Mental health rehab (A guide)

In this brief article, we will be talking about mental health rehab services in mental health hospitals, services in mental health rehabs, aims of mental health rehabs, and more information about a mental health rehab.

What Are Mental Health Rehab Services for mental health patients?

Mental health rehab services are kinds of services that are made for patients who are suffering from mental health complications that need to be treated through a long-term psychological intervention which can be attained in rehabilitation centres.

These kinds of services include the following:

  • Give specialist assessment, treatment, interventions and support to help or assist people to get treated from complicated mental health concerns and to recover the skills and self-esteem to live successfully and fully in the community
  •  Often work in partnership with patients and carers, adopting a recovery preference that places cooperation at the forefront of all activities
  • Work with other agencies or organisations that support patients’ recovery and social inclusion, involving supported accommodation, education and employment, advocacy and peer support services.

These mental health rehab services are concerned on healing the various mental illnesses or complications of patients.

These kinds of mental illnesses or complications can range from anxiety, PTSD, addiction, mood complications, psychotic disorders, and dissociative disorders.

Someone who wants to pace their drinking could try going in a mental health rehab center.

Some of these mental health rehab services are available in private settings or free services.

There are these kinds of services served in residential places where it is very threatening that a mental health patient left the premises even in the ongoing process of treatment. 

Some of these mental health rehabs can work in your homes since you can choose to live independently while still taking psychological treatment.

There are several of these services that have different specializations which can accommodate any kind of patient in the UK.

Private Mental Health Rehabs In The UK for mental health patients

Private mental health rehabs are available for mental health patients who want to take their confidentiality up a notch to help them be more open about their psychological disorders or complications that are in need of treatments.

The costs of this rehab are meant to be expensive for patients and it is possible that only patients with enough money can stay in these kinds of rehabs. 

The advantages of being in a private mental health rehab are you get the opportunity of being exposed to standardized treatments and assessments and be more protected with ethically-focused mental health professionals.

Although there are some of these private centres that give free psychological assessments before taking psychological interventions.

These free psychological assessments can help mental health professionals in private mental health rehabs to know about the needs of the patient.

Mental health professionals in these kinds of settings are willing to work 24 hours each day to watch over the patient in case psychological emergencies occur. 

The following are the private mental health rehabs in the country that have the most consultations for mental health services.

  • Priory Group Mental Hospital
  • Rehab Recovery
  • Nightingale Hospital

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Priory Group Mental Hospital

The Priory Group Mental Hospital is there to help you get the mental health rehab services that you really need and by using their assessment services to see the severity of your mental health issues.

This hospital has varied psychological interventions that can help you minimize the occurrence of your mental health issues. 

The Priory Group has a lot of private mental health rehabs in the UK.

This kind of mental rehab is a consultant-based facility where you can get services from inpatient care to outpatient care sessions. 

All treatment options of this mental health rehab can adjust to your specific mental health needs.

For instance, you might have a dual diagnosis of addiction and eating disorder which this centre can give you the support you need to minimize the occurrence of the symptoms of these comorbid disorders. 

This private mental health rehab believes that if you have mental health complications, you need to get them treated immediately to find ways to minimize symptoms that only distress you to behaviours that can lead to your death.

This is why you should be consulted by Priory mental health professionals who can give you standardized assessments and psychological interventions that can deal with your specific mental health needs.

Nightingale Hospital as a private mental health rehab

A team of consultant psychiatrists, doctors, and psychiatric nurses with the proper qualifications and training experiences make the dream team of taking care of mental health patients.

The Nightingale is another private mental health rehab that can offer you inpatient services and daycare services. 

The various mental health services this private mental health rehab is providing are general psychiatric services, psychological interventions for addictive complications, treatment for eating disorders, and social support for families and carers.

The mental health professionals in this hospital believe that the best care is seen when you are honest and willing to treat yourself by getting consulted immediately with a mental health professional for your mental health complications.

This is observed by this private mental health rehab’s inclination to help any mental health patient in need.

The different or various therapies provided in this hospital are day patient therapy, inpatient therapy, outpatients intervention and wellbeing therapy. 

These therapies that are accessible in this private mental health rehab can adjust to your time when you are comfortable about opening up your mental health complications.

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Rehab Recovery as a private mental health rehab

You can get help for mental and emotional complications such as depression, anxiety complications, PTSD and more with the private mental health Rehab Recovery’s expert psychological intervention advice and guidance services.

