Mindful Eating App (A guide)

This blog mentions some mindful eating apps. It explains what mindful eating is and how important it is.

There is a lot more to learn about cognitive distortion in this blog, so let’s not delay further and take a start from the definition of cognitive distortions.

What is Mindful Eating?

Mindful eating brings focus on the table, wherever and wherever we eat.

As well as making us watchful of what we consume, it helps to change our relationship with food by reflecting on how and why we consume, promoting a more holistic view.

By the end of the day, this ensures that we have a greater chance of knowing what foods feed us and what foods help us stay healthy, while at the same time fostering a deeper appreciation of every meal, every mouthful, and every ingredient.

Why Use Mindful Eating Apps?

Eating gradually, reflecting on the sensation of feeding, and being more attuned to our appetite, the signs of fullness and pleasure are all mindful eating approaches. 

Mindful eating apps help keep track of eating to prevent eating disorders like binge eating, obesity, and so forth.

Mindful Eating App

The following are some of the best mindful eating apps:

1. Eat Drink and Be Mindful 

This app from Dr. Susan Albers helps you to monitor your appetite and nutrition rates.

This also reveals how you react to food (head, body, thoughts & feelings) and encourages you to eat with your mouth. 

2. Rise Up and Recover

Although primarily tailored for people with eating disorders (and, by the way, there are some excellent apps for Eating Disorders such as Recovery Record), this app has some very valuable resources for anyone.

Meals can be documented, emotions and attitudes can be monitored, and there is a wide section of extra support and services built-in.

3. Mindful Bite 

Mindful Bite reflects on the time we need to eat. It flashes for 30 to 60 seconds, and then you take a bite.

This also gives you regular reminders to think about your level of hunger and fullness. 

4. 20-Minute Eating 

Similar to Mindful Bite, the 20-minute Eating App helps you to pre-set feeding intervals.

For example, when to start, when to pause, when to check-in, and when to stop. To warn you, the app uses sounds and vibrations.

5. In the Moment 

This app focuses on recognizing how you feel before you eat (e.g. hungry, nervous, sad, bored, etc.) and on guiding you through techniques for through feeling. 

6. Mindful Eating Tracker

Based on your awareness, this app lets you notice a food idea or thought (and decide what to do with your thinking), rate and track levels of gratefulness, hunger , thirst and fulfillment, and food pleasure.

7. Mindful Meal Timer

Accessible in Google Play, this helpful app directs you to eat slowly and has a timer for main meals and snacks (with a halfway alert). 

8. YouAte Food Diary

Allows you to take photos of the food you’ve eaten, record the time you’ve eaten, the time between meals, why you’ve eaten and your meal enjoyment. 

9. Eat, Chew Rest

Based on the notion of slowing, the app takes you through 3 eating steps using a traffic light color system.

You can move to the next step of eating as it moves to each color. For example, 1) put food in your mouth (green), 2) chew (yellow) and 3) put down food utensils, reflect and feel grateful (red).

Recommended Books

The following is a list of some good books on mindful eating. These books are a great source of increasing knowledge.

Just click the book you wish to study and you will be redirected to the page form where you can access it.

How do I learn mindful eating?

  1. Start with a shopping list 
  2. Coming with an appetite to the table — but not while starving ravenously 
  3. Start with a tiny serving 
  4. Enjoy your meals 
  5. Bring the meal into all your senses 
  6. Take the little morsels
  7. Chew closely 
  8. Feed only gradually

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is referred to as having an understanding of the food and drink you place in your mouth at the time, watching rather than assessing how the food makes you experience and the messages the body gives regarding flavor, pleasure, and fullness.

How much does the Mindfulness app cost?

The Mindfulness app delivers from three to 30 minutes of timed meditations.

This also has personalized alerts to keep you updated all day long.

You will have a monthly membership for $9.99 for a month, or $59.99 for a year, with a one-month free trial.

Can you lose weight by mindful eating?

Weight can be lost by eating mindfully.

Mindful eating is an effective weight-loss strategy that encourages you to slow down and watch out for your food, noticing every sip or bite you take.

It helps to center your senses on tasting, savoring, and degusting your food and allows you to obey hunger signals.

What is an example of mindful eating?

Examples of mindful eating include meditation of daily mindfulness, a form of sitting meditation using awareness of the moment to the moment.

Eating slowly several days a week. Meditation tests the body — tuning of bodily stimuli when in a meditative condition.

What is the difference between mindful eating and intuitive eating?

While mindful eating means being involved non-judgmentally in the eating process, intuitive eating is a wider philosophy that extends beyond eating practice, empowering people to consciously disregard conventional diet messages and improve their interaction with food and their bodies.

This blog explained in detail the concept of mindful eating and mentioned some of the best mindful eating apps.

If you have any questions or queries regarding this blog, let us know through your comments in the comments section. We will be glad to assist you.

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