Mental Health Mates (A complete review)

In this brief blog, we will be talking about mental health mates, what it means to be mental health mates, the purpose of mental health mates, and more information about mental health mates.

What is Mental Health Mates?

This kind of group is a support peer group for people who are going through mental illness or supporting people with a mental illness.

This kind of group is great for people who need some social support for people with this kind of illness.

This kind of group is seen as those who are administering marathons for charity given to people with this kind of illness.

This kind of group is inviting other people for its online walks because of the current epidemic. 

Another support forum, led by people who have suffered from mental illnesses such as Dorset Mental Health Forum is also very effective and helpful for people with mental health conditions.

Walks in Mental Health Mates

This kind of group was first formatted when peers were just meeting up for the talk of mental health concerns. This kind of group has moved from this simple meetup to a full-blown people who come to discuss about mental health concerns.

This kind of group has invited a lot of people to join the discussion and minimize the prejudice surrounding these kinds of concerns. You can see how beneficial this kind of group is to you by being the following 

(For this kind of leader, being a walk leader has been the most wonderful, purposeful and rewarding experiences.

She had always wanted people to feel less alone when dealing with mental Illness, through personal experience she never wanted anyone to feel like they were isolated and not understood like so did so MHM gave her the perfect opportunity to reach out to her local community and offer a space for people to meet like-minded peers.

Seeing how the regular attendees have managed their mental health and the journey they have been on has been unbelievably rewarding and she feels a deep sense of pride in being able to play a small part on their journey back to good mental health.

Setting up the first walk was daunting but 2 and a half years in, she is so grateful that she did for both the space it provides for the attendees and on a personal level for how much it’s helped her by meeting such a wonderful bunch of people.) – Kate who is a Leeds Walk Leader

(Leading MHMs Newcastle she feels she has found a little community of genuinely lovely people who want to be there for each other in good times and bad.

She certainly never had anyone she could talk openly to about her mental health before getting involved.

The relaxed and informal nature of the meetups helps to ease the nerves and there’s never any pressure to open up but when we do the support is always there at that time.

In the two and a half years leading the walks it’s been amazing to see the growth and strength of the regulars and positively looking out for each other and making the bad days just that little bit more bearable for them all.

It’s always amazing to see newcomers, knowing that their message of support continues to spread and they feel some benefit from attending.

She is so grateful to Bryony for coming up with the idea of mental health mates and she feels very privileged to lead Newcastle MHMs.) – Natalie who is Newcastle Walk Leader

Since there are guidelines that need to be followed due to quarantine, this kind of group has made some adjustments that are appropriate in this trying time.

The following are the zoom meetings where this kind of group will meet.

You can click the links below to access this group’s Zoom or Skype.

  • SKYPE GUIDE: Skype%3famp=1

If you are interested in setting up your own virtual meet up, please email this kind of group at [email protected] and this group will set the ball rolling.

Next walks

  • *VIRTUAL MEET* Wandsworth on 7th Jul 2020 6:00:pm
    Join us for the #Wandsworth Mental Health Mates Virtual Meet on Tuesday 7th July at 6pm. ZOOM Meeting ID: 763-439-0735. Email Becca: [email protected] for more information #findyourwe as the walk
  • *VIRTUAL MEET* Salisbury on 14th Jul 2020 6:00:pm as the walk
  • Join us on Tuesday 14th July at 6pm for #Salisbury ZOOM Meet for this walk. Email Hannah at [email protected] to sign up and receive an invite link. #Findyourwe as this walk
  • *VIRTUAL MEET* Surrey on 16th Jul 2020 6:00:pm as this walk. Join this group on 16th July at 6pm for the first #Surrey ZOOM meet.  Please email [email protected] for the Meeting ID. #Findyourwe as this walk
  • *VIRTUAL MEET* Wandsworth on 21st Jul 2020 6:00:pm for this walk. Join us for the #Wandsworth Mental Health Mates Virtual Meet on Tuesday 21st July at 6pm for this walk. ZOOM Meeting ID: 763-439-0735. Email Becca: mhm for this [email protected] for more information #findyourwe as this walk
  • *VIRTUAL MEET* Salisbury on 28th Jul 2020 6:00:pm for this walk. Join this group on Tuesday 28th July at 6pm for #Salisbury ZOOM Meet for this walk. Email Hannah at [email protected] to sign up and receive an invite link. #Findyourwe for this walk

You can also get mental health services from Mental Health Matters.

Support from Mental Health Mates

Of course, this kind of group is not meaning to replace all mental health professionals who are capable of dealing with mental health concerns.