This centre can also accommodate mental health patients who have comorbid diagnoses as well and giving them tips on how to deal with their mental health complications. 

This private mental health rehab has tons of experience that can help you get the needs you require for the treatment of your mental health complications.

You can also be treated with the high-quality facilities that are available in this rehab centre.

This private mental health rehab can provide you with accommodations that can help you get used to your treatment and know this is for yourself.

This rehab centre has been considered to have top-notch facilities that can help you be more focused on taking care of yourself than worrying about things that will only distress you. 

The discussions that you will have with mental health professionals in this private mental health rehab are strictly confidential to give you the security you need and this rehab centre has various selections of treatments.

  • Get an accommodated selection of suggestions to top-class facilities that can help you manage your mental health
  • This private mental health rehab can give you guidance on every part of psychological intervention so your programme is built around your background and your needs
  • Take the guesswork out of mental health intervention with exclusive availability to the best clinics and centres in the UK and worldwide

This is a way to get you back in the practicality of life by taking care of your mental wellbeing by going to this private mental health rehab.

Rehabilitation Centres For Addiction Disorders in Affected Patients

Most mental health rehabs are specialized in treating people with addictive disorders that have affected their lives.

These kinds of psychological interventions can help people who are suffering from addictive disorders to be more practical and control themselves to live their life to the fullest in a healthy way. 

Confidential discussions are ensured in these kinds of mental health rehabs.

You will also be assured that you will be treated with understanding and care as duties of mental health professionals.

Some mental health rehabs are giving these people with addictive disorders psychotherapies that they need that are effective against these kinds of disorders.

For instance, some of these rehabs would use holistic psychotherapies since they believe that people with these kinds of disorders are more likely to lack something in their lives that induce them to addiction.

The following are the mental health rehabs that are providing mental health interventions for people with addictive disorders that will be elaborated in the further sections.

  • The Cottage
  • Turning Point Charity
  • Ocean Recovery Centre

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The Cottage as mental health rehab for addiction

The Cottage believes that these addiction and behavioural health issues and complications rare obligated to have an in-depth and standardized approach that heals the physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects of each affected person, rather than just the presenting concern.

This approach used by this mental health rehab can induce long-term control for the affected patient and a good quality of life. 

In other words, this mental health rehab tailors its psychotherapies to fit the individual needs of the person with an addictive disorder.

For instance, a person will be treated behaviourally for his disorder due to his concentration on compulsions and some affected people are treated with an existential therapy.

As mentioned before, confidentiality is valued in this mental health rehab to make the patient talk about his or her compulsions towards addiction.

You will also be given services if you wish to be taken care of by a carer in your own home. 

The Cottage is a mental health rehab that is part of the Life Works hospital in Woking that is part of the greater work of healing people with complications.

The core hospital where this centre is part has other psychological interventions for people who are suffering from mental health complications.

Ocean Recovery Centre

The Ocean Recovery Centre is a mental health rehab for people with sexual addiction disorders.

In this centre, you will first be talking about your complication to a psychiatrist which is part of your assessment and find out which treatment options will be good for you. 

The psychiatrist may even give you a physical examination and mental tests to help determine your sexual disorder.

This mental health professional will also ask about your medical background to get rid of physical disorders being the causes of your mental health complication. 

The diagnosis of your sexual complication will be based on your apparent and frequent symptoms and signs.

As mentioned before, you will be taken care of through your individual needs from your current complication. 

Holistic therapies are offered by this mental health rehab which can give you coping techniques on how to deal with your sexual complications.

You can learn more about holistic therapies for mental health disorders and how people are healed by these therapies by buying this book on this website.

Turning Point Charity

This mental health rehab has intensive mental health services for you in a residential setting.

This setting can offer you a time-limited pathway to keeping yourself taken care of using the best treatment options for you. 

This mental health rehab has services for people who have gone through homelessness which can provide them with homes.

This centre also has you to go through psychological assessments to test your need for rehabilitation for your mental health complications. 

This mental health rehab can offer therapies where you have to talk with the therapist on what’s on your mind and you can do to make yourself feel better mentally.

This centre also gives clients a chance to meet with a group of patients and do workshops that want to work on your skills development training. 

This mental health rehab can offer patients the chance to talk with other residents who have the same mental health issues as they are and help them learn new skills together.

The residential rehabilitation services of this group work intimately with local Community Mental Health Teams, Social Workers, Drug and alcohol mental health services, and jointed health professionals like Occupational Therapists to make sure admitted residents get cohesive and jointed support.

