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Page last updated: 20/11/2022

mental health grants

In this brief blog, we will be discussing mental health grants, disability mental health grants, different organizations which offer mental health grants, and more information about mental health grants.

What Are Grants For Disabled People?

Mental health grants for disabled people are those grants that don’t need to be paid back and these kinds of grants are only used for the help of these kinds of people.

There are many UK charities and trusts that offer these kinds of grants to people who have some difficult times with some areas in life. 

You can find out what grants are available or accessible and how to apply on several websites of charities that may offer these mental health grants.

You would find it unexpected about how many charities and organisations provide these kinds of grants.

The Turn2us website has a free Grants Search tool that lets you look for mental health grants based on your circumstances or situations and needs.

You only need to put in your postcode, your age and sex for a complete list and then focus your results by medical complication or disability. 

The Disability Grants website lists the grants that are available by category, so you can search for grants in equipment, housing, holidays, and even mental health grants.

Martin Lewis of the Money Saving Expert has put together a list of grants, some of which are aimed at disabled adults and children who need these kinds of grants. 

How To Apply For Mental Health Grants?

You can apply for mental health grants by contacting the authorized bodies that will award these kinds of grants.

When you read these kinds of grants, you need to take note of the terms that might affect you when you get these kinds of grants. 

You can also ask some professionals who are knowledgeable about these mental health grants such as local authorities, occupational health therapists, and social workers.

If you need help with the paperwork for these kinds of grants, an advocacy organisation such as the Older People’s Advocacy Alliance might be able to help you in dealing with decisions about these grants.

Some organisations and charities are accepting people who came from other mental health grants organisations.

This can occur when the organisation has gone through a terrible financial issue which causes them to lose out the assistance that applicants need. 

For instance, someone who had mental health grants for depression went to another organisations that was giving these kinds of grants in anxiety.

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Mental health grants (A guide)

Various Funding Sources Of Research Grants

There are a number of charities and organisations that offer mental health grants as mentioned before.

Some of these organisations can offer these kinds of grants for free once you are found eligible in them. 

The mentioned trusts and foundations that will be discussed below have their own varied mental health grants in relation to health care.

You can check these kinds of grants and see what they are offering in their different programs. 

You should take note these this kind of list does not include all organisations that are providing mental health grants.

There are some of these organisations that are offering specialized grants as brought by their aims in the organisation. 

You can try visiting the recruitment centres of these organisations that are offering mental health grants.

The following are the famous organisations that are offering these kinds of grants.

  • Comic Relief
  • The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation
  • The Garfield Weston Foundation
  • The LankellyChase Foundation

Comic Relief Charity

Comic Relief and Youth Endowment Fund have opened up a new £6m joint funding mental health grant to assist organisations working to avoid youth discrimination.

With the rising knife crimes surrounding the youth, it is important that there is a need to address these issues immediately. 

These two charities will be grouping with co-charities to help children being forced to a life of crime by disoriented adults.

This kind of mental health charity can also look out for traumatised children.

This charity has been known to have mental health grants for people who are suffering from mental health disorders.

Another project of this charity is its inclination to stop the onset of mental health issues by starting to help these affected children. 

This charity is made to help young people to be more fulfilled in life without the pain of going through the entrapment of trauma.

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The Esmee Fairbairn Foundation

The Esmee Fairburn Foundation is an organisation that can help people to find a community that will give them social support.

This charity is even focusing on helping young people to be more fulfilled in life and be free from mental health issues. 

This group has been assisting people to get moving in their lives.

This charity has made young people’s lives better by giving them a group where they can share their experiences to people who had the same experiences as them.

Nowadays, this foundation has been giving support to families who are not getting along with this quarantine period that we are struggling with.

Some of these family members have gone through the experience of losing a loved one to the pandemic. 

The group’s volunteers have made it their mission to be guiding lights to these families who are grieving and help them overcome the prospect of being afraid of getting the sickness themselves.

Overall, this foundation is there to help you get the support you need whatever you are mentally experiencing.

The Garfield Weston Foundation

The Garfield Weston Foundation has dedicated its group to help communities of young people get the support they need.

This foundation have been helping young people who have gone through disasters in life such as abuse and losing loved ones to natural disasters. 

This foundation has even given young people mental health grants that can help them move forward in life.

The following grants can be internships and fellowships that can help them flourish their potential. 

The workshops and programs in this foundation have made young people move on from issues.

These young people who were given mental health grants became more productive in life. 

The following are the grants awarded by this foundation:

  • British Youth Music Theatre
  • Samling Institute for Young Artists
  • National Youth Ballet of Great Britain
  • Leicester LGBT Centre
  • Consortium of LGBT+ Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Exeter

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The LankellyChase Foundation

The LankellyChase Foundation is a group that devotes itself to gender fairness.

This foundation has been giving out programs for people who are confused about their gender identities. 

This foundation has also helped people who have been violated by their sexual preferences.

Additionally, this foundation has been helping people who are going through identity challenges in the adolescent years.

This foundation has been helping people to be more confident and have high self-esteem about themselves.

This self-esteem can stem from being more curious and discover new things about oneself. 

In Summer 2019, this foundation administered Hard Edges Scotland which elevated on the initial statistical profile of chronic and multiple disadvantages from 2015.

