Min Yoongi (Suga from BTS) weight gain story (complete story)

In this article, we will cover the whole story of Min Yoongi’s, popularly known as Suga from BTS, weight gain story.

Among South Korean boy bands, BTS may be the heavyweight, but that No. 1 rating does not encourage the seven members to disregard their weight.

So when singer Min Yoonhi/Suga’s pictures revealed that he had gained some weight and was chubbier in the cheeks, some fans lamented that he didn’t look like a pop idol anymore.

On the Nate website, they chided him for not performing his duties as a celebrity to adhere to what fans want.

But Min Yoongi/Suga, 26, is being defended by other fans outside South Korea, arguing that his weight gain should be appreciated because it meant he had to eat sensibly and not miss meals.

Min Yoongi (Suga from BTS) weight gain story

One of the smaller BTS members is Min Yoongi/Suga. He stands 5’9 ” or 175cm tall and weighs around 59kg, or 130lbs. For quite a long time, the “Daechwita” rapper has kept the same weight, and occasionally he even seeks to shed a few pounds before BTS tours and his solo activities.

It’s easy to speculate, with his tiny frame, that Min Yoongi/Suga doesn’t like food that much. But in one of his live transmissions with J-Hope, the BTS rapper revealed that his appetite is the opposite of what everyone assumes.

Min Yoongi/Suga and J-Hope went to speak to fans on Vlive while putting on some facial masks. Skincare and wellbeing were explored by the pair. They also addressed the importance of nutrition and managing how much they consume.

The “Interlude: Shadow” rapper shared that, beginning from the moment he wakes up, he eats for eight hours. Intermittent fasting is called this technique. Min Yoongi/Suga can regulate his food intake in this way, especially when out on tour.

But then J-Hope shared that when they are on tour, gaining weight is a part of the lives of the band members. Min Yoongi/Suga added that there’s no food that he dislikes.

He confirmed that he had heard comments saying he looked like someone who could be a picky eater. Min Yoongi/Suga quickly explained that he likes food of all kinds. Anything given to him will be consumed by the BTS rapper, and this is the exact explanation for his weight gain.

Another BTS member that is perceived to be on the smaller side, meanwhile, is Jimin. Previously, the “Filter” singer raised questions when he lost a large amount of weight. In the K-pop industry, the fascination with looking slim has been rather disturbing, but it is still happening.

During the “Blood Sweat & Tears” age of the BTS, Jimin shared that he followed a strict diet and admitted he would go without eating for days. He added that he had been invited to eat by the other participants, but in an attempt to lose pounds as soon as possible, he would decline.

Fans reaction to Min Yoongi (Suga from BTS) weight gain story

For the past two days, BTS Min Yoongi/Suga has been making headlines for his looks, fan-taken photos and videos at a recent event became a hot issue, gaining a little weight for the idol.

It started innocently on Twitter, and many fans were talking about how adorable he looked with the small weight gain, he had chubby cheeks, and he looked really happy at the event sporting his beautiful gummy smile to fans.

On Nate (a Korean website), however, things took a little bit of a different turn. A few pictures of his minor weight gain were shared by one netizen, but some remarks were harsh and unacceptable to the ARMY. The article was named “Min Yoongi/Suga, who has recently gained weight.”

The translation of some of the comments is given here,

  • “Is that an idol?”
  • “A little?”
  • “Diet Stimulation”
  • “I’m curious, but do you really think this is cute? I am seriously curious.”

Different K-ARMY positive comments began to flood on the same article to outweigh the poor comments.

International ARMY, on the other hand, brought matters to a new level, trending the hashtag #YoongiWeLoveYou to his defense, it rapidly soared to the top of twitter’s worldwide trends.

The hashtag is full of tweets talking about the talented member of the BTS, ARMY defended him from haters and nasty remarks, and here are some of the best tweets:

  • Never touch my man, he taught me to dream more than my parents did.
  • This is the most important. Yoongi being healthy af.
  • He may seem really quiet at first but once you get to see his true dorky side, I swear you will NEVER go back.
  • Yoongi being healthy and happy is TOP of my priority list, don’t dare hurt him.
  • no one ever disrespects yoongi in this household!!! He only deserves love, support, respect and never ending praise!!!
  • And you have such an adorable cheeks and cutesy gummy smile!
  • yoongis been looking way healthier and happier than last year ion know why anyone would be upset about that
  • we’ll always love you, yoongiii~~~ please stay happy and healthy~~~

After learning about Jimin’s weight loss challenges, supporters then launched the hashtag #JiminYouArePerfect. This move was an attempt to make the BTS star know that, and it succeeded, he’s almost fine as he is. Jimin is no longer concerned about being slim and, much like what BTS is preaching, has grown to love himself.

