Meditation room ( How to)

Meditation room – A complete guide to learning how to create a meditation room

In this guide, we will discuss how to create a meditation room and why is so important to have one.

Meditation room
Human beings live in a society today where we go quickly.

We barely take time to breathe and rest.

The great demands of society make us work non-stop to meet the expectations of the world.

Surely you have seen yourself in situations where you arrive at your home after a great day’s work.

You feel tired and just looking to relax.

Sometimes it is even difficult to relax at home since there are other commitments to fulfil when we are there.

Prepare dinner, clean or any other activity that requires an effort and prevents us from resting.

Many people may find themselves with high levels of stress and anxiety due to the situations they deal with in daily living and they may not know how to reduce these levels.

Over time, stress and anxiety only continue to increase if a way of how to reduce them is not sought.

You might have reached the point where you don’t know what to do.

You think that when you get home you will have a moment to rest and throw away the stress, but it is not like that.

You take a shower, lie down for a moment in bed and once it is impossible to get you to relax.

Your mind is loaded with all the situations and problems you had to deal with and you don’t know any other way to relax.

One of the most used techniques during the last years is meditation. Meditation helps the person reach a state of well-being.

The person feels relaxed and has no constant thoughts that make it impossible to have a state of peace.

You might be wondering: this sounds good, but how do I get it?

The practice of meditation has several advantages and one of them is that it can be performed anywhere and at any time.

The person creates their space and there they decide to turn it into a meditation room.

A meditation room is that place where the person goes to meditate.

In the meditation room, the person connects to another dimension since he knows that this place is sacred, goes to that place to relax and forget everything that only causes stress and distraction.

A meditation room helps the person know when it is time to meditate.

While it is true that meditation is a practice that can be done anywhere, sometimes there are external factors that interrupt that practice and the person fails to concentrate and meditate.

The meditation room provides that space for the person to connect with himself and have peace.

The positive in all this is the ease with which you can create a meditation room.

Some indications and certain elements will make that space you have unused in your home or any other place transformed into that sacred space where you can connect with yourself and get the relaxation you are looking for.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice where the individual directs his thoughts and attention to obtain something.

People who meditate do so for various reasons which can be said to be one in general: to make the mind relaxed and reduce those stressors that interfere negatively in their lives.

Meditation is a very famous practise and every day different styles are created according to the needs of people.

One of the advantages of this practice is the ease with which it can be learned and the results it gives.

Several studies have been carried out to know how meditation influences the reduction of stress and anxiety and positive results have been obtained.

Many are the people who express each day how meditation has changed their lifestyle and many are the ones who decide to start in that practice.

Meditation takes the person to a state where he focuses on the present.

Any situation outside is not contemplated in the time in which it is meditated.

The person focuses on controlling those negative thoughts and learning to be aware of everything around.

This activity has been incorporated as an alternative treatment for people with physical and mental illnesses.

As the influence of stress and anxiety on the spread or creation of certain diseases has been proven, meditation is used so that the person can control these negative thoughts and feelings.

It is not a practice that needs medical authorization, it can be performed by those who want it.

People who have high levels of stress and anxiety this practice can be very beneficial.

Taking a moment during the day and learning to let things flow provides this kind of practice.

Meditation seeks to place the individual in the present, avoiding suffering for things that have already happened or will happen.

Another benefit is the possibility of being carried out at any time and in any place.

Meditation is not a great preparation but willingness and a little time during the day.

You can sit or lie down somewhere where you don’t feel noises or any type of sound that distracts you and start meditating.

Deep breaths and thought control are how this practice begins.

At first, people may find it a bit difficult to meditate. They find it hard to concentrate.

Current times tell us that if we do not keep moving and constantly doing something we are lazy or late, something that is wrong.

Meditation seeks that you pause during your day, relax and remind yourself that things are going at their own pace, that there are no reasons to stress about the situations that are or those that will come.

The importance of having a meditation room

Having a meditation room is important when you want to meditate.

While it is true that meditation can be performed anywhere, a meditation room can help one more.

It is not the same to be in a room in the house like the living room or dining room or to be in the office than to have a meditation room.

When you are meditating in a place like an office, if you can relax, but at the same time, you are waiting for someone to come in or receive a phone call from work.

When you have a meditation room, things are not like that.

The meditation room allows you to connect with the place.

Your mind already knows that this space was created simply to meditate and that you respect.

In the meditation room you are not going to work or sleep, you know you are going to meditate.

The meditation room gives you the peace of mind of the elements you have there.

As is your space to meditate you have it in the most comfortable way possible.

You have different scented candles, incense and fresh air that ventilates, you have a whole environment created to connect with yourself.

Another advantage of the meditation room is that it is difficult for you to be bothered by someone who is in another space in the house or work office.

As the meditation room is your space to meditate, when you are there people will know that you are taking your time and they will not interrupt you.

The meditation room allows you to connect with another place. It does not remind you of another space but simply what it is, a meditation room.

It is your space, it is your world, it is your time for you. Having a meditation room reminds you that you are in the process of taking care of yourself more and that you deserve all the best to achieve it.

Taking the time to do a meditation room reminds you that you deserve the best to be happy.

How to create a meditation room?

Once you’ve known what the meditation room is about and its benefits, it’s time for you to work on it.

Making a meditation room is easy and does not entail many expenses, where the latter will depend on what you want to add.

Everyone does it according to their style, something that fits their personality.

The first step in creating the meditation room is to choose the place where you are going to do it.

This can be any space that goes from a room in the house or office to a small corner of any place.

The meditation room does not have to be large, just that space where you know that you will be with yourself.

Once you’ve chosen the right space for you, it’s time to decorate it.

The decoration is based on your tastes, but some elements can not be missing.

Scented candles and incense are essential when meditating. These smells change the atmosphere and relax.

Music is also fundamental. Relaxing music, which makes you feel at peace and tranquillity.

There are various meditation apps which can be key when you start in practice.

Also the meditation room you can choose to put some type of furniture or pillows.

If you are going to be meditating on the floor, it is right to consider having something comfortable where you can sit or lie down.

If you want to add photographs, plants or any additional element to make your meditation room more special, you can do it.

The important thing is that you feel comfortable when you are there. Try not to add any object that could distract you.

Once the meditation room is ready it is time to try it. Go to your space, put the phone aside and spend a few minutes breathing and clearing your mind.

Go feeling the smells of candles or incense and let yourself be guided by relaxing music.

You will undoubtedly feel like another person after you finish meditating.

FAQs about meditation room

Do I need a meditation room to meditate?

You do not need to have a meditation room to meditate since it is a practice that you can do anywhere, but having it will help you concentrate more and meditate better.

What colour can I paint my meditation room?

You can paint it with soft colours, those that give you relaxation and peace.

Soft shades such as blue, green or pink can be used to paint, provided they are in a warm tone.

What other elements apart from candles and relaxing music can I put in my meditation room?

The elements you choose will depend on your taste.

You can contemplate placing a small fountain since watching the water run and hearing its sounds can be very relaxing.

Plants and other sounds that are not from an app you can also consider.

Can I create a meditation room in my office?

Yes. You can take a small space from your office and customize it to your liking.

Can I meditate in places like a garden?

Yes. The meditation room will always be a comfortable space.

Make sure that in the garden you have something where you can lie or sit and that you don’t hear any noise that distracts you from practice.


A meditation room is a great place to take some time and meditate.

Having a space to do that kind of practice will help you connect and reduce the levels of stress and anxiety you may be feeling.

You do not need many materials when creating your meditation room, look for this to be a cosy space and where you can feel tranquillity.

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