Mental health bloggers UK (List)

In this guide, we will discuss which are the best mental health bloggers in the UK and their focus on mental health. 

Mental health bloggers UK

The issue of mental health is an area that has taken a lot of boom in recent years.

More and more organizations and people in general around the world are raising awareness about the importance of taking care of their mental health.

Physical health is important but a healthy mind guides a healthy body.

When a person has control over their emotions and develops the ability to face situations that arise, it is a sign of enjoying good mental health.

Some time ago talking about mental health was something that bore the label of a stigma.

A person who talked about suffering from an anxiety or depression disorder was subject to being seen as weak and incapable so that the person suffering from the disorder was silent and suffered without any help.

Today, with the inclusion of technological resources, the importance of echoing mental disorders and caring for mental health has expanded further.

Networks are filled every day with people who want to be a spokesperson and send a message about why it is important to know about mental health and what mental disorders can affect their well-being.

The United Kingdom has a series of bloggers in the field of mental health that is intended to deliver a message and is to raise awareness about mental health.

Each of these bloggers has decided to use their platform as a channel so that people can educate themselves and learn more about what mental health is.

These mental health bloggers UK from different perspectives, and it could be said from their experience, have decided to create networks that allow people to inform themselves and identify if they are going through situations that can alter their mental health.

When a person decides to create a blog and become a blogger focused on mental health, it helps a community grow.

It makes the voice spread and others understand that mental health is something to be taken as a serious thing.

It deserves attention because if a person does not take care of their mental health the results could be disastrous.

Definition of mental health

Mental health can be defined as the person’s balance between their emotions and their environment.

The person who enjoys good mental health is in optimal capacities to perform their daily tasks.

A person with good mental health also enjoys good physical health. The World Health Organization defines mental health as:

“Mental health encompasses a wide range of activities directly or indirectly related to the mental well-being component included in the WHO definition of health:” a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of conditions or diseases”.

There are many definitions of mental health that various theorists and professionals in the area of ​​health give, but they all have a relationship and that is that the well-being that the person has and in the way he handles situations is a symptom of someone who has good mental health.

Symptoms of good mental health

Many symptoms describe a person with good mental health.

It is important to note that a person suffering from a mental disorder does not prevent them from having good mental health.

Many people are aware of the condition that affects them, but their way of dealing with it reflects good mental health.

Some of the most common characteristics of someone who enjoys good mental health are:

  • Is aware of the emotions and feelings it experiences
  • Take good care of its body, recognizing the connection that exists with it with the mind
  • Knows how to handle situations that can cause stress and anxiety
  • Do not let their emotions make it act impulsively
  • Positive attitude towards adversities

Some of the most prominent bloggers in mental health in UK

It is difficult to label one or a few bloggers about which ones are best about the area of mental health.

Any blog that aims to raise awareness about mental health is a positive thing.

Within this list are some of the most prominent mental health bloggers in the UK and what they offer on their websites. 

In the list of mental health bloggers UK we have a series of people that have made an amazing work promoting and expressing the importance of mental health and their experiences. 

Mental illness talk – Claire Greaves

One of the first on the list of mental health bloggers UK is Claire Greaves.

In her blog, mental illness talk, she talks about her experience related to mental disorders and how she has faced it.

The experience will always be a source of key information since it is the person’s own experiences that speak, rather than simply looking for information and detailing it.

Claire Graves suffered eating disorders, depression and anxiety. In her blog she explains its purpose:

I have suffered from mental ill-health for many years.

Through this blog, I hope to raise awareness and understanding to the general public and therefore reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness.

I hope through my passion for writing and my experiences that I can help other sufferers to feel less alone.


Also on the mental health bloggers UK list is Sectioned.

This blog starts due to the experience that a person had when being arrested in a psychiatric hospital in London.

The reason why that person was taken there is that it suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Everything it lived while there led that person to write a blog about raising awareness about mental health and how important it is to take care of it. In the blog, the person says:

I’m not a psychiatric nay-sayer, despite my own traumatising experience on a locked ward .