The following are the services that you can access when you need professional help or a member may need professional help:

  • Samaritans – 116 123
  • Mind – 0300 123 3393
  • Beat (eating disorders) as a service – 0845 634 1414
  • Anxiety UK – 08444 775 774
  • No Panic – 0844 967 4848
  • SANE – 0845 767 8000
  • OCD ACTION – 0845 390 6232
  • Rethink Mental Illness as a service – 0300 5000 927

There are also other website services if you are interested in learning more about how to care for yourself during this epidemic. The following are these kinds of services:

  • NHS –
  • Public Health England as a service  –
  • WHO –

How to join Mental Health Mates?

To join one of the walks of this group and talks just come along on the specified day and time.

It is recommended you let the walk leader know if you are planning to attend by emailing [email protected] so that you can get access when you need to.

For more information of upcoming walks in Preston, please visit Mental Health Mates – Walks for this information.

Anniversary of Mental Health Mates

Bryony Gordon’s initiative to help people Find Your We reaches two-year milestone thanks to this kind of group.

On 14 February 2016, Bryony Gordon set out on her first organised walk, not knowing how many people would meet her in response to her earlier call-out on social media for this kind of walk. 

That day, 20 people turned out to share their experiences of life and mental health and this kind of group was firmly established.

This kind of group was born out of a terrible funk.

 Bryony was going through as she was writing Mad Girl which is a memoir about her mental health at this time.

A documentary she was listening to while out running one day, inspired her to help bring together groups of people who were feeling alone and struggling with their mental health too as she did.

Hearing the words that Everyone is part of a We except me from Carson McCullers who is an author who had experienced depression and alcoholism, stopped Bryony in her running shoes at that time.

Her response was that Carson did belong to a we, she just didn’t know it. her response ignited the spark of an idea which became this kind of group.

Over the past two years, this kind of group has grown beyond her wildest dreams and is now run by a dedicated group of volunteers with walk leaders up and down the country at this time.

There are over 55 walk locations of this group in the UK, 3,900 members of this group on Facebook, and an active community on Twitter. 

There are also meetups in New York, San Francisco and Dubai based on this kind of group.

The creator was thankful that this kind of group has been helpful in getting mental health out there.

She even found that most people have become better judges when it comes to knowing what is true or false about mental health.

This kind of group has made such a huge impact upon people who are going through these kinds of problems in life.

This kind of group has worked with different kinds of people who have been quiet about mental health which should be addressed more often.

Both Bryony’s and this group’s use of social media has been important in spreading the word about the walks and recruiting walk leaders in the world.

She believes that social media can be used as a platform for good and encourages everyone to use it to reach out and join the conversation about mental health with this kind of group.

She stated that one shouldn’t worry too much when they are struggling right now and having troubles with joining a walk.

She assures that this kind of group will help that struggling person go through his or her walk since most problems can happen in the mind and you can minimize this by going through some way to deal with your mental wellbeing.

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In this brief blog, we have talked about mental health mates, what it means to be mental health mates, the purpose of mental health mates, and more information about mental health mates.

If you have any questions about mental health mates, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: mental health mates

Can overthinking cause schizophrenia?

Yes, overthinking can cause schizophrenia.

This kind of situation in studies where overthinking traumatic events might explain the negative symptoms of this psychological disorder such as apathy, not talking, and lack of motivation.

There is already been some work on trauma as a cause of this psychological disorder and a book on overthinking and this kind of psychological disorder. 

What is tangential thinking?

Tangential thinking is a kind of thinking method where there is talking past or around the point and thoughts diverge from the topic.

The patient who has this kind of thinking seems to understand most questions but does not answer directly, bringing up another topic or something context-wise entirely different. 

What is alogia?

Alogia is a symptom of schizophrenia where some people are having a difficult time to talk.

Although there are some people who are naturally quiet and don’t say much at all.

However, this kind of symptom is a poverty of speech where there might be a brain injury involved or illness and this symptom can impact your quality of life.

What is overinclusive thinking?

Overinclusive thinking is a kind of thinking where the patient cannot remain the boundaries of a topic and limit his or her thoughts to the restrictions of a topic.

This kind of thinking is only narrowing on a single concept than moving to another topic. 

What causes tangential thinking?

Tangential thinking is caused by right hemisphere damage which may display behaviour that includes tangential speech.

This kind of thinking is a communication disorder in which the train of thought of the speaker wanders and displays a lack of focus which may never return to the initial topic of conversation. 


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