7 Ways to Disarm a Narcissist

Hey Optimist Minds! Are you struggling with a narcissist in your life? It could be someone in your family, in school, or at work.  Narcissists are highly obnoxious people with a tendency to be entitled, self-absorbed, and exploitative. Their lack of insight prevents them from realising their problematic behaviour. Consequently, anyone involved with the narcissist […]

5 Types of Narcissistic Abuse

Hey Optimist Minds! If you’ve been on the receiving end of narcissistic abuse, you may have felt like your real identity has gone missing. This severe impact makes sense since this abuse is centred around making the survivor question their abilities, worth, and reality. The nature of narcissistic abuse is insidious and jarring in that […]

5 Signs Your In-Laws are Narcissistic

Hey Optimist Minds! If your relationship with your partner is getting serious, you may have decided to meet each other’s families. It could go pretty smoothly with everyone getting along well. But it could also turn out to be challenging. Perhaps they’re a little distant or judgemental. Maybe their political views are opposite to yours. […]

5 Signs Your Boss is Narcissistic

Hey Optimist Minds! In the professional world, equally prioritising performance and employee satisfaction can lead to long-term growth. A good boss is someone who can manage both these things successfully. Unfortunately, the world is full of people in positions of authority who focus more on performance. Sometimes, even at the expense of their team’s mental […]

5 Signs You Raised a Narcissist

Hey Optimist Minds! There’s a lot of information online about narcissistic parents but not so much about narcissistic children.  When we say children, we don’t mean kids and teenagers; their narcissism is just a developmental stage they’ll outgrow. We’re talking about adults who have finished their education and should be taking responsibility for themselves and […]

5 Signs of a Narcissistic Sibling

Hey Optimist Minds! Do you have a difficult relationship with one of your siblings? Is it so bad that you’re considering distancing yourself from your entire family? It’s possible that the reason they treat you so disrespectfully is that they’re a narcissist. While growing up, most siblings have mixed feelings for each other and often […]

Is Narcissism the Second-Hand Smoke of Mental Health?

Hey Optimist Minds! Narcissism seems to be a buzzword in psychology as there is a lot of online content about this subject. Countless people resonate with the information being shared as it truly is a highly prevalent behaviour pattern in today’s world. Survivors of narcissistic abuse can find support in several online communities that validate […]

Narcissism vs Narcissistic Personality Disorder (5 Key Differences)

Hey Optimist Minds! Narcissism is a popular topic of discussion on the internet as many people suffer from the effects of narcissistic abuse. Moreover, since this kind of mistreatment doesn’t offer much opportunity for closure, unlike physical and sexual abuse that the law recognises, people enduring narcissism turn to the internet to find helpful resources. […]

5 Ways to Understand a Narcissist’s Behaviour

Hey Optimist Minds! Have you recently discovered that you’ve been dealing with a narcissist? When someone with narcissistic tendencies enters your life, it’s almost like a tornado showed up. Suddenly there’s chaos and confusion everywhere, and you no longer know what to think.  A narcissist is someone constantly seeking gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration […]

5 Stages of Diagnosing a Narcissist

Hey Optimist Minds! Have you heard people using the word “narcissist” for difficult, arrogant, and entitled individuals? The term is quite popular today and is being used for many political leaders and people in positions of power.  It’s acceptable to use the adjective “narcissistic” to describe a behaviour pattern of being self-absorbed, controlling, manipulative, and […]

7 Signs Someone Has Suffered Narcissistic Abuse

Hey Optimist Minds! The term narcissistic abuse seems to be trending on the internet. You might have come across blogs, YouTube videos, and conversations where people use this term to describe a specific kind of abuse. It’s not as visible as physical or sexual abuse, but the effects can be just as debilitating and trauma-inducing. […]

5 Signs You’re Dating a Psychopath

Hey Optimist Minds! When you’re dating someone, it takes a while to get to know the other person. Depending on how much intimacy you share, it can take many months or years to understand each other truly. Now imagine if the person you’re seeing is a psychopath. They’ve probably hidden that side of them pretty […]