The Truth About Michael Lavaughn Robinson (A Guide)

In this brief guide, we will look at the truth about Michael Lavaughn Robinson, and everything related to this topic you need to know.

The Truth About Michael Lavaughn Robinson

The truth about Michael Lavaughn Robinson is that he does not exist, and some people on Facebook alleged, in a page that has since been deleted, that Michelle Lavaughn Robinson, the former first lady of the United States, was born by the name of Michael Lavaughn Robinson.

Conspiracy theories are all the rage in United States right now, and they were even more so in the months leading up to the biggest election the country ever saw, between the Repulican nominee and Incumbent Donald Trump and the Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden, and in this race many theories were floated about both candidates.

One of the conspiracy theories was that Michelle Obama, or Michelle Lavaughn Robinson, which was her maiden name, was born Michael Lavuaghn Robinson and that she is a transgender who changed her gender after having been born a man.

There are two main problems with this theory, the first is that there is absolutely no proof that a Michael Lavaughn Robinson ever existed or that Michelle Lavaughn Robinson or Michelle Obama ever changed her gender, and the second is that even if she was a transgender person it would not matter because her intellect and her drive to bring about a positive change in the world would not have changed.

The main proof that the conspiracy theory that Michelle Obama was born Michael Lavaughn Robinson is actually very fake is that the people who propagated it are the type of people who suffer from transphobia, not the people it was supposed to educate, namely, democrats or moderates.

People who usually allege such things and accuse other groups of hiding things like their gender or sexual orientation are the ones that have issues with people having different gender identities or sexual orientations, and when they propagate such theories these negative beliefs about other communities show up in the way they are framed.

This may be considered a form of projection, which is a defence mechanism to protect oneself from their repressed urges and attitudes that cause them discomfort of any kind, and this shows in the fact that they blame their opponents for things that they would ordinarily consider abhorrent or actionable in some form.

Because conspiracy theorists like to allege absolutely outrageous things that can’t possibly be debunked because they are just so bold, it can sometimes be very hard to even argue with people who hold such beliefs, and that may also be how these beliefs get carried forward; that is what happened in the case of Michael Lavaughn Robinson.

People started believing the story about Michelle Lavaughn Robinson having been Michael Lavaughn Robinson because, to start with, it was too outrageous a lie to even defend, and then it was picked up by Alex Jones, a radio talk show host, who brought it up on his show as many as 12 times.

Michael Lavaughn Robinson and Other Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories like the one about a fictitious person called Michael Lavaughn Robinson have plagued the United States for some time now, and they have been present for far longer than the infamous Birther conspiracy, but before that they seemed to be more centered around the government hiding aliens or parts of the country or world not being real at all.

The Michael Lavaughn Robinson conspiracy theory proves yet again how much people use conspiracies as a means of political help or leg up, and it has become a very big way of taking up the opposition’s time by making them debunk absolutely pointless and difficult claims while the important issues go unaddressed.

The whole Michael Lavuaghn Robinson conspiracy theory isn’t even the first time the Obamas had to deal with a completely preposterous theory; these started plaguing them around the same time rumors started flying that Obama was not an actual American but was born in Kenya and that his name was actually Hussein.

This particular Birther conspiracy was much worse than the Michael Lavaughn Robinson conspiracy, and it got so bad at one point that it became a legitimate question that Obama was being asked all the time. People constantly raised questions on twitter and facebook about his birth certificate and questioned the legitimacy of his decisions based on the fact that he wasn’t “a real American”.

Conspiracy theories like the one about Michael Lavaughn Robinson work on many psychological levels, but probably the most fundamental one is that of Group Polarization, which is a social psychology concept that says that when people identify strongly with a group their thinking tends to become polarized and they may start agreeing with the more extreme members of the group.

This means that when a conspiracy theory like Michelle Obama being born Michael Lavaughn Robinson are floated, there may not be too many people initially that believe in it, but because the group that shared it also shared beliefs with those who are skeptical of such claims, these individuals are likely to start believing them because they think “this is too ludicrous to not be true!”

Basically, the factor that makes people believe conspiracy theories is the same thing that makes people not believe them, ironically, the fact that they are unthinkable and unbelievable.

