What is Rupophobia? (An Overview)

In this blog we will discuss the symptoms, causes and treatments of Rupophobia.  Rupophobia is the irrational fear of dirt or defecation. It is a type of specific phobia which comes under the category of anxiety disorders in the DSM-V. Someone suffering from this type of specific phobia suffer from extreme anxiety when exposed to […]

What is Sesquipedalophobia? (The fear of long words)

In this blog we will discuss the symptoms, causes and treatment of Sesquipedalophobia. The fear of long words is called as Sesquipedalophobia. People suffering from this type of phobia experience extreme anxiety when they encounter a long word, for example in a book. This anxiety can lead to one undergoing panic attacks if the anxiety […]

Valerian and high blood pressure medication (A brief guide)

In this guide, we will discuss “Valerian and high blood pressure medication”, what is valerian, considerations before taking valerian, how is it usually taken, a list of possible drug interactions, interactions with other substances, and additional considerations. Valerian and high blood pressure medication You may be wondering either valerian and high blood pressure medication are […]

How to sleep with asthma (Positions+ 3 facts)

In this guide, we will discuss “How to sleep with asthma positions”, the association between a particular sleeping position, symptoms and medication, tips on how to prevent asthma long-term, symptoms of night-time asthma and treatment options. How to Sleep with Asthma: Positions To sleep with asthma, positions like sleeping on the side can be very […]

135+ Psychology Quotes (from Great Minds)

In this blog post, we will define the concept of psychology, speak of  its importance. We also gathered 135+ beautiful psychology quotes from great minds to teach you all about self care and the relationship between the body and the mind.  What is psychology? The answer to the question “what is psychology?” it is not […]

49+ Famous Samwise Gamgee Quotes

In this brief article we have curated a list of Samwise Gamgee quotes. Samwise Quotes Here are some of the most well known Samwise Quotes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy: “Don’t turn me into anything… unnatural” “I’m coming Mr Frodo”  “I wonder if people will ever say “Let’s hear about Frodo and the […]

The Best Donnie Darko Quotes (77+)

When a movie is about time travel, a kind of wormhole, human-sized rabbits and weird teenagers, you clearly have to see it twice to process all the information. Donnie Darko is a difficult movie to digest. To really understand it, you have to watch it at least twice because you can easily get lost in […]

115+ Famous INFJ Quotes

The Best INFJ Quotes  Here are some of the best INFJ quotes: We gain strength, and courage, and confidence by each experience in which we really stop to look fear in the face… we must do that which we think we cannot. Some failure in life is inevitable. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light […]

125+ Heartwarming Sisterhood Quotes

Sisters make you a better person Parents aren’t the only ones with whom we have some of the longest and most beautiful relationships in our lives, but also our sisters or brothers. Psychologists consider that the role of a sister is more than important in the existence of any of us, marking both our childhood […]

11 tips on how to stay focused in a hectic world

Are you struggling to stay focused and you feel that your performance at work has to suffer because of it? In this blog post, we will give you advice on how to stay focused at work, during training or while reading. How to stay focused in a hectic world? By improving your ability to concentrate, […]

5 Grant Cardone books that you must read

In this blog post, we selected 5 of the most inspirational Grant Cardone books that you must read even if you have no intention at all of becoming a salesperson. The best 5 Grant Cardone books Grant Cardone is an American businessman who founded five companies and managed to earn the first million dollars before […]

155+ Consistency Quotes to Help You Reach Your Goals

Consistency is the most important key to success We all become happy with the thought of success, and that often makes us forget the difficulties that stand in the way of it. We set goals and want to reach them immediately, but we forget that we are humans and we hit a lot of obstacles […]