You can check out the pictures of Min Yoongi/Suga after weight gain and the reaction for his fans on twitter

Min Yoongi (Suga from BTS) diet 

Indeed, BTS is fine from head to toe. More than any other k-pop star, BTS is known for its extreme and difficult diet. In reality, only people who saw BTS in front of their eyes say:

“They were a lot thinner than I thought they were and looked like dolls.”

In order to retain the handsome looks that fascinated the world, all the BTS members worked hard on their diets.

Korean netizens began to comment on Min Yoongi/Suga’s presence on #Yoongiweloveyou after mentioning that Yoongi is gaining weight.

I am so pleased that he looked better,” Min Yoongi/Suga once revealed on a TV show that he was underweight, instead of worrying about the reactions of his body fans.” “I can’t help but lose weight, because I look much fatter on TV,” he said.

This is what the diet routine at Min Yoongi/Suga looks like. He does two hours of exercise a day and never eats after 6 p.m. He often skips his meals, especially when he is in the studio. The Min Yoongi/Suga diet tends to be his way of reducing the amount of food.

The shocking diet of Min Yoongi/Suga was disclosed once by J-Hope& Jimin. They were saying; 

“He mixes chicken breast with orange juice.”

J-Hope and Jimin: Min Yoongi/Suga mixes Grape Juice, Chicken Breasts, and Bananas together “That’s exactly how Min Yoongi/Suga eats. It was said by Jimin that “I would never eat that way at all.”

Similar diet struggles of BTS members

Tae Hyung (V from BTS)

The King Of Visuals likes fattening foods such as hamburgers and fried chicken, Kim Taehyung (BTS V). He really didn’t like doing exercise either. Jungkook once said that he looked at him and thought, “While eating like that, how can he not gain weight?” “But when the BTS stage schedule arrives, all Fast Food cuts V and works hard. At the beginning of his debut, V was very thin, but by working out and training hard, he is now a muscular man.


The amount of food he consumes is also regulated by J-Hope. On the radio show when he was on it. He shared his advice on dieting. J-Hope is very interested in fashion and likes to wear clothing, so he must be very careful to control his weight.


Leader RM of Bts appeared on (Sangamore’s) TV program and shared his story about why he went on a diet. He enjoyed food so much that, although he was chubby during his school days, he could have eaten the entire pizza alone when he was a trainee.

Here is also a key justification for the RM diet to look nice on a girl he liked when he learned that Slim Men liked the girl. So he went on a diet and managed to survive.

In this article, we covered the whole story of Min Yoongi’s, popularly known as Suga from BTS, weight gain story.

FAQs: Min Yoongi (Suga from BTS) weight gain story

How much does BTS Suga weigh?

Both Suga (Min Yoon-gi) and Jimin (Park Ji-min) are 175 cm/5’9′′ high. Although the BTS members are the smallest, their height is still very impressive. Min Yoongi/Suga, weighing just 59 kg/130 lbs, is the smallest, and Jimin weighs around 61 kg/134 lbs.

Is Min Yoongi fluent in English?

Min Yoongi/Suga’s genius, the revival of secret language abilities. Min Yoongi/Suga does not speak English as much as some of the other members of the BTS, but that does not mean that he does not understand it. There have been many occasions when fans, including his members, were shocked by his secret talent.

Is Min Yoongi in a relationship?

“The dating rumors of Min Yoongi/Suga and Suran are not true,” they said in a statement. He said, “I don’t believe that we can date someone,” “We don’t even have time to meet our family members.” He added that they could never have a conventional relationship, even though BTS members were to date.

Who is the fattest in BTS?

Min Yoongi/Suga is the lightest, at 130 lbs, although every member of the group is very lean. At 22, the youngest member of the party, Jungkook, is the heaviest at 154 lbs.

Who’s taller V or Jungkook?

V, who is 177 cm in height, prefers women who are 161 to 164 cm in height. Women who are as tall as 170 cm are favored by Jungkook, the youngest. The profile of Jungkook reads that he is 176 cm tall.

What is the weight of BTS V?

At 175 cm/5’9′′ tall, Jimin is the shortest of all the members. He is one of the lightest as well, weighing only 61 kg/134 lbs. V is the same height as Jin, tying at 179 cm/5’10.5 ” for second tallest, but weighs around the same as Jimin, 62 kg/137 lbs.





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