-workers to find and get them inspired

• Leave some in random places for others to find to get others to engage in mindfulness

Set of 25 mindfulness and grounding affirmation cards

This card set is filled with mindfulness and grounding quotes that you can use to get you back to the ground.

You can also use these quotes to get you back at the present moment.

This card set contains 25 cards with 25 quotes that you will benefit from. The 25 messages are the following:

1. (I make conscious, appropriate, and wise decisions)

2. (I am fully focused and present in my interactions.)

3. (I will become more open and less judgemental.)

4. (I am aware of the consequences of my actions.)

5. (I feel calm)

6. (I am safe)

7. (Breathe)

8. (I will think before i speak.)

9. (I am mindful in every moment)

10.( Mindful creativity is the key to blessings and miracles.)

11. (Breathing in, breathing out, I return to my own blessed center.)

12. (Breathe in calm)

13. (Breathe out tension)

14. (I have profound inner peace and serenity)

15. (I am mindful of my breath in each moment)

16. (Each day is fresh and new.)

17. (I practice mindfulness and meditation every day)

18. (By focusing in the present, I create enormous mental clarity in my life.)

19.( My life is filled with endless magical moments.)

20. (I easily channel my focus into this present moment.)

21. (I make all decisions from a place of mindfulness and health.)

22. (I am mindful of the impact of my words on others)

23. (I alone am in control of my thoughts and emotions)

24. (I easily keep my attention focused on activities that matter most.)

25. (I put 100% attention and effort into all that I do.)

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In this brief article, we have talked about mindfulness cards, the meaning behind mindfulness cards, the benefits of having mindfulness cards, and more information about mindfulness cards. 

You should also read The little book of mindfulness if you enjoy reading.

If you have any questions about mindfulness cards, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your questions.

FAQs: mindfulness cards

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