Over the last several months, this foundation has taken this much further and brought up a whole range of new research cases which approach chronic and multiple disadvantages from various angles while using various ways bringing into awareness of issues involving gender, ethnicity, culture and faith, the media and politics.

Grants From Bupa UK Foundation

The Bupa UK Foundation has helped people who are in need of living healthy and fulfilling lives.

This kind of foundation has supported projects and workshops that have been helping people achieve wellbeing whether physical or mental. 

The funding programs of this foundation has been focusing on care and wellbeing such as ageing, managing long-term conditions, and treatment for various mental health issues.

Since 2015, this kind of foundation has awarded and given more than £1 million in mental health grants through two funding programmes and workshops concentrating on Mid-life Mental Health and Caring for Carers.

This kind of foundation has financially supported programs that are seeking the achievement of people’s mental health wellbeing and caring for it constantly.

These kinds of programs can range from different criteria and focus that are chosen by this kind of foundation.

When you are starting out to apply for this kind of foundation, you need to make sure that the dedication and criteria made by this foundation are aligned to what you want to dedicate your time in life.

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Grant Funding From Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation is dedicating itself to help prevent mental health issues and knowing more about these kinds of issues to minimize prejudice.

You need to be aware that this kind of foundation is creating mental health grants for its work in the mental health field and not giving these kinds of grants to other organisations. 

In this case, you should not address this kind of foundation for mental health grants.

The following are the things that this kind of foundation is leaning towards:

  • Policy and campaigning work to convince and persuade stakeholders, which will be supported by evidence from this foundation’s research.
  • Media and communications work to motivate good mental health immediately to the public and give guidance on how to cope with concerns which arise.
  • Programmes work involves of time-limited works providing a new treatment to specific sensitive people, typically in peer support groups.

The programs in this kind of foundation are focusing on giving support groups and training for self-control.

This kind of foundation makes programs to make participants to teach their learnings to other people and help them promote long-term mental health. 

The programs are focusing as well on the issues on counselling and other obstacles that are affecting mental health today.

The aim of this kind of foundation is to make mental health grants above their uses among authorities.

Newly Funded Projects From This Foundation

Around 40% of the Mental Health Foundation’s funding yearly which is estimated to be almost £2m comes from inhibited mental health grants involving the Scottish Government and many trusts and foundations.

This foundation is lucky that many of the programmes in England, Scotland and Wales have been blessed with advantages from funding from The Big Lottery Fund. 

This foundation has currently procured two new mental health grants for over £600,000 from the Fund, which are the following:

  • Standing Together Cymru: which copies the formal London project of this foundation, creating 30 new facilitated peer support groups in South Wales for older people, and recruiting, training and assisting 60 volunteers to maintain the groups once the foundation’s involvement comes to an end. The project will look after loneliness and isolation for 450 beneficiaries aged 55 plus in protected and extra care housing.

  • Pass It On: copes with the extra obstacles to mental health faced by people with learning disabilities which is a realistic application of the foundation’s 2014 Feeling Down report. For eight consecutive years, the foundation will administer an eight-week course at London South Bank University. Each of these will include nine people with learning disabilities, three support workers from their housing providers, and nine students of Health and Social Care courses, made to be health care professionals.

The 72 people with learning disabilities who fulfil the courses will then become Pass It On advocates and the foundation will then expect that between them they will assist in setting up around 50 peer support groups where each including six people with learning disabilities and six carers or support workers, through whom they will provide their learning about the mental health of people with learning disabilities or complications.

This foundation has also been working with other mental health charities who have the same purposes.

You can check out this foundation’s various mental health grants for more information about their programs and works.

This foundation reminds you that you can do your part in the minimal concerns about mental health and promoting a healthy mental wellbeing. 

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In this brief blog, we have discussed mental health grants, disability mental health grants, different organizations which offer mental health grants, and more information about mental health grants.

If you have any questions about mental health grants, please let us know and the team will gladly answer your queries.

FAQs: mental health grants

How do I get a charitable grant?

You can get a charitable grant by searching a grant that fits your non-profit organisation, review the requirements of the grant, write a relevant application to chosen grants, and you need to review again application requirements of the grant and check your application and then submit your application

Who is eligible for a disabled facilities grant?

People who are eligible for a disabled facilities grant are those who are aged 18 years old and having some medical documents that they have disabilities.

The DFG will be looking at your income and savings to measure what kinds of benefits you will be given. You will be tested if you are eligible for this kind of grant by looking at how your disability is affecting your life.

Do you ever have to pay back grants?

No, you don’t have to pay back grants whatever these kinds of grants are.

But if some grant requirements weren’t met, you will be forced to pay back for your lack of eligibility.

Getting yourself in a grant makes you commit or dedicate to their cause since this shows that you really believe in the grant’s purpose or objective.

How do I get government financial help?

You can get government financial help by looking at infographics and resources about available programs that offer government financial help, find benefits and financial assistance that are offered by the government, apply for unemployment benefits, apply for food stamps for food benefits, and check if you can apply for TANF and CHIP.

What is the CFDA grant?

The CFDA grant is the collection of all federal grants, scholarship, loans, counselling and other assistance programs that are available in the country.

Most of these grants have financial assistance for people who need some financial assistance in some areas in life that are in need of these kinds of assistance.


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