The Importance And Purpose Of Getting Mental Health Rehabilitation Services

The following are the purposes and meanings of getting services in mental health rehabs:

  • To re-educate or re-learn life skills or strategies
  • To handle situations better without so much help.
  • To regain your confidence or self-esteem back.
  • To achieve and get the things you want to, like living in your own apartment, getting a job or creating family relationships.
  • To feel independent or autonomous and comfortable with your life.

Mental health professionals in mental health rehabs will be working to support mental health patients to help them be more manageable of their symptoms.

These kinds of services offered will take months and years for the patient. 

These mental health professionals will be there to support you when you are achieving success and self-esteem.

You are also given therapies that can give you key techniques that you need to apply when you are in the midst of being triggered in a particular situation. 

You might not be able to control your sex addictions in some situations but this is why these mental health professionals are there to support you in your progress.

They can give your more techniques that you can try to live a better life even if you feel like you are a hopeless case and this is not true. 

You can learn more about therapies that help with addiction recovery and healing for addicted patients by buying this book here.

What Does A Psychiatrist In Mental Health Rehabilitation Work In?

A psychiatrist in a mental health rehab can be the consultant of other mental health professionals working in the centre to help the patient get cured from their mental health complications.

This kind of mental health professional will be helping patients to get the treatment they need which can help them in the long term. 

Psychiatrists in mental health rehabs can give the following mental health services:

  • Thorough and intense assessment and psychological intervention
  • advice to co-workers on the diagnosis and psychological interventions of chronic and complicated mental health complications for people who are not helped immediately by high-quality treatments
  • advice on residential and community support mental health services
  • advice to commissioners about what mental health services should be enhanced, and how to manage high-cost placements
  • joint working with voluntary sector organisations that give supported housing and work opportunities for mental health rehabilitation patients as they get healed.

These psychiatrists in mental health rehabs can prescribe psychotropic medications if the mental health patient is found to be in need of this treatment.

These kinds of mental health professionals can work with psychologists to find possible treatment plans for each patient. 

Psychologists are needed as well to deal with the counselling parts for patients which aren’t the forte of psychiatrists.

Psychiatrists can help in observing some flaws in the treatment management plan and help the psychologist to implement the plan for the patient. 

Monitoring is a vital duty for mental health professionals since some patient can become non-compliant to prescribed medications that can affect their healing which is a no-no in mental health rehabs. 


In this brief article, we have talked about mental health rehab, services in mental health rehabs, aims of mental health rehabs, and more information about a mental health rehab.

If you have any questions about mental health rehab, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your questions 

FAQs: mental health rehab

How much do mental health facilities cost?

Mental health facilities cost $10,000-$60,000 for long-term psychological intervention for mentally ill patients and patients who are in need of intensive care due to mental health issues.

This kind of cost also covers the programs and psychotherapies that the patient will be undergoing to get treated from his or her mental health complication.

This kind of cost also covers his or her residential stay if assessed or evaluated to stay or be detained in the hospital for mental health reasons.

Does health insurance cover mental health hospitalization in the country?

Yes, insurance covers mental health hospitalization although it also depends on which hospital you are staying.

This kind of situation is in the Affordable Care Act which makes health insurance covering any kind of health service including this kind of mental health hospitalization.

This also applies the mental health services that will be applied in the duration of this kind of hospitalization for the patient.

How many psychology counselling sessions are under Medicare?

Under Medicare as a mental health centre, psychology sessions can be 10 with group therapy sessions allowed to be 10 taken by the patient depending on his or her mental health complication.

With this kind of benefit, mental health professionals can choose and decide on a range of treatments or psychological interventions for the patient’s mental health needs.

Are therapists rich?

No, not all therapists are rich in income just because they have huge salaries.

Also, the point of being this kind of mental health professional is to help people which doesn’t include earning the highest salary.

It’s hard work being this kind of mental health professional since people rely on your for their mental health needs which is usually complicated than how it sounds for most people who think that these kinds of mental health professionals are only talking to patients. 

Can I see a psychologist as mental health professional for free?

Yes, you can see a psychologist as mental health professional for free.

You can get these kinds of free therapies in the NHS as a general health service.

You don’t need to get a referral from your general practitioner or physician if you want to get these kinds of therapies in this kind of general health service.

You only need yourself and your knowledge of your mental health problems or complications and state them to this kind of mental health professional.


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