Michelle Lavaughn Robinson/Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was born Michelle Lavaughn Robinson, and she is the former first lady of the United States and is married to the 44th President of the US, Barack Obama.

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was born on January 17, 1964 and she is an American attorney and author who served as the First Lady of the United States from 2009 to 2017. 

Michelle Obama was raised on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. 

She started her legal career from the law firm Sidley Austin where she met Barack Obama and subsequently she worked in non-profits and as the associate dean of Student Services at the University of Chicago as well as the vice president for Community and External Affairs of the University of Chicago Medical Center. 

Michelle Lavaughn Robinson married Barack Obama in 1992, and they have two daughters, Sasha and Malia Obama.

As first lady, Michelle Lavuaghn Robinson, or Michelle Obama, served as a role model for women and worked as an advocate for poverty awareness, education, nutrition, physical activity, and healthy eating and she has also been known for having supported American designers and was considered a fashion icon.

Before Michelle Obama, the first ladies Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush had supported the organic movement by instructing the White House kitchens to buy organic food and she extended their support of healthy eating by planting the White House Kitchen Garden, an organic garden, the first White House vegetable garden since Eleanor Roosevelt served as First Lady. 

Michelle Obama also oversaw the installation of bee hives on the South Lawn of the White House and the garden she had planted supplied organic produce and honey for the meals of the First Family and for state dinners and other official gatherings.

Michelle Obama introduced her first lead role in an administration-wide initiative called Let’s Move in January 2010, to make progress in reversing the 21st-century trend of childhood obesity.

President Barack Obama created the Task Force on Childhood Obesity around February 2010 to review all current programs and create a national plan for change, and Michelle Obama said about the Let’s move effort that she wanted to make it her legacy: “I want to leave something behind that we can say, ‘Because of this time that this person spent here, this thing has changed.’ And my hope is that that’s going to be in the area of childhood obesity.”

She wrote a book in 2012 titled American Grown: The Story of the White House Kitchen Garden and Gardens Across America, and in it she described her experiences with the garden and promoting healthy eating.

Michelle Obama’s most recent book is titled Becoming, and there is a documentary on Netflix by the same name which chronicles her experiences.

Michelle Obama Quotes

Here are some quotes from Michelle Obama:

“One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals.”

“Find people who will make you better.”

“Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own.”

“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.”

“When I hear about negative and false attacks, I really don’t invest any energy in them, because I know who I am.”

“We learned about dignity and decency – that how hard you work matters more than how much you make… that helping others means more than just getting ahead yourself.”


In this brief guide, we looked at the truth about Michael Lavaughn Robinson, and everything related to this topic you need to know.

Conspiracy theories are just about the norm these days, and it has almost become a given that if something is famous and people disagree with it at all, there will be a conspiracy theory about it at some point, which is the case with Michelle Lavaughn Robinson and Micheal Lavaugn Robinson.

There are some groups on the internet who still claim that Michelle Obama was born Michael Lavaughn Robinson, despite the fact that these theories have been debunked over and over again, which only shows how willing people are to believe that people they don’t like are liars.

If you have any questions or comments about the fictitious person that is Michael Lavaughn Robinson, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Michael Lavaughn Robinson

Who is Michael Lavaughn Robinson?

Michael Lavaughn Robinson is the alleged birth name of the former First Lady of the UNited States, Michelle Obama, according to a Facebook conspiracy theory that has since been debunked many times over.

The conspiracy theory about Michelle Lavaughn Robinson aka Michelle Obama having been born a man called Michael Lavaughn Robinson, which was further encouraged by conservative radio talk show host Alex Jones as well, but it has been shown since then that it was a baseless rumor that never had any merit to begin with.

Who is Michelle Lavaughn Robinson?

Michelle Lavaughn Robinson is the birth name of Michelle Obama, former First Lady of the United States and wife of President Barack Obama.

Michelle Lavaughn Robinson is a very famous activist and during her time as the First Lady she did a lot of work to make children fitter and to improve the conditions of women in the United States.

Was Michelle Lavaughn Robinson born a man?

No, Michelle Lavaughn Robinson was not born a man, this is part of  conspiracy theory that was propagated by people online based on some people feeling like she looked manly in some pictures or just out of random feelings they had about her.

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