Mental wellbeing FAQs

In this brief post, we will provide answers to a variety of mental health wellbeing questions we come across often.

Some of these questions are questions which you may have asked yourself or faced at some point or the other.

If you have any other mental wellbeing FAQs you feel may be relevant or you may want us to add to this list then please drop us a line.

  1. How long does depression last after a breakup?
  2. How to be content?
  3. How to be free?
  4. How to calm someone down?
  5. How to claim Pip for depression?
  6. How to explain anxiety and depression?
  7. How to control nerves?
  8. How to explain depression?
  9. How to get rid of nausea from anxiety?
  10. How to get rid of morning anxiety?
  11. How to find happiness?
  12. How to help a child with anxiety in the classroom?
  13. How to get the most out of counselling?
  14. How to get rid of nervousness?
  15. How to help someone with stress?
  16. How to help someone with PTSD?
  17. How to help someone having a panic attack?
  18. How to love someone?
  19. How to talk to a narcissist?
  20. What duty of care should an employer show if you are absent with stress?