I’m really interested in finding out about and disseminating best practice, & write about that too, because I want mental healthcare to be a healing experience.

This blog serves to give a different look to how many people see the process when someone is in a psychiatric hospital.

In this blog, the person who writes behind tries to find solutions and that the recovery process can be more pleasant for those who suffer from a mental illness. 

Purplepersuasion – Charlotte Walker

Charlotte Walker is considered one of the most prominent bloggers in the United Kingdom and she’s part of the list of mental health bloggers UK.

She has received several awards for her contributions in the field of mental health.

Her blog started as a way to connect with other people suffering from mental illness.

Charlotte explains in her blog, purplepersuasion, the amount of time she has been struggling with a mental illness. Charlotte says:

I have been battling with mental distress on and off for over 25 years and have been a mental health service user since 1994.

This blog began as a means of dealing with my most recent relapse and re-diagnosis with bipolar disorder in 2011 and has grown in ways I never could have imagined.

Charlotte highlights in her blog the type of service she wants to offer.

She says that it is not something she does for pay, but that she wants to contribute and know about mental health.

In her own words she says:

While I want this blog to have a wide reach in order to connect with other people in similar situations, it remains my space for exploring what it is like to have a serious mental illness.

No one is paying me to do this; nor am I any kind of public service.

Rosey Wren – PNDandME

Another blogger in the list of mental health bloggers UK is Rosey Wren.

After suffering from Postnatal Depression, Rosey wrote a poem called PNDandME. Then a chat emerged with the HT #PNDHour where every Wednesday Rosey discusses and shares information about what the PND is.

Rosey in her blog, PNDandMe, has articles on what Postnatal depression is, which can serve as a form of inspiration for people who are going through a similar situation.

The work that this blogger has done has been seen in various magazines, both physical and online.

She has also conducted interviews for important media throughout the United Kingdom.

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FAQs about mental health bloggers UK

Can a blogger give psychological therapy?

It all depends.

If the person who is a blogger is someone who has studies and certifications to prove that he is someone capable of psychological interventions if he can give therapy.

If you are someone who only shares information and expresses your point of view, but does not have training in the area, you cannot give therapy.

Only a professional in the area of ​​mental health can create a blog focused on that area?

Anyone who intends to share and raise awareness about mental health can have a blog with these guidelines, but you have to be careful with the type of information you provide.

If a person is not a professional in the area, you should avoid writing about how to diagnose diseases and possible treatments.

Is it right for a person to talk about their mental illness?

Yes, there is nothing wrong with a person talking about their mental illness.

This can serve as motivation for other people not to remain silent and to understand that anyone can suffer from mental illness and overcome it.

How can a person start a blog about mental health?

It is very simple. You just have to create a blog (the web offers you several pages where you can start), find out more about the topic and share content that can attract the attention of others.

If you are going to share information about another person, always mention who created the content.

How does a blogger who talks about mental health help?

A blogger focused on the area of mental health is someone who spreads knowledge about the area, helping more people know and understand the importance of mental health.

The experiences that a blogger can have (for example, having experienced a mental disorder) are a way for people to understand that anyone can have a mental disorder.


Mental health bloggers UK have a primary role when it comes to mental health.

They are those spokesmen who make the importance of mental health reach more people and they can identify and learn more.

If you ever went through or are dealing with a mental disorder, you should understand that what you are feeling is normal.

You don’t have to be ashamed to communicate what you’re going through.

If, as a person who has had a mental disorder, you feel that your experience can be very useful, do not hesitate to communicate it and open a space for people in similar situations to feel support.

Even without having a mental disorder, talking about mental health helps break down the stigmata that this area has had for years.

The creation of a mental health bloggers UK list will help not only to the people living in the UK to get to know more about mental health, but also to people around the world that are looking to get to know more about taking care of mental health and helping others. 

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