Megalomania (an in-depth guide)

This article will provide you the most in-depth guide related to Megalomania, which will help you in saving someone from suffering.

In this article, you will also get detailed information about the most appropriate causes, symptoms, and treatment of this problem.

Megalomania or delusional disorder is a type of mental disorder in which a person has a delusional mental illness.

The person often believes that what he/she saw in his/her dreams is real and that it happened in real life. 

This includes very bizarre delusions, which can sometimes be very bad for health.

There are non-bizarre delusions in which a person believes that what he saw in dreams was real, and all the situations happened in reality. 

It is not always true. The person also creates thoughts and believes like their significant other is cheating on them or doesn’t love them.

This not only leads to family disputes but also creates enormous misunderstandings.

These problems are often because the person is dealing with anxiety and self-worth problems.

These problems can be hazardous for mental health as they can cause life-threatening problems for the person who is dealing with such issues.

Delusions can be very dangerous in some cases, especially for the person who has Megalomania. 

Bizarre delusions are the type of fallacies in which a person loses control over his mind, and he starts to convince himself that what he is thinking and what he saw in his dreams is real.

This is not true in reality, but since the person is mentally sick, they think that all of what they believe and see in their dreams is real, and thus, it creates more problems for them as well as their family. 

Delusional disorder is most common in youngsters, but it can also happen to older people.

Therefore, people of all ages can get this mental illness, and therefore, it is essential to have thorough knowledge about this psychological problem.

Type of Delusion disorder

Everyone needs to know about the possible kinds of Megalomania or Delusional disorder.

Some of the most important types of this disorder are as follows:

Erotomanic: In this type of Megalomania, the person often believes that the other person is in love with them and wants them.

This other person is mostly a celebrity.

This leads to a stalking personality with the mindset that the personality is in love with that individual.

Grandiose: This type of delusional disorder mostly links to overpower and excessively inflated self-worth.

Often individuals with grand believe that they are the best and that they have made certain discoveries in the world. 

This creates overconfidence in individuals, and they often start believing that they have done a lot for this world, and now there is no need to do anything else.

This type of mindset can be hazardous, and it can create many social problems for the person as well.

Often individuals who have this type of delusional disorder have fewer or no friends because people don’t like them because of their proud nature. This can cause a lot of problems.

Jealous: A person with this type of delusional disorder is not faithful to other people, most importantly, his/her companion, and this can cause serious family disputes.

Jealous behavior can be linked to social media, as well.

Often people who are on social media feel jealous of other people and what they have. 

This can cause some serious mental problems for the person in the long run. Jealousy not only makes the person sad but also they feel miserable in public.

This can cause many social problems for the person in general. 

Persecutory: In this type of Megalomania the person often believes that there is someone who wants to harm and is already hurting their loved ones.

They think that there is someone who is spying on them and always stalks them whenever they go out.

This can lead to psychotic behavior, which can be very dangerous if not stopped.

Often patients with such type of delusional disorder have a fear that someone is always talking in them.

This leads to that person not going out or whenever they do; they are scared and anxious.

Somatic:  In this type of delusional disorder, the person often believes that they have some physical defect or some physical health issue.

This leads to self-worth issues and makes the person feel depressed and, sadly, most of the time. 

Mixed type: These individuals have two different types of delusional disorders. This can be fatal in some cases.

Most common causes of Megalomania

Megalomania is a severe problem, and people must have a thorough knowledge of this problem, its causes, and possible treatments. 

The exact causes of Megalomania are not known.

However, researches have looked up for the possible reasons for such type of mental illness, and these are mentioned below:

Genetics: It could be possible that such kind of delusional disorders may be because of genetics.

Mental illness can be hereditary. It can run in the family, and it increases the chances of more people being affected by it.

Most people who suffer from Megalomania have it because of genetic reasons. 

In some cases, it can be fatal if not treated timely.

Therefore it is always advised to take the patient to the doctor as early as possible to avoid further complications.

Abnormality in the brain: Certain cases of Megalomania have been seen because of abnormality in the brain.

The defect in the mind can be fatal in some cases.

The anomaly is linked to a specific part of the brain, which causes delusional disorder.

The abnormality is mostly linked to brain regions that control thinking and perception.

