How to Write a Mental Health Nursing Personal Statement? (3 Key Points)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about mental health nursing personal statement, the contents in the mental health nursing personal statement, the purpose of the mental health nursing personal statement, and more information about the mental health nursing personal statement.

How to write a mental health nursing personal statement?

You need to remind yourself that you need to expect some revisions in writing your mental health nursing personal statement.

You should also know that this kind of statement will take a long time for you to make this statement as a high-quality statement and the following are sections that you can be guided on how to make your statement.

Start with who you are in your statement

This statement is your chance of telling the admissions officer what motivates you and your ambitions as a mental health nurse in the future.

This is where you should write your knowledge about nursing and healthcare which can help the admissions officer realize that you are worthy of being a nursing student.

When you know that you haven’t worked in a healthcare setting, you need to show that you have some idea about the work of a nurse in a healthcare setting which can help the admissions officer that you know what you are going to expect when you will graduate from this course.

When you have some experience in your healthcare setting, you need to indicate this experience and include every detail of your experience to make sure that the admissions officer will be impressed about your experience and make sure that you will have more experiences once you are inside the nursing course in the chosen college. 

It is also important that you need to be honest about your experiences and you are not allowed to exaggerate it too much since the admissions officer might think you are faking.

Although this doesn’t mean that you should be disappointed that you don’t have much experience in nursing and healthcare settings but you should be able to tell your admissions officer that you are able to know some things that are important in the healthcare setting.

Relevant experience and skills in mental health nursing

Every student is already equipped with some skills and experience that are needed in mental health nursing.

The following are some of the skills and qualities needed in mental health nurses:

  • Communication – it is a crucial skill that every mental health nurse must have in the healthcare setting. The ability to deliver information in a concise and understandable manner with both colleagues, patients and their family. You could use examples from previous work to display this ability and maybe a troubling situation with a customer while working in a retail job that you managed to diffuse and resolve in your time.
  •  Organisation – another essential skill is to maintain a structured routine in a very busy environment and typically under pressure. You should try to think of an experience where you have to deal with a stressful situation in an organized manner.

You can also talk about how well you can deal with busy schedules and how you can organize them in the proper manner and help yourself get the things that you need to get done and help yourself to your own personal time and some time with your family members thanks to your organisation skills that will become more useful when you get into mental health nursing

  •  Advocacy – this is the active support of those in your mental health care. It’s a specific point in the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code and you should address how you will be an advocate for your mental health patients when you become a mental health nurse in your personal statement.

You can also find some mental health nursing experiences when you had to take care of family members who had to go through a mental illness.

You don’t need to overdo much narrative in this part of your personal statement and you should be direct by writing in your personal statement the methods you used to take care of your family member.

You should also add some of your roles that you were involved in such as being a school council member or a union representative which shows that you have some experience in advocacy.

You should add some experiences that you might have that involves serving people for the sake of you wanting to help them. 

This can show the admissions officer that you have the willingness to help others and this starts by trying to work on people who you’re passionate to help.

You can also state the learnings you have gained when you’ve done these valuable experiences to show that you are willing to learn along the way when you help others and not only because you want to get some end goal in mind that might be selfish. 

Your ambitions and career goals in mental health nursing

You should expect that there will be competition when you will be sending your personal statement in mental health nursing.

You need to be clear about your goals and ambitions for this course to let the admissions officer know how much you will work hard for the goal.

You can even put the environment that you want to work in when you are finally a mental health nurse.

Also, ambitions and goals can give some insights that you want to graduate as an achiever and you will be expected to work hard for your goals such as participating in some programs that can help in increasing your experiences in this field.

What should you expect in a mental health nursing degree that you should imply in your mental health nursing personal statement?

You should expect some several practices that you are going to go through when you are reaching your goal as a mental health nurse.

This kind of knowledge should be placed in your personal statement to help the admissions officer know that you are prepared for anything that can occur in the course.

This kind of college course is challenging, especially if you have to jumble through some activities that you might be interested in such as extracurriculars and more.

You need to be ready about your clinical placements which can give you insights on how the job of this nurse will be done.

This kind of activity will show that you are starting to get ready for the job of a mental health nurse and you should show this excitement of going through the experience in the personal statement since it will show the admissions officer that you are interested in learning more about this field.

You should also expect other activities and that this kind of statement is only the beginning of your mental health nursing course such as the following:

  • writing reports and essays to pass the grade
  • carrying out research projects for mental health nursing
  • lectures and seminars about mental health nursing
  • practical demonstrations
  • observing professional mental health nursing
  • supervised practical mental health nursing

You should be expecting that you won’t get as much free time since you will have to do some studying for probably 20 hours and you also need to prepare for your clinical placement.

Why should I have a good mental health nursing personal statement?

You should make this kind of statement so that you can get in the college course that will make you enter into a career that is both fulfilling and satisfying for your budget.

You should know that this kind of job is not easy for most people who are already having these jobs.

However, you will get to do things that can make you satisfied about yourself and others.

You will feel fulfilled once you are able to treat someone from his or her distressing condition that tends to last a long time if not treated.

You will also be learning about methods that can help you assist people in the psychiatric ward which can make your life fulfilling since you have helped someone.

You will also be introduced to different seminars which will be administered by professionals in the field who have gone through years of experience in the field.

In regards to financial concerns, you can earn a lot with this kind of career since it is relevant to nursing as a medical career.

There is a high possibility that you will be earning £22k in the beginning. 

This kind of earning can gradually rise to £70k for those who go on to become consultants of this career.

The following are the topics that you will have to go through for this kind of college course:

  • Introduction to clinical care as a module
  • Physiology for health as a module
  • Therapeutic approach and practice as a module
  • Epidemiology
  • Complex care
  • Critical care
  • Public health
  • Planning patient care as a module

You will start this kind of career as an entry-level nurse as most fresh graduates.

You can find yourself working in the NHS for this kind of career since this kind of centre can help you be exposed to different kinds of care whether you might be assigned to community healthcare or primary healthcare.


In this brief blog, we have talked about mental health nursing personal statement, the contents in the mental health nursing personal statement, the purpose of the mental health nursing personal statement, and more information about the mental health nursing personal statement.

If you have any questions about mental health nursing personal statement, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: mental health nursing personal statement

What should a nursing personal statement include?

A nursing personal statement includes your strengths and how you visualize yourself in the future as a nurse.

This kind of content in this kind of statement will make it look to nursing admission tutors that you have a good picture about yourself as a nurse and make you a valuable candidate for the course.

How do you start a personal statement for nursing?

You can start a personal statement in nursing by being organised, show you comprehend the reality of being a nurse or midwife, show passion, start writing early, concentrate on your nursing field of choice whether you like to be in mental health or adult health, and write this kind of statement in a Word document then copy and paste it into UCAS when ready. 

What does a mental health nurse do?

A mental health nurse does organisation and giving support and nursing care to people who have different kinds of mental health complications.

This kind of nurse provides support people with anxiety, personality disorder, eating disorder, addiction or depression. 

What are the 6 C’s of nursing?

The 6 C’s of nursing are care, competence, compassion, courage, communication, and commitment.

These kinds of core values in this kind of medical professional make it more likely that most people would go through this kind of college course. 

How do you begin a personal statement?

You can begin a personal statement by writing a memorable opening.

You need to visualize the moment you decided to study your degree and the things that you are passionate about the course, and you shouldn’t directly about what you want to do but display this visualization in the first line.

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