This can cause long term mental health issues if not treated on time. 

Stress: Another prevalent cause of this delusional disorder is stress.

When a person is stressed not only that they feel angry and frustrated but also they are sad most of the time.

This can cause swear health problems, most importantly, mental health problems.

Stress can be hazardous, especially when a person has life issues.

Whether its work stress or stress due to any other reason, it can cause serious health issues, which can lead to delusional behavior.

Drug abuse: Another prevalent factor of the delusional disorder can be drug abuse.

Most people who are into drugs are at a higher risk of having such mental health problems. 

Drugs can be potentially damaging for health, and it can cause serious health problems, which can sometimes be fatal. 

Alcohol addiction: This is another common cause of the delusional disorder.

Alcohol addiction can be hazardous in some cases. It can be potentially damaging for the brain leading to serious brain diseases. 

Most common symptoms of Megalomania

While treating Megalomania, one needs to know about the exact symptoms of this mental illness.

This will significantly help a person in sorting out the best possible treatment of the problem. 

Lost in fantasies: One of the common symptoms of delusional disorder is that the person is always lost in some fantasy.

This makes the person feel like romance is real, and it is happening. 

This not only makes the person trust something that is not even real but also wastes a lot of his time.

Sadness and quietness: Often, a person suffering from this type of disorder is sad and quiet most of the time.

If you talk to the person, he won’t answer you accurately or wouldn’t like to explain it to you correctly.

This is because they are always sad and lost somewhere else.

This makes them feel depressed, and to escape the sadness, they start believing delusions.

Possible treatments of Megalomania

Concerning the treatment of Megalomania, it is crucial to have detailed information related to all the possible treatments of this delusional disorder.

Some of the most effective treatments of this delusional disorder are as follows:


One of the most effective treatments of delusional disorder is psychotherapy.

The psychotherapy is beneficial, especially when it comes to treating this mental illness.

Almost all the cases of the delusional disease are treated through psychotherapy.

It has helped restores the mental health of many individuals, and it can surely benefit anyone else who is suffering from such type of delusional disorder.


Another comprehensive treatment of Megalomania is the use of proper medication.

When you consume the prescribe pills and medicines, then most likely, you will get better and have normal mental health very soon.

However, it is always essential to contact the doctor and book a consultation.

This will make it easy for the doctor to tell whether the person can be treated through therapy or needs another type of treatment.

Use of drugs: 

If things go out of hand, then the doctor might prescribe certain medications to the patient to help calm him/her down.

In such cases, drugs have been beneficial.

Some useful resources: 

  1. There is a book called: Treating the ‘Untreatable’: Healing in the Realms of Madness, written by Ira Steinman.
  1. This book is called: I Am Not Sick, I Don’t Need Help! How to Help Someone with Mental Illness Accept Treatment, written by Xavior Amador. This book is very beneficial when it comes to gaining knowledge about Megalomania. 
  1. Here is another book called: Delusional Disorder 
  1. Here is another essential book called: Cognitive Therapy for Delusions, Voices, and Paranoia written by Max J. Birchwood, Paul Chadwick, and Peter Trower.
  1. Persistent Delusional Disorders: Myths and Realities (Psychiatry – Theory, Applications and Treatments: psychology Research Progress)


Megalomania is a severe health problem that needs to be treated as early as possible.

This might not seem as if it is a dangerous mental health illness, but deep inside, it affects the person quite severely.

Therefore Megalomania creates long term illness for the person.

Make sure to contact the doctor as soon as possible to book an appointment for the one who is suffering.


What is megalomaniac person?

A megalomaniac person is the one who believes certain fake events to be real. 

Is megalomania a mental illness?

Yes, megalomania is a delusional disorder, and it is characterized as a mental illness.

What is the difference between egomania and megalomania?

Egomania refers to excessive pride and arrogance.

Megalomania is a mental disorder characterized by delusional fantasies like that of wealth, sex, money, etc.

What does megalomania mean in medicine?

In medicine megalomania is referred to as a delusional disorder.

Are egomaniacs insecure?

Yes, most of the egomaniacs are insecure. 

They have high egos and they always want to be claimed as perfect people.

How can you tell if someone is an egomaniac?

If a person always flaunts his wealth and richness, then they are most probably egomaniacs.


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